Ye Qiu palms have attacked phlogistic Yang naturally dare not big opinion each other menacing and busy at one side to escape at the same time listening to the body pain suddenly running!

"I see how long you can dodge!" See their first move was phlogistic Yang escape Ye Qiu immediately one leng and then also saw phlogistic Yang corners of the mouth that a trace of pain know each other is the end of the road at that time also did not have a lot of gu!
Knowing that he was dying is too big, Yan Yang suddenly thought of fleeing to stay green and have no worries about burning firewood to recover Yan’s family. There is still time to avenge!
Inflammatory Yang naturally thought of running away and decided to run away, but Ye Qiu didn’t give him the chance to see that he wanted to run away, so he suddenly cast his seal to seal the inflammatory Yang retreat!
Retreat blocked inflammation Yang heart suddenly a fiercely self-knowledge flee hope nai he or choose recklessly so or live to die.
Thoughts fly inflammation Yang palm has produced a double seal tactic and Ye Qiu at the moment has also been at inflammation Yang tapping out palm see will attack to inflammation Yang front!
Inflammation Yang said that although the heart was in awe, his face did not show horror. Ye Qiu attacked his front body and suddenly jumped!
Ye Qiu cultivate one’s morality and inflame Yang, but at this moment, Inflammation Yang was seriously injured. At the beginning of this war, the two sides still showed signs of a close match!
Find the right time, the sun has been gathering for a long time, and the two printing strategies suddenly hit Ye Qiu in tandem, and then the palms have also taken shape
The original inflammation Yang four questions can’t have any severe tricks. Although Ye Qiu was careless at the moment, he cleverly escaped the inflammation Yang attack, but his skirts still left a residual mark!
"Is this the peak state of Yuan soul?" It’s really embarrassing to feel that I’ve been playing with a disabled person for so long without a tie. Ye Qiu will think that it’s his own lack of repair!
Yuan soul peak repair this world is very few people can have, and this inflammation’s family patriarch repair is precisely this level!
This Ye Qiu knew that he was not as good as he was. After all, he is now at most a Yuan Soul Six Realms Repair. Although Yan Yang was seriously injured, three realms repair is not so easy to surpass!
For Ye Qiu’s idea, it’s also white. After all, it’s very important for people to live in this world. No one wants to lose face in front of the enemy!
It’s sunny at the moment, but there’s no idea. Although it hasn’t fallen off, he knows that he can’t support it for long!
"Am I really going to die here now?" I feel that I can’t hold on to the burning sun, and suddenly I have a desperate thought!
Ye Qiu seems to feel that seeing the inflammation Yang is going to give up, so he can’t consider many cold grunts and attack at the inflammation Yang again!
Slightly absent, the sun was already in the wind, and was accidentally hit by Ye Qiu. Suddenly, he stumbled and retreated several steps before he lived!
"Ha ha ha ha! Sunny sun, I advise you to surrender as soon as possible, or today will be your memorial day! " A recruit in power Ye Qiu but also don’t rush to continue to attack because he felt the inflammation Yang vulnerability.
Find the key to the other party. If you want to kill the other party, the difficulty can be greatly reduced. Ye Qiu can’t help but stop his fear. A winner’s joy can’t help but climb his heart!
"Are you really that confident?" Glanced at the confident Ye Qiu Yan Yang eyes unnatural glanced at not far behind the day and then cold hum a.
See phlogistic Yang so Ye Qiu is also one leng and then follow the phlogistic Yang eyes to see the sky is boundless, and immediately know yourself when!
Because of Ye Qiu’s move, he became loose all over the inflammatory yang body. With this loose inflammatory yang body, he suddenly jumped out of the encirclement.
"Dare to lie to me!" I knew that when Ye Qiu didn’t come to react, I lost the trace of phlogistic Yang. Looking around, I saw that phlogistic Yang had withdrawn from half a mile away, so I angrily drank and quickly followed!
Although Yan Yang retreated, but after all, the injury was too heavy. At that time, the speed of Fa Sheng was quickly followed by Ye Qiu and Nai Hao put away the idea of escape!
There is a distance from the gate here. Yan Yang turned around and looked at the gate not far away. After a sigh of emotion, this will immerse his mind and have come to his front Ye Qiu!
"I advise you to stop dying!" Once again, I held back the inflammation Yang Ye Qiu’s feeling, and a kind of winner’s joy rose again. I looked at the inflammation Yang in front of me and then snorted ~
[54] 【 help inflammation yang 】
"Oh, is that how you see your opponent?" As soon as Ye Qiu’s voice fell, a more arrogant remark appeared appropriately
It is clear to Ye Qiu that this sound is not made by inflammatory yang. After all, he is not far away from inflammatory yang, but that sound is indeed a little far away.
And listening to this sound direction is obviously not the sunny side but the rear of Ye Qiu. How can a human voice come out from the opposite direction?
Obviously, this is an impossible thing, but at the moment, such an impossible thing has just happened!
The only explanation is that the owner of this sound is not a sunny person, but a hidden person, and the owner of this sound is like a person who is no less than sunny.
After all, before this sound appeared, not only Ye Qiu didn’t find it, but even the people at the peak of the Yuan soul in Yanyang didn’t notice it.