They don’t know what will happen when they go, but they know that since everything is predestined, they can keep going!

But they don’t even know that all this will involve many days, and then what kind of eternal love will be involved!
[1] 【 All his legacy is destroyed 】
The cold wind blew off several leaves flying all over the sky …
Yanyunshan has just experienced a bloody storm, and now everything is quiet.
In front of a tombstone, a slim figure knelt quietly, and all the scenes that happened not long ago came to mind …
Ye Han, a young boy, has been kneeling here for more than seven days. He will always remember that his master was killed. Before he died, Li forced his last vitality to escape here with his high skill. After he released himself, he burned out with his vitality and the last breath disappeared.
"Master! Don’t worry that I won’t let you die in vain, even if I don’t have the strength now, I will work hard! " Ye Hanyin was hoarse, and there was not a day in these seven days when he didn’t cry or shed tears, so his eyes were red and swollen.
At that moment, Master Ye Hanbai realized that his master would never come back, and the day after that, he could walk alone.
"Cold son, go back to your own home, where your family will love you and love you, and you won’t be lonely!" Master’s voice keeps echoing in my ears
"home? No, I don’t have a home. The world also has a master who hurts the most! " Ye Han bit his teeth when he thought that his parents had abandoned him since he was a child and never gave himself the love he deserved.
"Han Er, you are wrong. Although your parents gave you to me when you were very young, I know that they love you. It is because you are cold!" Lying on the ground, the old man looked kindly at Ye Han’s hard training of his younger brother. At the last moment, he tried his best to block the palm of his hand. The master was already very satisfied.
Actually, even if he didn’t block the palm for himself, master shouldn’t blame himself, but he still blocked it himself, which proves that this brother is very filial to himself.
"Master, don’t leave the cold son and the cold son won’t let you leave." Looking at Master’s pale face, Ye Han burst into tears. Zhang Cang’s white face is so kind. It seems that the kind feeling is gradually leaving him. Maybe after today, he will never appear in front of him again.
"Silly boy, Master always leaves and can’t be with you every day. You should take good care of yourself if Master can’t." Every word of the old man’s words is deeply profound. Ye Han’s mind is always awake, and his brother’s revenge must not be forgotten
I don’t know how long it took Ye Han to bite his teeth, but he just couldn’t get together. Nai shook his head and Ye Han’s face showed a little bit of pain.
"Master’s brother is leaving, and you can get revenge only if you make yourself stronger. When that time comes, my brother will definitely take his head to pay homage to Master Tianling." It’s time to leave here. Ye Han has been kneeling for seven days. In the middle of these seven days, he has thought a lot about himself and made many plans in the future. Ye Han left the old man’s grave.
"Well, I’d better go home and have a look. Maybe Master said yes, my parents still love me. Speaking of it, I haven’t been home for ten years." Ye Han couldn’t help but mutter to himself as he looked at the mountains stretching behind him.
At the age of four, he was sent to master before he enjoyed enough love from his parents, which also made him have some dissatisfaction with his parents all these years. No matter what, he had to go back, as master said, it was his home after all
A thin figure walked slowly through the mountains, leaving her beloved master and this’ hometown’ where she lived for more than ten years.
"It’s so cold, hahahaha. I didn’t expect that I finally met it after looking for it for so many years!" After Ye Han left, a strange smile sounded from the tombstone. From that slightly old smile, you can know that the owner is excited at this time.
"Ha ha Xingyuan City, I finally came back!" After more than ten years, I finally returned to my hometown, Ye Han, who was separated by more than ten years.
Feeling that Yu Yehan didn’t forget to compare Xingyuan City with ten years ago, he found that Xingyuan City was much more prosperous than before, so he couldn’t help but sigh, "I don’t know how my father managed the family, but it was still a second-rate family ten years ago!"
Walking into the bustling streets of the city, the childlike innocence that disappeared for more than ten years was inadvertently inspired again.
In the past ten years, although Master treated himself like a biological father, Ye Han dared not show his innocence in front of Master because he knew that he could not live up to Master’s cultivation and give up that every child should have innocence.
Ye Han, who should be a part of his life in front of him, can’t help but think of his master again. "Alas, Master, it’s all my fault. You treat me like your own child, but I have failed you to meet your requirements! And now "
Said Ye Han nai shook his head again and pressed the guilt in his heart, so he had reached the door of the family.
"Ye Jia Hehe, I’m Ye Han finally back!" Looked up at the family door hung a plaque inlaid with two Chinese characters Ye Han smiled to say with smile.
"Cold master? Is it really you? You’re finally back. You’ve been missing for days, and you’ve worried the patriarch! " He claimed that Ye Han Ye Han still stared at the door plaque in a daze with an old sound.
"Mr. Lin, hehe, yes, I’m back. I didn’t expect you to recognize me. I don’t know if they can recognize me!" Ye Han smiled to say with smile
It was many years ago that Ye Lin became a housekeeper. At that time, Ye Han was not born, but he was often taken care of by the housekeeper Ye Lin when he was a child. There are still some impressions. It is normal for Ye Lin to know that he is a young master. However, even so, it really shocked him to recognize him at a glance.
"Ha ha, master cold, don’t be surprised that your body has no characteristics of ordinary people. That’s why I recognized you." See Ye Han’s face full of surprise. Butler Lin immediately smiled and laughed.
Ye Han smiled, and his cold body is exactly what ordinary people don’t have. However, he is not proud of his uniqueness. From Master’s mouth, he knows that his cold body is precisely a death warrant lock.
"At most, there are two years. After two years, everything will be settled." Ye Han muttered to himself. The melancholy look on his face was very obvious. He also knew that he had two years left. If the body cold was not solved in these two years, the consequences would be unimaginable.