But things turned out to be beyond his expectation. When he left, he would never see his wife again. They stayed together, but they didn’t know that his wife had already reached the point of never leaving him. This was the fate of the next hundred years.

What Ye Han wants to do and can only do now is to complete Qingyun. He took good care of these women who came from Qingyun a hundred years ago like himself. These women were Qingyun women in those days, but now they have become his women. Although Qingyun was so powerful at the beginning, he hid his responsibility deep in his heart and made him have to shoulder the responsibility of protecting these women.
Cold and cheerless, I don’t know Ye Han’s thoughts or his past. If he knew what Ye Han was like before, he might not want you to believe everything in sight. This Ye Han has changed so much.
Ye Han holding cold and cheerless soon came to a dusty place, here is to break out of this * * large array of exports, but this is just an export, not a way out. If ordinary people even come here, it is bound to find a real export to get lost in this dusty place.
Ye Han, on the other hand, is different from the previous two seals. It’s not that he really cracked the * * array, but that he used the law to display two stars, which can find something unusual in the natural vitality. This is also the main reason why he can find the law export so directly.
In other words, he said that the * * large array is a very common array, which is why if someone else finds the breakthrough of this array, even if he doesn’t have a star, he may not be able to solve it, even if he can solve it, it can’t be done in such a short time.
Entering this gray situation, one hand is cold and cold, and the other hand is cold and cold. With the gradual increase of pace, his palm star vitality is also increasing, and finally the star vitality forms an energy cover, even if they are both covered.
Since then, his palm has once again produced a seal, which will hit the front through the energy shield of Xingyuan, and a sudden roar will come, and the gray gas not far ahead will suddenly disappear, and then a strong vitality will suddenly come at them.
See this vitality hit Ye Han immediately dare not careless busy exhibition royal flying method body prancing and escaped that onslaught and vitality, and then body exhibition instantaneous even has come to a nearby grass.
Just at this moment, a vomiting blood comes to the pleasing eye. It turns out that this vomiting blood person is the fierce soul messenger of Ye Han and others who saw the master of disposal before, but the situation of the fierce soul messenger is obviously not as good as that of the previous one. At this moment, his face is pale and his mouth is bloody, and he is obviously seriously injured and will die soon.
Ye Han couldn’t help but shake his head and sigh bitterly. "Alas, such a powerful master of disposal seems that no one in this world can compete with me for the strength of the array!"
"What? What, you can crack my * * array so easily? " Although the angel of the fierce soul is dying, he just experienced all that because he didn’t believe what he saw and heard. Before he died, he wanted to make the whole thing clear and know that he had never been cracked before, and that he would be easily cracked by this unknown source.
Ye Hanwen immediately smiled and said, "Now that you are dying, I will satisfy your wish. To tell you the truth, your * * large array is really powerful, but that was before you met me and you didn’t notice that this array of yours is not suitable for display. Do you understand?"
Fierce soul angel smell speech busy wanted to think, then looked around and then shook his head said I don’t know.
Ye Han looked around and hesitated for a moment before wry smile way "well, in that case, I will tell you the truth. This place is decorated with his law, but it is the most wrong decision for you to put this * * array here. Don’t you know that the required space for this * * law is great? You need to know a little about the array knowledge to know where your array is flawed when you arrange such a confusing array in such a narrow place! "
"No, it’s not. Even if everything you say is right, it’s definitely not your key to breaking the array. I know this array myself. Even if ordinary people find the array exit, they can get rid of the fog and get lost!" Heard Ye Han answer fierce soul angel busy shake head a way
【 499 】 【 Yan home victory 】
Ye Hanwen suddenly hesitated for a moment, then smiled and asked, "Do you want me to tell the truth or lie?"
Ye Han couldn’t help laughing after asking this. This smile soon attracted a cold and cheerless supercilious look. This guy must be intentional. Where will anyone like to listen to lies in this world? Besides, he is a dead man. Isn’t this intentional to make people die unsatisfied?
However, after careful consideration, she still thinks that Ye Han’s question makes sense. This truth is not in the words, but outside the words. Ye Han’s words are obviously deliberately irritating. A dead person will be deliberately angry with him. Isn’t this to make people die faster?
Think about the fact that Qingyun Zong was almost forced to get married, and now this forced marriage person is going to die in front of her, and she is still mad at her real man, so she feels better than letting her kill him herself.
Sure enough, as soon as Ye Han asked the messenger of the fierce soul, he couldn’t help spitting out another mouthful of blood. "Well, since you really want to know, I’ll tell you because … because I’m better-looking than you!"
After listening to Ye Han’s words, the fierce soul messenger spit out one mouthful blood again, and at the same time, his face turned white and cold, but he couldn’t help laughing. This Ye Han must have deliberately looked better than the fierce soul messenger this time, but what does this have to do with cracking the law?
Fierce soul old man although spray blood but did not die immediately, but a face of unwilling to look at Ye Han Ye Han looked at one leng immediately busy way "why don’t you believe me? I am honest with you. Ask her if I look better than you? "
Then he stretched out his hand and pointed to the cold and cheerless smell speech and wanted to laugh again, but in order to cooperate with Ye Han’s acting, he nodded seriously and then quietly snuggled up to Ye Han’s arms.
Seeing this scene, the angel of the fierce soul finally didn’t hold his last breath, and his eyes suddenly increased to show his pale eyes. Even when he passed out, his face flashed a bit unwilling. Seeing this situation, it was obviously because of the sudden attack on the heart and accelerated his death.
When Ye Han saw this, he made up his mind to tell him the real reason, so he shook his head and said, "I admit that you are a master of array, but you shouldn’t meet me because you know only a little about array before me!"
Then he hesitated for a while and then continued, "There is a more important reason, that is, I am really better-looking than you!"
Listening to Ye Han’s words in front of her was cold and cheerless, she had an impulse to laugh, but finally she could not help laughing after listening to his words behind her. The original Ye Han really wanted to say something sorry, but she didn’t want him to pull things to her own good looks!
Ye Han didn’t have many thoughts, but he didn’t repent. Although he laughed coldly, he chose to be indifferent, so he held him and slowly walked towards the fierce yuan city.