Without taking two steps, Zhang Tao stopped. "Sure enough, you can’t measure and observe your breath by common sense, but you can kill Yunlong four evil spirits without seeing your strength for one year. If you hadn’t robbed me twice, I really wouldn’t want to kill you."

"Poison?" Zhang Tao didn’t turn around. She took a deep breath and robbed her. I didn’t expect to meet her here in the cold. Did she come to find herself on purpose? But what do you mean twice?
"Poison!" Yu Anzheng was about to speak, but he was already black and immediately fell to the ground and died. He was fatally wounded and now he was invaded by poison and poison. Although severe, it is not everything.
Zhang Tao has thought that he should escape. Although he has made great progress in uniting for a year, even if he is conceited, he will never be an opponent of Tianshi Zun. But at the moment, he suddenly found a powerful force to cover himself up and was about to enter Misuta. Zhang Tao has found himself moving.
"Is this the oppression of heavenly morale?" When Zhang Tao’s heart is set to the level of other Tianshi, he can use strong power to physically oppress others, making people unable to move freely. It is said that Tianshi is definitely an opponent and can slowly torture you to death just by letting you move.
For a moment, Zhang Tao’s body was numb, and his original idea of getting into the Missuta failed, but for a moment, Zhang Tao found himself surrounded by a great force.
Ten years ago, nine days ago, I often took myself out of my home in this way, which made me feel familiar. Although her method was in the same breath as nine days ago, it was really very simple.
"Don’t kill me?" Zhang Tao’s mind pops up a question mark, but since the other party doesn’t intend to kill himself instantly, there is a way for him to escape. If he wants to recover his body, he can enter the Mixuta, and then the poison statue will be able to endure even if he has a thorough knowledge.
"I know you have a strange way to disappear. I won’t give you a chance to wait until I get back, and then slowly let you spit out what I have taken from here." The poisonous voice floated into Zhang Tao’s ear
"Finished" Zhang Tao thought of Gong Shifu telling him not to offend a superior who is stronger than you and not to offend a woman! And this poisonous statue is a woman and better than herself, which is really bad blood.
After a while, the surrounding forest became blurred and surrounded by fog. Zhang Tao knew it was miasma, and ordinary people would have hallucinations if they inhaled too much, which was very dizzy and disgusting, and of course it would be fatal.
However, the miasma here is particularly strong. "Eat these miasmas, but I have carefully prepared them. This is my poison array. Even animals will not break into you, and no one will save you." The poisonous voice rang again.
Eat a pill that I don’t know what it tastes like, and then poison Zun took Zhang Tao into the poison array. Although he didn’t want to eat it, now Zhang Taogen is a chopping board.
Soon the fog passed and a thatched cottage appeared in front of Zhang Tao, which made him feel chills. There were poisonous snakes and poisonous insects all around him, and some long centipedes crawled around and intertwined.
Just looking at these poisonous insects, you can feel a burst of itching, as if all these poisonous insects had climbed up. "Welcome to Yunlong Mountain Poison House."
The thatched cottage was full of exotic herbs, and a pungent smell came at me. There were no women, dressing tables and rouge gouache, and there were some strange crocks, and even there was no bed.
"She doesn’t take a shower?" But life is in danger at any time, but Zhang Tao comes up with this idea
Chapter 13 Poison statue is strange
Chapter 13 Poison statue is strange
Poison solved Zhang Tao acupoint. "You are free if you don’t want it. I know you can disappear at will, but taking pills just now is a kind of poison besides inhibiting miasma so that these poisonous insects don’t bite you. If you want to escape, you can do whatever you want, but when it happens, you will die. No one in Dongyue mainland can save you. If you don’t believe me, you can try."
Zhang Tao was surprised. No wonder she dared to put herself in this way. She was already ready for Sunday’s natural work. The Qi ran without any hindrance, but suddenly she found that there seemed to be a strange black line in the Qi, which seemed to coexist peacefully with the Qi.
"how about it? I know you will be cold and angry, but this poison is very strange. Even if you are cold and angry, it will be forced out. The tone of the poison cloud is slightly proud.
"What do you want?" Zhang Taonai asked that since the other party does not kill himself, there must be conditions.
Poison statue unveiled her face, and Zhang Tao suddenly appeared in her mind with five words: exquisite facial features but not touching, beautiful and seductive. This is a kind of purity! A kind of pollution is clean! Like snow-capped peaks and holy snow lotus dancing in the cold wind, there is no * * Only with the gentle rhythm of the temperature like skates, like precious stones, the eyes will be a little more or a little less perfect, pure and transparent, leaving flaws on their faces.
This is the first time that Zhang Tao has seen a face that can be compared with a gem! The similarity between her and the gem is not the dazzling brilliance or the moving brilliance, but the purity in the gem is spotless and pure.
Although such a face does not reverse all sentient beings, it can make people feel peaceful. Just seeing her face is like a copy, you can feel the sublimation of the soul. Is such a face actually poisonous and fragrant? This is really hard for Zhang Tao to imagine.
The word "the world is really strange" is Zhang Tao’s mood at this time.
"Hand over the map scraps and the extremely frozen spring, and I will let you leave alive. Of course, you have to dig your own eyes." Poison Zun casually said that her words were unbearable
"Dig your own eyes? What? Is it because I saw you? " Zhang Tao felt a little angry.
Poison statue shook his head. "It’s because you let me lose my arm with the cold of heaven and earth twice. This is a punishment."
"twice?" Although it can now be confirmed that the first time I met the poisonous person was the poisonous statue in front of me, what do you mean by twice? And she sounded so hoarse for the first time? And her strength will give away the wooden box?
"The first time I let you pick up the cheap map scraps because of the poison, the sign is not a poison sutra, but a kind of cold place. You can get a perfect map by collecting the scraps," said Poison Zun.
Zhang Tao suddenly realized that although I don’t know whether poisonous people are practicing or not, it seems that the strength is greatly reduced and the sound variation is caused by poisonous hair at a time, but it is impossible for Zhang Tao to predict that this remnant volume is not poisonous classics, but I didn’t expect it to be cold in heaven and earth. This is a surprise to Zhang Tao.
I didn’t even know that the remnants were so wonderful for nine days. "Excuse me," Zhang Tao made a dizzy # # 9 touch.
"Say" poison statue arch eyebrows Cu seems a little impatient, but her face seems to purify everything, but it finally makes people unable to see the smell of anger, but it is a kind of beauty that Snow Lotus moves with the wind.
"Is there a toilet here?" Zhang Tao asked.