"Eldest brother, what’s the matter with you?" Frost son sister can be frightened embrace young crying way

"Nothing was bitten by a puppy." Tang Jun was a little angry and glared at the spirit body. The little doll held Frost’s sister in her arms and she gently wiped away her tears.
"You" little doll’s eyes are white with anger, and it’s not good to report that all men are heart breaker! But she didn’t dare to go too far. After all, if it was the fence before her, the smelly little boy would have been slaughtered by her.
"Alas, I owe you! This time, I’ve used up the power of the Hallows for you. I may have to be in a coma for a long time to help you. You should be careful. Before there were so many Warcraft, they were afraid that I would be frightened out of my wits when I saw you. Once I passed out in a coma, they wouldn’t feel my breath. With your realistic strength, once you met a fifth-order snake demon, you would die. You must never enter the middle level, okay? "
"Ah," Tang Jun exclaimed in his heart. Looking at the little doll with fine eyes, it suddenly dawned on me that those snake demons were scared away by sensing the breath of the little doll’s body and beast. So it is good or bad to have a female doll. A big man is pregnant like a woman. If people know all this, I’m afraid he will really jump into the river. Tang Jun’s face is in distress situation at the thought of this, and he feels strange in his heart.
"But that little Jin Jian is an artifact with a trace of my spirit, and now this trace of my spirit is getting stronger and stronger, just like I’m a busy person. If I meet Warcraft, they will still be afraid and may protect your life. It’s a pity that you are so disappointing and don’t practice martial arts well every day. I’m afraid you will ruin your hand sooner or later. Alas "
"Uh" Tang Jun dumb mouth said he really so playboy? What girl in the world won’t be in love with spring? What teenager won’t fall in love? I really didn’t do anything out of line. Is he really wronged?
After the little doll finished speaking, she gradually passed out. Tang Junke clearly felt that the mysterious force of the body was gradually disappearing. Finally, she could hardly feel a breath. Before sleeping, the little doll could also feel her breath. This time, she was completely unconscious and could not feel a breath any more. They seemed to have completely cut off the connection.
Tang Jun’s heart welled up a trace of fear at the thought of his biggest life-saving charm. Now he has exposed the sacred body, which will be the face of all the masters in the whole day. Who doesn’t want to get a rare and noble sacred body? He doesn’t even know if he can handle it if he wants to touch the king of Wu. What about the master of honour level? Looks like he’d better think about saving his life first.
Suddenly there was an earth-shattering explosion in the distance. Tang Jun could feel the whole ground shaking so far away. Looking around, clouds of smoke were rolling in the sky. Obviously, what happened there? Tang Jun put frost son sister a face of surprise staring at the distance.
(Today, due to brain problems, it’s only two chapters. I’m sorry for everyone. These two chapters are transitional plots. Then Tang Jun will enter the middle of the valley outside the snake demon world to find treasures. Many powerful wars in Warcraft, Tang Jun also suffered a life-and-death crisis. An incredible passionate affair. Chapter 113 Long Fengjiao
At this time, there are many people gathered at the foot of a small hill. Just now, Tang Jun met with them, and all of them were there, and the girl Mu Zhan Tianlong also won.
When Miss Tang Jun Frost arrived here, the smoke generated by the explosion had already dissipated. The two of them quietly hid in a bush and looked at a huge black hole at the foot of the mountain. Tang Jun was still jumpy. Even at this distance, he could still sense the horrible energy released from the black hole. This black hole is obviously not simple.
Along the black hole, Tang Jun’s eyes have been swept to the side. A graceful back is so beautiful that I have never seen such a charming girl’s back. Although she is wearing a dark black dress, the graceful devil figure is still revealed. There is probably a dragon girl who is cold and the bodhi old zu is barely able to compete with her.
"Who is that woman?" Tang Jun is full of curiosity, pointing to the black figure and asking Frost’s sister to snuggle up to him.
"The most beautiful woman in the world!" Frost girl laughed and looked at the boy with a beautiful wink, and her face seemed complacent.
"Day the first big beauty? Never heard of it? " Tang Jun shook his head. He had heard that "the first beautiful girl in the world" was the Miss Long Jiasan.
Miss Frost put her sweet lips to the teenager’s ear and whispered, "The fool is my grandmother Long Fengjiao!"
"What" Tang Jun got such a fright that the whole person almost jumped up. Isn’t that a 70-year-old woman? Isn’t it right? How can an old woman keep such a figure? And look at her black hair. How is that possible?
It seems that the young girl is puzzled by Frost’s sweet smile. "My grandmother once touched the bodhi old zu of Leng family when she was ten years old and became her cousin. She got the famous seven-level elixir" Zhu Yan Dan "and" Health Protection Dan ".Now she is ninety years old, and her figure is still the same as when she was ten years old."
Tang Jun was surprised and screamed in his heart, fearing that it would come out and quickly covered his mouth. A 90-year-old woman actually has a 10-year-old girl’s posture, and it feels strange to think about it.
At this time, the young military commanders at the foot of the mountain are also quietly peeping at the big beauty, but they just looked at the horse secretly and bowed their heads and looked away, but they couldn’t help but turn their heads and look away again. It seems that they want to look and dare not look.
Those young people will be like this? Tang Jun also saw a clue that it is not simple to come to Long Fengjiao. Not only is it stunning in appearance, but it is also a noble lady’s identity. Plus, her shoulders are dressed in a shiny black sapphire epaulettes engraved with seven little suns. Obviously, her body cultivation has reached the realm of Emperor Wu dzogchen. The little Zhu Guzhu is almost so beautiful that she is naturally full of fear and deterrence for those young military commanders.
"Strange how my grandmother came out? Did you get the fruit of evolutionary life? Eldest brother, let’s go and see. "
Frost girl saw grandma’s face, although she was surprised, but she was still uneasy. She was a little worried to see the many strong people at the foot of the mountain.
At this time, more than a dozen great men were added to the Longjia camp, two of whom reached the realm of dzogchen, two of whom were extremely Emperor Wudi, and six of whom were high-ranking military emperors in Wu Huang. More than a dozen strong people have also been added to the Mu family camp, and their strength is almost the same as that of the Dragon family. Obviously, they also came from the fruit of evolutionary life? Although there are more than a dozen strong people in their cold house, the three forces are almost the same, but one of them still doesn’t know who to fall into.
"Wait and see what they want to do here?"
Tang Jun shook his head and looked surprised.
(Today, due to brain problems, it’s only two chapters. I’m sorry for everyone. These two chapters are transitional plots. Then Tang Jun will enter the middle of the valley outside the snake demon world to find treasures. World of Warcraft wars, many strong wars, Tang Jun also encountered a life-and-death crisis, an incredible passion affair. Chapter 114 Variation of life fruit
"Tulaotou, this black hole has a terrible vortex. Is it enough to ensure our safety with your’ sending God Dan’?"
Long Fengjiao is the leader of the African Union, who teaches the mistress of every family to be cold. So many strong people are among the highest in seniority. Looking at this horrible black hole in front of them, I can’t help but feel a little angry. I just entered the middle level and touched the "fruit of evolutionary life" of the other two families. I didn’t expect to be taken away by the Dragon Family first. It’s also the Dragon Family’s heart. Although annoyed, what to say?
But the most irritating thing is that the "fruit of evolutionary life" didn’t come to hand. The snake of Warcraft sneaked on their cold family and lost two strong warriors. It can be said that "stealing chickens can’t make up for the rice". This time, their cold family face was lost.
In front of this black hole, the airflow is constantly released, and the horror ratio is definitely not accessible to her. Moreover, even if so many strong people gather here, how much can everyone get? She couldn’t help thinking more and getting angrier.
The nearest to the black hole is a white-haired old man dressed in casual clothes and black. He is also very short and slightly taller than Zhu Guzhu. He is also a dwarf, nicknamed "Earth Immortal" and has reached the high-order Wu Huang level.
The old man is just a Wu Huang who can gather so many strong people here, mainly because of his other identity. The whole day can be said to be a rare "seven-order alchemist"
The total number of alchemists is thirteen days, the mainland has a population of more than 200 billion, and thousands of countries can reach the seventh order. There will be no more than ten alchemists, and two alchemists of different classes have never appeared before. I wonder if they are still alive? Now the real highest-level alchemist in the whole day is the seventh-order alchemist.
Even if the three dinosaur families are the highest-level alchemist, they are just the sixth-order alchemist. It is good to have a seventh-order alchemist as a guest, because they can reach the seventh class. All alchemists are super-rich in heaven and the lowest level of repair is Wu Huang. If they are willing to be bound by the big family, will they work hard?
You can imagine how powerful the influence of the Tulao people on the whole mainland is. Today, they are famous for coming here, and the Tianda family usually has friends and relatives with him.
Two months ago, the Tulaoren saw a mutated fifth-order golden lion snake in the outer valley of the snake demon world. According to the ancient records, there must be a mutated life fruit god stone hidden in any place where the mutated golden lion snake appeared. It is only because of the mutated life fruit god stone that it is possible to create the special Warcraft of the mutated golden lion snake.