"I want all your fish. Here is the price list. Look!" White ocean and handed Zhuo Qiang a copy of the price list.

Zhuo Qiang took it and glanced at it, then handed it back to Bai Haiyang and said, "This price is too low. Is there another price?"
Bai Haiyang smiled and said, "Little brother, we charge this price. There is no second price list."
Although Zhuo Qiang took a cursory look, he also found that the price was at least 20% lower than that given by Xu Bin! This is worth hundreds of thousands of fish, and 20% of it is worth more than 100 thousand. Will he suffer from this loss?
"Then I won’t sell it!" Zhuojiang light said
There was a flash of cold in Bai Haiyang’s eyes, and the horse resumed as usual with a smile. "It’s not easy to find a buyer if you don’t sell me this fish. I heard that there are a lot fewer fish collection boats these days!"
"Oh, if no one wants it, I just want to go back and sell it myself when I get to the shore." Zhuo Qiang said lazily
White ocean unwilling way "you this out also many days? This ship’s ice is melting. Don’t rot before you get home. That’s a big loss! "
Zhuo Qiang smiled and said, "I have a lot of ice on this side! There will be nothing for another ten days. Thank you, Bai Dage, for waking up! "
Bai Haiyang saw that Zhuo Qiang didn’t buy anything and said, "When we get to the shore, it may be that our company will charge you a little higher price. Brother Zhuo, is this necessary?"
Zhuo Qiang wants to buy and sell when he hears this! Maybe this Nanxi fish market is monopolized by your so-called Sihai company!
When the tone is not good, "White boss can’t sell it, can’t I eat it myself?" With that, Ma Yuanhang, who is watching the scenery from one side, rebuked "What are you two doing? Don’t work quickly! "
But it has the meaning of expelling guests.
Ma Yuanhang and Liu Xiaolei Ma Ying got up and pretended to be very busy. This automatic fishing machine was ordered by Zhuo Qiang to stop working when Bai Haiyang came just now. They were just doing it.
Bai Haiyang’s attitude towards Zhuo Qiang is determined to show that he has never suffered a loss, and he doesn’t know that the Jianghu is sinister. He no longer said anything about just visible. He shouted one when he closed his fishing boat and boarded the ship.
"Brother Zhuo, you should be careful when the wind blows so late!"
Zhuo Qiang smiled at the threatening words and responded, "I’ll be careful, you can rest assured!" "
Looking back and humming, do you still want to be hard? Or come to Yin? Zhuo Qiang has two strong hands and a boat, which is backed by heavy machine guns. Even if the other party has any demon moths, it is still light.
I don’t know if it’s because that white ocean mouth stinks late, but it’s really windy. One person is taller and the waves keep beating the Long Yun. Although it can still resist, it’s difficult to carry out fishing again. Zhuo Qiang decisively ordered the net to return.
The modified Long Yun is far from the original broken fishing boat, but it has higher wind and wave resistance than the high-strength hull and higher maneuverability.
The weather forecast Zhuo Qiang has seen that there is a strong storm in the southeast, but it is far from here. Who thought that this sea area would be swept away? This weather forecast seems to be unbelievable.
Because the real Long Yun can connect to the network, it is also very clear about storms, but it will only give an alarm about storms that can threaten it, and now the wind and waves are obviously far from threatening its navigation
The wind and waves in this sea will generally get bigger and bigger. Zhuo Qiang dare not take it lightly and let this maiden voyage of Long Yun become the maiden voyage of Titanic.
Sailing fast, Long Yun braved the wind and waves, leaving those ships with much larger tonnage far behind.
Suddenly Long Yun’s brain spoke again. "Report that someone fell into the water about one nautical mile ahead of the captain’s right. Please indicate whether to change the course for rescue?"
ZhuoJiang a listen to music "no! You can know that someone falls into the water one nautical mile away from this dark sea? If this is to search and rescue the shipwrecked people, it will be more efficient than helicopters! Someone falls into the water, of course! The horse changed course for rescue! "
The Long Yun was ordered to sail in the direction of the man overboard at once.
Zhuo Qiang wondered how someone could fall into the water with such a big storm.
Ma Yuanhang and Liu Xiaolei are ready to rescue the rescuers at this time. Of course, this dangerous and difficult work cannot be done by the boss, which naturally falls to them
A nautical mile away, you can reach Zhuo Qiang’s ship in a short time. Relying on the powerful detection ability of Long Yun, Zhuo Qiang easily found the drowning person.
It is not easy to find a person in the sea, especially at stormy nights, but with the Long Yun, this problem is not a problem.
With the powerful detection and search ability of Long Yun, it is easy to see two people floating and sinking in the sea.
At this time, Ma Yuanhang and Liu Xiaolei were not forced to jump into the water and quickly swam to the water.
According to their two abilities, one person is enough to save them. At this time, where do they think about these things? Of course, the sooner they save, the better.
When Ma Yuanhang and Liu Xiaolei dragged the two men to the boat, Zhuo Qiang nodded. He leaned over to observe that the two were young girls and two beautiful girls.
Two people are thin and tightly fitted, so that their body curves are exposed as if they were naked.
However, Zhuo Qiang can’t give birth to frivolous ideas at all, because one of them is dying and the other seems to have no breathing.
If it weren’t for one of them carrying a lifebuoy, they would have sunk to the bottom of the sea and fed the fish and shrimp.
It can be seen that the half-dead girl has been trying to pull another girl, and now she is exhausted. There should be nothing wrong with her body, mainly because she has lost her strength.
Zhuo Qiang squatted beside the girl who had no breath and put her hand on her chest. Her twin peaks were not very strong, and she was holding a sample of Ying Ying. Of course, Zhuo Qiang would not pay attention to this at this time. He carefully felt that there seemed to be a weak heartbeat.
He can panic. If a person dies, it’s nothing to do with him, but there’s still a heartbeat, so it’s necessary to rescue him quickly. Otherwise, although this person has no responsibility, he will feel uneasy for a long time.
Without much consideration, he bent down to give the girl mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration, and then picked up her arms to expand her chest so that her body could press and breathe again.