Xia yixi took grandma’s hand and cried sadly.
She felt in her heart that Hao no longer belonged to her, and she was so sad.
"We will be together forever after grandma."
Xia yixi holding grandma and sister pretend to be happy and said
Since then, she has nothing to do with Hao. They are two worlds apart, and he is going to marry someone else’s wife.
Two horizontal lines will never cross again.
If you are sad, you can be sad
Xia Yixi takes a deep breath and lets grandma and sister go.
Xia Yibing looked up only to see the wind Jerry Liau.
Deah34 Wind Jerry Liau Let me go.
Scared her, Xia Yibing jumped, even Xia Yixi.
Why is there no sound when Jerry Liau walks in this wind? Just like Ah Piao, there is no sound at all.
The wind Jerry Liau went to Xia Yibing and picked her up.
"Girl, it’s good that you’re all right. Why don’t you pick me up or return my messages?"
He doesn’t know what he did wrong. He made so many calls and sent so many messages. Xia Yibing didn’t reply to any of them.
He has always wanted to visit Xia Yibing’s house at night these days, but he insisted on it all the time. Finally, he held back.
Now that she’s okay, he’s finally released from fear.
"Wind Jerry Liau cut me loose" Xia Yibing’s thousand-year-old cold tone came out of her mouth.
No temperature, no feelings, just like an iceberg.
She pushed the wind Jerry Liau, but the wind Jerry Liau held her tighter and tighter. Without the wind, Jerry Liau couldn’t push it.
Er …’ Xia Yibing laboriously replied that her wound was hugged tightly, and it hurt so much that she felt the wound crack.
But the wind Jerry Liau didn’t mind to Xia Yibing’s painful expression on her face at this time. He missed her very much and wanted to go crazy. Now he is holding her and doesn’t want to let it go.
"Don’t let me don’t let girl you scared me to death, you know? I’m so worried that you won’t leave me if you don’t return your words or messages. "
"I was wrong that day. I was really wrong."
Feng Jerry Liau’s anxious tone, he was really afraid that she would leave him.
That day, he shouldn’t have been so heavy-handed to Ouyang Ze that Xia Yibing was so angry that he didn’t answer his words or return his messages, but he was so afraid that she would be angry enough to leave himself.
"Girl, if I can, I’d rather not let you go for a generation."
Feng Jerry Liau said with deep affection that his heart had already filled her up. He really didn’t know what to do without her.
Xia Yibing was a little touched. Her hands are a little bit wanting to wind around Jerry Liau’s back.
But Xie Yina’s words suddenly appeared in her mind.
He lied to her. He wasn’t really lonely to himself, body double.
He also asked Xie Yina to kill her, which was unforgivable.
"Feng Jerry Liau, you bastard, you let me go. You let me go quickly."
Xia Yibing struggled to escape from the wind Jerry Liau arms while training the wind Jerry Liau greatly.
She felt the chest blood had flowed out, and the other side had been free from the arms of Feng Jerry Liau.
She won’t let him hug him. It’s a lie.
Those generations who want to marry her are all lies.
Deception, deception, deception
He just wants to be with Xie Yina
Xia Yibing almost cheated by the affectionate wind Jerry Liau again.
"I won’t let you go. I don’t want to let you go at all."
The wind Jerry Liau holding Xia Yibing still miss somewhat bullying.
He just doesn’t want to let her go. He just likes to hold her so tightly.
He really likes it so that a generation can hold her like this.
"Wind Jerry Liau cut me loose" Xia Yibing pushed and roared.