Molin crossed the path and took over the thousand changes and drawings, and felt that this time the harvest was really rich.

"Your red soul also has deformation function, but the appearance is too flamboyant. It seems dull and ordinary. After Mo Lin, you should remember that you should be like a thousand changes." I don’t know if you have regrets.
"Students are educated." Mo Lin bowed in a hurry, wondering what Mo knows, and talked with him about some things to pay attention to before leaving.
Luo Sandy has gone out to practice half a month ago, and it will take more than ten days to return to the village. Molin can’t wait, so she left a letter. Luo’s family went to say goodbye to Molan Linbo and some coolies, and arranged everything, so that they could rest assured.
Early in the morning, the entrance to Molin Village, Mo Zhiwei, Mo Ranlinbo and coolies who came to see me off waved goodbye and walked all the way to the sunset mountains.
Walking in the mountains and hiding for a while, I met the figure at the entrance of the village, and I didn’t see the ink forest. Then I slipped down the mountain and went all the way to the northeast.
At a mountain pass in the northeast, Molin saw Zhu Pingman. He had a small gourd in his hand, a middle gourd around his waist and a big gourd on his back. It looked very strange.
"Grandpa, even if he wants to leave some days, it’s not so big, is it?" Ink Lin cold sweat straight drop heart said Zhu Pingman this sample is like going to travel in the desert is not too exaggerated.
"I’m not comfortable without monkey wine. Here’s another one you carry for me." Zhu Pingman said with a copy of his hand and a big gourd came out from behind the rock.
Mo Lin was stunned and said that this would be bad luck. I was afraid that I would be tortured by coolies all the way.
According to Molin Mozhiwei, I have seen a map showing that Chixian China mainland Fiona Fang is vast and Wan Li looks like an irregular circle with the sea in the east and the ice ocean in the north and the endless mountains in the west.
The mainland is really suitable for human life, which is divided into seven territories by seven big families, and the monsters occupy the everglades to form various forces in the mainland.
The Mohist school in Jizhou sticks to the southwest corner of the mainland, the southeast corner of Chuzhou farmhouse, and the three great families in the north of Yingzhou military peasant family tightly wrap the everglades in the center.
The northern territory of the Everglades borders on the Legalists in Zhongzhou, the northeastern part of the mainland, and the Yin and Yang families in Luzhou. The northern part of the mainland is Yanzhou Taoism, and the northwestern part is Liangzhou physician. These two great families do not border on the Everglades.
Molin’s destination is the center of the mainland, which is currently occupied by Legalists, and the ruins of skyscrapers in the middle of Zhongzhou, which is also known as the Dragon Tomb by human beings.
Longzhong is less than 500 miles away from Xianyang, the legalist capital. It is said that there are often legalists there.
The journey from Mohism to Legalism is relatively smooth, and there are many villages to rest. Mo Lin is dressed in Mohism and is welcomed by the villagers. Many villagers resolutely refuse to ask Mo Lin to pay for accommodation and food, which shows the honor and status in the eyes of Mo people.
After entering the Legalist boundary, the terrain is flat, and all the crops are just planted, and the smell of earth brought by the breeze can predict a good harvest year.
"The stew was really delicious last night." Xiao Bai woke up with a lazy roll in Mo Lin’s arms. The first sentence was to miss the villagers’ warm hospitality for dinner last night.
"It’s really good." It’s rare for Zhu Pingman to agree with Xiaobai on one thing.
"Grandpa, I think the people all the way have a rich life and the Legalist school is well managed." Molin felt something.
Zhu Pingman shook his head and said, "The rainy climate in the south is suitable. If there is no drought and waterlogging, the achievements of the people can be guaranteed, while the land in the north is poor and the climate is dry and cold, and the lives of the people there are still very difficult."
Xiao Bai snorted, "In that case, it would be nice to move to the south. I have been to the north once and I don’t want to set foot on it again."
"How can you monsters understand human feelings? No one wants to leave their homes easily unless there is no way." Zhu Pingman’s words revealed a trace of arrogance.
"You also said that the Mohist is dead-headed. I don’t think your brain is very active. It’s hard to maintain your life. What is there to cling to that acre of land?" Xiaobai retorted rudely.
One man and one demon quarreled again, which is an inevitable scene in every day’s journey. Molin also persuaded two sentences and later turned a deaf ear. He found that these two men, one is the positive pole of a magnet, the other is the negative pole, one is the water and one is the fire. It is better to get an earplug to block their ears as soon as possible if they don’t quarrel.
This journey lasted for seven days and finally reached the vicinity of the old site of the skyscraper cliff in Longzhong
As far as the eye can see from a hillside in Molin, he has entered the realm of incarnation, and his vision is far beyond ordinary people. He can vaguely see a mountain rising on the horizon in the distance.
"Is that the ruins of the skyscraper cliff?" Mo Lin asked
"That’s it," Zhu Pingman said with emotion. "I haven’t been here for twenty years."
"Twenty years is just a moment for you, an old deathlessly." Small white aside ears said.