Hold her tight "darling sleep, ok? It’s almost time for the DPRK. Don’t you feel sorry for me? Huh? " Yan Gui can be gently coaxed.

Sue cotton and well a hand from the chest around the waist.
Although I still touch it gently, it is much better than before.
Yan to relax and feel her rubbing his waist that a scar.
Small hands gently rubbing like want to rub flat, rubbing his heart softened into a piece and kissing her forehead "won’t hurt after sleeping."
Su Mian, um, touched it again, but fell asleep slowly one by one.
Early the next morning, Su Mian got up and wanted to eat money again …
But Mammy Fang had already prepared, steamed, fried and told Su Mian to eat enough.
"The Lord should call Liang Youcai to feel the pulse today. Guess it will come soon." Fang Mammy laughed.
"Well, then come. I’m waiting." Su Mian stretched himself.
Mammy Fang personally combed her hair in a bun and waited on her to change her clothes. In fact, Mammy Fang has rarely served her like this in recent years, and she usually manages the periphery.
Liang Youcai came back as soon as she got to Yan Gui. Just now, she was thinking about her pulse today.
"Be safe!" Liang Youcai busy got up and said
"Well, feel your pulse." Yan Gui sat in a dragon robe without changing clothes.
Su Mian’s eyes are red with stars. She really rarely sees him wearing a dragon robe now. Usually he will change after the meeting before coming back.
Yan Gui couldn’t help but smile and touch her head to feel her pulse.
Liang Youcai’s thunder broke the position of Empress … What do you mean by this coaxing tone?
But his face didn’t show, so he took his pulse.
A quarter of an hour later, the left hand changed to the right hand and said, "It’s no problem for the empress to have a stable fetus, but … I have a vague feeling that twins are still uncertain. It will take three months to determine them."
"really?" Su Mian was happy when she heard that she was a twin. Twins, how nice it is to have two children who are the same.
"Can determine thirty percent … after all, the month is still shallow" Liang Youcai said.
"Come back after ten days to take the pulse first to ensure the health of the queen and the fetus." Yan Gui is also happy, but he is still healthy and safe.
"I must do my best" Liang Youcai got up and handed over.
"Go," Yan Gui waved happily.
After going out, Mammy handed Liang Youcai a big red envelope. Although it is uncertain now, the whole Hele Temple is full of happy twins!
There are many royals, but they really haven’t! At the very least, Dae-Yoon never did.
Su Mian in the temple laughed. "Could it be two girls?"
"Are you happy whether you are a daughter or not?" Yan to say with smile
"It’s a pity that I’m not sure if it’s really two. I don’t ask for two daughters. A man and a woman are also ok." Su Mian looked forward to it
Yan Gui echoed with a smile, but shook his head in his heart. Is this really pregnant and sometimes silly? Twins are hard to find, not to mention twins, which are extremely rare
"What do you mean by laughing? Do you think there is no play? " Su Mian was keenly aware that Yan Guixiao was very strange.
"I think you’re happy, that’s why you’re happy. There’s no other meaning. Stop fooling around and accompany me to change?" Yan Guigui is deliberately handsome.
Sure enough, Su Mian did not care about this. Looking at him, he said, "It’s a pity that you can’t wear it all the time."
It’s just like the west. It’s always hard to wear it on formal occasions, right?
Su Mian personally changed his robes to show "Well, the robes are beautiful, but it’s just a dress."
It’s just an ordinary pattern to look back at him in a dark black robe, but he’s long and slim, and he’s getting older and more masculine with his handsome face. It’s really fascinating
"He became the most attractive man before he turned 30." Su Mian wowed.
"I am old when I stand next year." Yan Gui laughed.
"Nonsense! Thirty years old is the best age. How can you be old? " Su Mian stared at his special situation and died late, but she was happy. It was unbearable for her heart to have grandchildren in her thirties.
After Ming An Mingshou, they can’t get married until they are ten.
"Take a good look at Mianmian or Erjiaren. I naturally dare not get old." Yan Gui touched her head with a smile and how it blew up.
If the situation was not good at that time and he couldn’t have children, he might have a teenager now.
But he doesn’t regret it at all. If she had someone else’s child before giving birth, she would be embarrassed now, and Ming An Mingshou would be embarrassed. At that time, Rita wouldn’t go well.
The most important thing is that he doesn’t want other people’s children, which is good. Isn’t heaven generous to him and her?
"That’s more like it. It’s good to wait until you’re 60 years old. After that, let’s also implement some policies to make everyone get married late and too early, which is not conducive to the development of a generation." Su Mian held Yan to her waist.
Yan Gui has no objection to the point that "it depends on you". It is true that it is dangerous for young women to give birth. Even if this rule is not changed, the royal family can set an example and get married later.
It will be too late for the royal leaders to take the lead. The problem is 83. Chapter 83
A few days after the calm day, a major event broke out.
Yan Gui was furious and the handmaiden in Yuedian was beaten inside and outside.