"oh? An emissary from other countries? Is there another country besides Honghaoguo? " Zhang Tao one leng this matter Gongshifu seems to have never said.

"Ha-ha, of course, there is a prairie, which is also a country. Our country is a big country. Naturally, we can’t treat each other badly. The Twelve Stars are definitely the best hospitality, and there are some ordinary people across the vast ocean who don’t know strange countries. You will naturally know that their cultural history and language are different from ours." Gu Wei smiled.
Zhang Tao smiled. "So I’m going to have a good taste. I wonder if it has the unique flavor of our Tianyuecheng?"
"You won’t be disappointed" Gu Wei smiled.
On the other hand, Meng Hua suddenly said, "There are good dishes, but I don’t know if you want to bring good wine."
"Clouds and pearls? I haven’t drunk it for a long time, but I’m looking forward to it. "Zhang Tao is not a good wine, but the special taste of clouds and pearls is really unforgettable."
"Ha ha, Zhang Tao, this time you will be disappointed. Drinking for you this time is not clouds and pearls." Gu Weiran and Meng Hua smiled at each other and showed mysterious expressions, which made Zhang Tao’s forehead covered with black lines. Is this a typical partnership to bully people?
Maybe it’s because I saw Zhang Tao’s expression of bitterness and listened to the cold snow and smiled. Jade hand patted the bamboo door and was beaten again. Suddenly, a bouquet of wine came to my nose like a huge wave, which made Zhang Tao feel caught off guard and unconsciously inhaled deeply the bouquet again, but it made Zhang Tao look surprised. So?
"Zhang Tao, one of the three great wines in Dongyue Mainland, is a beautiful cloud. You have tasted it, but that is the characteristic of Yunyan Chamber of Commerce to attract public attention. But there is also a kind of wine that is born with three kinds of people to drink first. Today, the second emperor, the third emperor, is to be rewarded with concubines by the emperor! In addition, I’m afraid the owner of Yunyan Chamber of Commerce and Meng Huaxiong can get what they want. "Gu Wei said with a smile.
"oh? The second kind of wine is royal wine? ?” Zhang Tao didn’t expect the second kind of wine in Dongyue mainland to be so.
"Yes, this second wine is called Fugui Piaoying!" Guweiran said with a smile
"Rich Piaoying? The aroma is as erratic as the fragrance of this wine. One night is poor, one night is blessed, and everything goes back and forth. Don’t be too persistent. Cherishing every second is the best interpretation of life. I think this wine has such a meaning besides wealth and luxury? " Zhang Tao looked at it like amber wine light said.
Imitation is to prove that the fragrance of Zhang Tao’s words reappears. This time, Zhang Tao is ready to inhale deeply, which makes people’s souls feel as carefree as out-of-body experience.
"Ha ha, I doubt Zhang Tao. You are a natural wine drinker. Good! That’s the meaning of this wine. You can also drink it here, which is different from the elegant fragrance of clouds and pearls, "Gu Wei said with a smile."
Zhang Tao nodded his head. Although the color of this wine is amber, it is not unique, but it is like a dramatic change when it is gently inhaled into the mouth. It seems that the tide is coming, and this surging and quiet feeling sweeps across the tip of the tongue.
For a moment, it is like washing the soul, but for a moment, it is like losing this pleasure, but it is not only the aroma but also the taste that makes people feel disappointed.
If you want to experience that feeling again, you have to keep drinking and keep drinking to get drunk, but the more you do, the more you forget the true meaning of wine! The meaning of wine is the meaning of Piaoying! It is also because of this that this wine is like life, and it is really hard to see what it really needs to pursue. Many people will put the cart before the horse, just like pursuing this wine aroma but forgetting the body of the wine.
"Good wine, I’m afraid this wine will make people drink another taste, a thought-provoking taste. It’s hard to imagine that today’s emperors and you emperors can keep yourself awake in this wine," Zhang Tao sighed.
"If you can’t see this clearly, such as governing the country?" Gu Weiran sighed. Obviously, the impact of wine made him sigh, while listening to the cold is also confusing. But after the wine throat, he returned to reality again.
Zhang Tao nodded his head and took everyone to chat and drink rich Piaoying. The more you drink good wine, the more you can realize that kind of life choice. You can also realize that life is really glad you came while drinking.
"Zhang Tao, this time, my father is very appreciative of you, and your performance will continue to go on. If you can beat the old stubborn old crane in two days, the status you can get in the future is absolutely limitless," said Gu Weiran.
"Hehe, actually, I don’t really want to stay in Honghaoguo. My goal is to go abroad," Zhang Tao said.
"Of course I know about you, but I have a reluctant invitation." Gu Weiran suddenly became serious. At this time, he had already drunk three rounds and Zhang Tao knew that it was time to get down to business
Zhang Tao and Meng Hua glances and said, "Guweiran, we are all good brothers in Tonghua Pavilion. Tell me what you want."
Gu Weiran took another sip of wine and said, "I’m the smallest one in san huang, and I’m also the weakest one. I hope Zhang Tao can help me. I won’t leave you if you want me to achieve my goal. You can leave your brother at any time. I want to beg you. I know that if you are willing to help me, great things can be achieved."
It is not wise for Zhang Tao to be silent and involved in the imperial struggle, but Gu Weiran and his brothers for many years, even if he was interested in contacting himself in those days, but the least feelings were true, and Meng Hua also thought of his father’s words. What should he choose at this moment?
"Do you want to go to Taitai?" Zhang Tao thoughtfully spoke a word after a moment.
Chapter 163 Love has to be
Chapter 163 Love has to be
Gu Weiran’s eyes are a little deep. "Not so."
"oh? Is that like? " Zhang Tao and Meng Hua are one leng. Do Gu Weiran want to rebel directly and seize the throne at one stroke, forcing the current emperor Gu Longtian to abdicate and make way? If it is so dangerous, it is too great.
You know, it’s definitely not a simple person that Gu Longtian can make the four seas level. Even the three emperors are surrounded by others. It’s not that they don’t believe in themselves, but that the emperor’s affection is absolutely beneficial, which will make many people lose their minds like moths to a flame.
Gu Weiran, if he has a plan to go to the palace, will even die halfway. After all, he is too young, even if he prepared very early, he is not as good as Gu Longtian for so many years.
"I just don’t want to die. I’m cold. I can’t die. I want to fight! I need tens of thousands of people to protect me and my woman! " Gu Weiran spoke something that Zhang Tao and Meng Hua didn’t expect.
"Protect yourself?" Zhang Tao eyes slightly narrowed has been white.
Gu Weiran sighed, "It’s not bad to have an emperor’s family, but you can do whatever you want. The same is true of the emperor’s family. Perhaps I have no ambition, but it doesn’t mean that my eldest brother and second brother didn’t want to get rid of my heart. Because I was the youngest father, I loved me a lot. Because of that accident, I chose to go to Haoran University. First, I stayed away from the imperial city and kept them out of danger. Second, I could secretly form my own forces because of the special significance of Haoran University."
Zhang Tao and Meng Hua looked at each other and sighed. They knew that Gu Weiran was not lying. When he was a child, Gu Weiran didn’t know what kind of experience and threats he had experienced to make him think like this.
For a man who wants to be an emperor, all the signs of danger must be erased, and Gu Wei seems to have almost died! Since then, he has matured and grown up, and he has understood what he has to face and what he needs to do.
He wants to be emperor, not because of high interest and life and death, but because he has lived and let Yi listen to the cold and live. That’s all. It seems very simple, but it hurts. What kind of nai is this?
Forced to fight for the emperor? It seems ridiculous, but it’s true. "I know that your ambition is not mine, and I know that you can do it in the future. You can destroy my vast country if you flip your hand, but now I need your help, brother."
"I promise you! I will try my best to let you accomplish your goal, and I will not let my brother be killed. "Zhang Tao finally chose this road, not to make a name for the ages, nor to covet wealth, but to protect his brother and let him live.
"I’ll help you, too," Meng Hua suddenly said. This is where Gu Wei was moved. Unlike Zhang Tao, Meng Hua was alone and devoted himself to the emperor’s whirlpool.
Meng Hua, on the other hand, represents a chamber of commerce behind him! I don’t know how many pairs of eyes are staring at the Yunyan Chamber of Commerce. If there is a slight turmoil, they will pull the Yunyan Chamber of Commerce.
At present, the four major chambers of commerce are neutral, and no chamber of commerce will choose to support an emperor so early, and Meng Hua’s nod represents a chamber of commerce.
"Thank you!" Gu Weiran didn’t shirk it because it was too hypocritical. He could remember this touch in his heart. "I want Gu Weiran to live for one day and never fail you in this life!"
"Ha ha to add a person you also can’t negative our interpretation brother? Otherwise, I won’t let you go. "Meng Hua made a joke and said that interpretation was cold and shy, while Zhang Tao laughed, so the iron triangle alliance even appeared.