Therefore, after this period of exhaustion, Lengling also meditated on the unborn fetus.

Day after day, Ye Han’s news is still vague. Seeing that several days have passed, Ye Han still hasn’t found it. Not only Lengling, but even Ye Hong and his wife have another worry.
One night, Ye Hong and his wife came to Lenglingju housing to dialysis out their worries and wanted Hezhong manpower to find countermeasures.
Now Ye Han’s life is still a secret, but it can be properly revealed to Ye Hong and his wife for fear of Ye Han’s fall.
But now Ye Han life star seems to have lost her connection, even if LengLing wants to use this clue to find him, that’s also the law.
After much consideration, Lengling still didn’t ask Ye Hong and his wife to do anything, so he didn’t find any excellent way.
Nowadays, whether it is Lengling or Ye Hong, both husband and wife can pin their hopes on the future and hope to find Ye Han as soon as possible.
After seeing Ye Hong off, Leng Ling continued her cultivation, and there was no obstacle for Leng Ling to immerse herself in the action of warming the fetus in her womb.
As for Ye Han’s disappearance, she can also silently pray for a safe return to her side.
However, this kind of hope is so slim that Ye Hanluo has never been known, including Lengling.
The 183rd world meets Yan Xin again
The northern ice field is like winter all the year round. Although it is already the spring season, this ice field is not a little green. The only thing is a scene of ice and snow.
However, there is a green figure flashing across this ice field at the moment, and it has already come to a cave outside, and then the figure has entered the cave without stopping.
The cave is surrounded by snow and ice, except for a cave entrance, where everything is white. From a distance, the cave entrance is like a pollution, which is a white stain.
In the cave, there is a blue boy lying still on the ice bed, but at this time, the blue boy’s eyes are slightly moving.
Eyelids trembled slightly, and the eyes of the blue teenager suddenly opened tightly. As the teenager, he also slowly climbed up with his hands on the ice bed.
"Where is this? How can I be here? " Don’t let him say that he is in blue, get up and look around, and feel the strange sight around him. The teenager is puzzled and asks himself.
"Cold brother, are you awake?" The boy in blue felt a sweet wind outside the cave as soon as the words sound just fell. Without looking back, he heard a girl’s voice.
The boy in blue has lost his identity after the girl’s voice. He is the missing ice sheet before, not necessarily Ye Han!
Don’t look back Ye Han will know the true identity of this girl, because the world is willing to call him cold brother, there are two.
One is that he has already become his wife and has changed his mind to call him Leng Ling, because Leng Ling has changed his mind to call him that now. Obviously, he is not Leng Ling.
And the other one is Miss Yan Yan’s family, Yan Xin. In addition to Yan Xin, no one in this world will call him Cold Brother.
When the girl came in, she called Ye Han and soon knew her identity. A beautiful image dressed in green soon came to his mind.
Just a turn Ye Han is to determine their own ideas inflammation hin that girl dressed in green instantly appeared in front of his eyes.
"Xin son? Why are you here? Where the hell is this? " See the true face of the green girl Ye Han immediately asked with a puzzled face.
"Ha ha cold brother don’t you forget? You met a third-order beast in the ice field before, and I saved you! "
Seeing Ye Han’s puzzled face, Yan Xin immediately smiled and then said with a melancholy face, "People saved you but you don’t remember anything!"
"Well," after Yan Xin woke Ye Han up, he recalled his former Lengling coming back from the ice sheet and preparing to rescue the Cold Forest Sect.
Later, because of some words, I didn’t want to stop Lengling, but I finally couldn’t do it. When I was preparing to leave with Lengling, I was suddenly attacked by Yuan beast.
Ye Han, the Yuan beast, can’t be clearly seen, but it’s vague. I also remember that it was a huge beast. He was hit by the Yuan beast and fell into a coma.
Later, things were in a coma because of injury, but now he is also a little white. It is because of Yan Xin that he can live to the end!
"I’m sorry. I was attacked by a Yuan beast and fell into a coma. I didn’t know what happened later!" Ye Han a face of nai wry smile way
Said his face is full of don’t understand color, this inflammation hin what will appear ice sheet also appeared unexpectedly also appeared when miscellaneous?
"Are you following me again?" Ye Han never came in vain at the thought of this, so he asked with a surprised face.
"Brother Hum Han, how are you hurting people’s hearts? People have kindly saved you, but you doubt that people will think I will be hostile to you?"
Listen to Ye Han so ask Yan Xin’s face was a little ashamed and angry at the moment, so he called Chen Yi and shouted at Ye Han with a snort.
Looking at Yan Xin’s anger, Ye Han couldn’t help but feel a little ripple in his heart. Although Yan Xin was angry, the face was so charming that maybe no one would believe that she was angry if she hadn’t heard what he said before.
Ye Han stupefied at Yan Yan Yan Xin naturally see eye don’t know by Ye Han so a look at Yan Xin original and some angry mood instantly improved.
I realized that my eyes were dull and some of them were extremely unusual. Ye Han’s face suddenly showed a bit of embarrassment and he was busy looking away.
In Ye Han’s eyes, Lengling is the most charming, perhaps because his cultivation is cold, giving people a feeling that it is so soft from the inside out.
Yan Xin, though without that cool temperament, is also a very beautiful woman, but her beauty is the opposite of Lengling.
Naturally, her beauty is full of hot and fiery feelings instead of cool, which are diametrically opposite. It is suspected that she touched Ye Han’s contrast.
"Ye Han Ye Han, what the hell are you thinking? You’ve already married Linger. Why can’t you forget your feelings with his woman?"
And after a pause Ye Han jilted to jilt his head to drive away all his affection for Yan Xin, and the more he tried to drive away his heart, the more he could not forget it.
"Cold brother, don’t you like Xiner?" See Ye Han so phlogistic hin immediately one leng immediately asked without hesitation.
Ye Han originally wanted to dispel his feelings for Yan Xin, but he didn’t expect Yan Xin to be so active and direct after such a long interval.
Silent for the problem of inflammation and euphoria, Ye Han was completely silent. Although he did have feelings for inflammation and euphoria, the situation is so complicated that he himself is in confusion.
After a long silence, Ye Han still didn’t think out the answer in his heart. Naihao shook his head and said with a wry smile, "That’s not what I meant!"
"Then what do you mean?" After listening to Ye Han’s words, Yan Xin dared not think much, so he asked with a worried face