Luo Xiu looked at this man and smiled contemptuously. He knew that it would be too much to talk if these male players came running to jilt their mouths.
What they are talking so much nonsense here is to let themselves pay attention to them and then send assassins to approach themselves invisibly. It is estimated that at least a dozen assassins are approaching around them at this time.
Luo Xiu curled his lips and smiled contemptuously to put away Hao Long Pojun in his hand.
"Don’t talk so much nonsense. I’m in a hurry to go to the Love Guild. I’ll put away my weapons first and let you attack the assassins around me. If you want to make moves, you must hurry up."
Luo Xiu crossed his hands and closed his eyes on his chest.
The more than two hundred players are stunned, and their eyes are as expected by Luo Xiu.
I didn’t expect a shot to burst and I saw it at a glance, but I also chose to close my eyes so disdainfully and let them shoot first.
“!” The knight in front shouted at me.
Around Luo Xiu, more than a dozen assassin players took more than a dozen control skills, and Luo Xiu cultivated himself.
Dizziness, blindness, deceleration, freezing, imprisonment …
A lot of negative States appear in one shot.
Knight’s horse rushed in with more than 200 players behind him. In the front attack, he attacked some in the back, even if the attack was less than one shot, he rushed forward desperately. The scene was quite chaotic, but everyone had one goal, that is, to attack with one shot.
Is really can attack to a shot shattered players so about ten people.
And the injury department is double digits.
Soon these players will lose all their control skills without cooperation.
Luo Xiu felt that the negative state of the body was gone and opened his eyes. "Have you finished playing? Then it’s my turn now! "
After saying his word, Luo Xiu touched Hao Long Pojun and summoned Xiao Bai.
"Dragon blood super fusion!"
Chapter 26 Because I am her man (6)
Wait until many years later, when someone talks about dragon Blood Knight’s one-shot smash, they have to first think of one-shot smash ace skill dragon blood super fusion!
It is said that this skill first appeared in front of all players in the siege of Tianyan City.
At that time, more than 200 players surrounded themselves with one shot, and when one shot was shattered, the other party attacked themselves first, and he didn’t make a move until everyone around him had finished attacking.
And at first, he summoned the grimace knight Xiaobai to carry out dragon blood super fusion himself.
It is reported that an assassin player recalled that he was killed later in that war.
And the process from a shot to his own death is no more than ten seconds.
One shot was shattered, and each shot brought up a large piece of cold Yin Hui players’ blood.
Piece kill!
If I’m not good at speed, I’m afraid I’ll fall down if I blow the first shot.
Kill more than 200 players in just ten seconds!
This is the power of Long Blood Knight.
This is the dragon Blood Knight terrible.
Wait until Luo Xiu will kill more than two hundred people around and then remove the super-fusion state.
After all, the hyper-fusion state needs to consume a lot of players’ experience value. Luo Xiu noticed that the experience value in his experience bar was dropping rapidly, and when he released the hyper-fusion state, there was less than 5% experience left in his experience bar.
If it continues for a while, I’m afraid I’ll fall to level 39
"It’s amazing that so many people can’t stop you". Not far from the roof, a knight player looked down with a double-edged tomahawk and shot it.
Luo Xiu looked up and glanced at the speaker. It was the day when he fought his way out of Liuyan City that he encountered a prey.
"Aren’t you in Liuyan City? How did you come to Tianyan City to help?" Luo Xiu spoke and noticed many players coming out from the surrounding streets one after another.
Although they all saw the scene of killing more than 200 players in ten seconds just now, most players think that it must be the strongest means of smashing with one shot, and now that powerful skill must be on the CD.
So many people came out.
There are bodies everywhere, and the streets are occupied by players again, and this time there are at least five or six hundred players back and forth.
The raider stared at a shot and said, "Although I don’t know how you can make the King’s Guild refuse to accept orders from the God’s Club, it’s obvious that you can’t win by simply relying on numbers!"
I’m afraid all these people around Luo Xiu have been estimated to be fighting god clubs in the city of Tianyan.
"It’s really touching that I should spend so much time dealing with the God Fighting Club alone. It seems that I can’t thank you in my own way-it’s really unreasonable."
Luo Xiu said that he had secretly informed Xiaohei to prepare for super-integration.
Xiao Bai’s fighting capacity is strong, but he knows that if he kills here in waves, he will definitely fight forever.
It has been two hours since the siege, and now more than twenty minutes have passed.
I haven’t seen the gate of the Love Guild fighting in the Love Guild, and I don’t know how long it will take me, so I must end the battle quickly.
And getting someone in the place is not the best tactic. The best tactic is to prey on the most important enemy.
"Little black dragon blood super fusion!"
Hearing the roar of a shot shattered, the player’s horse realized that it was not good to keep approaching a shot shattered.
The collapse of the previous shot made the dragon blood super-fusion, and the result was to kill more than 200 players around in just ten seconds.
It is precisely because people rely on such powerful skills that it takes a long time to CD, and it is impossible to make them immediately.
But the fact is that a shot shattered this skill again.
Everyone around dodged backwards, but the target was not them.