As soon as he shouted, he was impulsive, and the monsters immediately fried the pot. They were impatient and took the lead in rushing to a scuffle, so it was displayed.

There are thousands of monster beasts, and there are more than 100 people in seven big families. The gap between the two sides is very obvious. Almost ten monster beasts besieged one person.
But the monster beast, though large in number, is average in strength, but there are quite a few masters among these people who come with Xiao Qiaomo Island.
Xiao Jiaomo’s white cold light rippled in the monster beast group of a white crane Excalibur, and two huge wings were born on his back. Sometimes it was a slap in the face of the invincible monster beast group, and none of them were beaten out of the water.
The white shark saw that the hand monster beast was hit seven times and waved a broadsword and rushed away. His strength was not weak, otherwise it would not be possible to become a leader of the Pearl Island monster beast. The broadsword was full of the monster beast demon power of the aquarium and the Excalibur of the crane, and it didn’t fall in the wind for a while.
However, blocking a Xiao Yimo can’t stop others.
Several people in the farmhouse are driving huge butch and jackal. These beasts are fiercer than the monster beast. They can bite the monster beast’s head with one bite of fangs, and there are man-eating flowers and corroded vines everywhere. If they are lightly touched, they will be injured, and if they are seriously injured, they will be swallowed up.
The legalist family formed a team of three or four people, some attacked by fireball and thunder, some by jinding protection, and some by spirit. They cooperated with Tianyi Sewing Monster Group and ran amuck.
After the Taoist family swallowed the pills, their strength and speed increased significantly, and the spells in their hands were powerful, so they beat animals everywhere and cried.
Soldiers’ families are even more fierce. They are numerous, have good weapons, and all the people who come here are masters. They will never stop staring at an opponent until their heads are cut off.
Most of these people are Xiao Qiang’s cronies, and his son Xiao Gui Yan Mo Zhe Village was killed by Mo Lin in the ambush. Of course, he wants revenge. He knows that Xiaobai and Mo Lin also heard that Mo Lin was injured. This attack on Zhudao is not only to kill Xiaobai, but also to see if Mo Lin is an enemy.
I can’t help but get angry at the thought of my son’s tragic death. The Excalibur of the White Crane is closely related to Shaw’s blood, and I feel his emotional changes. The ferocity of the sword light is also exposed, and a trick is used to force the white shark to retreat again and again.
Xiaobai was seriously injured, and most of his strength was damaged. Even if he wanted to help, he couldn’t. He was so anxious that a pale yellow spirit could blast the white crane Excalibur through the crowd.
"Who is it?" Xiao Qiao Mo was furious when the words sound just fell, but he saw the yellow sky flying and a sword light in his hand. He didn’t know where to get a steel sword with a sword light ripple and Xiao Qiao Mo Dou.
In the melee, the number of monster beasts is decreasing, because they are not the well-trained brothers of the seven great families, but some brave monster beasts are fighting and retreating to the fortifications, and they are ambushed and deadlocked with their opponents.
Yellow and white shark fight each other, but it is also difficult to support each other. After all, they are the four elders of the military, second only to Sun Qi, and the strong have unfathomable strength that they can’t compete with.
During the chaos, a figure suddenly jumped out of the crowd and quickly crossed a fortification to intercept the monster beast and went straight to the hut where Mo Lin lived.
The yellow and the white shark were frightened to death and wanted to go after them, but Xiao Jian’s move was faster than one, which made them tired of parrying. How could they stop it?
At the critical moment, Huang Quan roared, "The Three-tailed Demon King stopped that man!"
Xiaobai also noticed that something was wrong. Although he was injured, he still got up the strength to flash back to the past and shouted, "Stay or I’ll bite you to death."
As he spoke, the civet cat was ready to catch, but he didn’t dare to be reckless. After all, there was not much power left. Once he missed, it would be terrible.
The man ran out of the two steps again and suddenly stopped to turn around and smiled at Xiaobai.
When Xiao Bai saw this man, he suddenly felt cold all over, and he couldn’t help but stop and look at the man being smeared with dust and feel that this man is very familiar.
"Who the hell are you?" Xiaobai drink a way
"Old friends haven’t seen each other for years, have they forgotten?" The man smiled and said, stretch out your hand and wipe your face to reveal an old face.
"It’s you!" Small white was shocked and couldn’t believe it
The man in front of him is probably in his sixties, and his face is covered with wrinkles, but judging from his dark hair and tall figure, he doesn’t look like an old man from anywhere.
"I didn’t expect the farmer’s master to chase me inside …" Xiaobai was a little bitter. After he was seriously injured by Yang, his strength not only decreased greatly, but also his alertness and sense of smell decreased. I didn’t find this person.
At present, this man is the owner of seven big families and a farmer, Xu Zhihang, who can definitely rank among the top five people in Chixian mainland China. His identity is mysterious and strange, and he is a top strong man in the news.
A few decades ago, Xiao Bai had a World War I with Xu Zhihang. The two sides were equally divided, but Xiao Bai was deeply impressed. Seeing you again at this moment, Xiao Bai recognized him.