In particular, it is similar to the blessing of the sunrise.

But this Zhao Xiwen didn’t pay too much attention to her in May when she came into contact!
However, the sudden change of Zhao Xiwen sharply cried out to let her hide!
I thought this woman seemed different in May!
So after she saw the sunrise, she still played along and fainted!
On the one hand, she wants to see if Zhao Xiwen is as she thinks when she pretends to faint!
On the other hand, since Guan Xi has moved her mind, she must be punished in May’s mind!
But she also knows that she can’t get into trouble for no reason!
This time, Yosuke’s initiative to frame the sunrise is enough to give May sufficient reasons to fight back!
I feel flattered when I think about it. Finally, her chat day will be over!
"Small infanta I’m fine! How do you feel? Is there anything wrong with you? You wait for me to find Doctor Wu! "
Zhao Xiwen behaved like a little girl at this time, which fully showed her excitement!
However, in May, there was nothing. As soon as I saw Zhao Xiwen, I got up from the soft couch and kicked my calf. My arms narrowed into crescent-shaped eyes and laughed. "Sister, I’m in good condition!"
But can you tell me who you said just now that you wanted to lend your hand to hurt me? "
May’s queer nature has already seen through everything!
But her eyes deliberately asked Zhao Xiwen that she naturally had her own meaning!
And Zhao precious little Wen didn’t go to May so clever that I sighed, "You don’t have to worry about this little princess! I know you brought it into the East Palace too much. If you are still willing to believe me, I promise that she will never have a mobile phone call to you again! "
Zhao Xiewengen doesn’t know how clever May’s little head is!
These words can’t even be appeased if you put them in May!
It was May who sat face to face with Zhao Xiwen on a soft couch and looked at her with a small hand dragging her face and suddenly said, "Sister, I want to do something. I wonder if you would like to help me?"
"What do you want to do? Sister will definitely help you. Are you hungry? "
Zhao Xiwen’s attitude towards May in the face of ordinary children makes May feel a little unbalanced!
In May, after pie-pie, the shrewd eyes flashed to Zhao Xiwen, and before and after Zhao Xiwen got together, she was lying in her ear like a fox saying her great plan!
This is a chapter four seven two Jin Yan is missing!
"What? You … "
When Zhao Xiwen heard with his own ears that May was a perfect sewing plan, his face was surprised and looked at.
I can’t imagine how this child can be so thoughtful at such a young age!
"Elder sister, I now but take you as one of their own! But if you ruin my plan, I may turn my face and deny people! "
May smiles and looks at Zhao Xiwen!
There is no denying that this woman is one of the few people who are very interested in her after she walked out of Pearl Island!
Throw it away to Aunt Xue, and don’t tell me whether she met Huang Yaner or you Xi!
Every one of them can’t wait to see herself as a thorn in the side. She is so beautiful, lovely and generous!
I really don’t understand what they are. They set her up everywhere!
But she’s not afraid!
You have a good plan, and she has a wall ladder!
Now it’s hard to meet a woman who is not annoying, and it’s self-evident to protect her!
May is a little reluctant to let her become cannon fodder. Anyway, she is also an Oriental maid-in-waiting. In this way, it is easier for her to do things through Zhao Xiwen’s identity!
"The little princess depends on you!"
It is true that Zhao Xiwen loves May very much because he loves children too much!
And she doesn’t know at this time, just because she didn’t get along with May today, one day not only saved her life, but even the opportunity to change her future was created for her in May!
"yeah! Sister, now I can bother you to hold me back to the Toffee Hall in the East Palace! "
In May, he said, riding his calf and climbing Zhao’s neck without hesitation!
Small body nest her arms smell her body quietly elegant but not pungent fragrance calf with Zhao Xiwen got up and walked in a posture of becoming warped and warped!
"Little princess, have you really thought about it?"