Now it seems that my daughter has a good eye.

He thought a little and probably understood Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo’s thoughts.
They may have given this elixir not only because he promised to come to the same trade.
I don’t know, for my daughter’s sake …
He found the difference between this moon-born Dan and the former Dan medicine in an instant.
Getting Moon-born Dan from other alchemists can also clear some dark wounds.
But it’s far from this pill
This grain of Dan medicine is of low quality and has reached the extreme.
This feeling of being away from heaven and enmity used to be careless and cautious, and I was very excited.
Perhaps agreeing to Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo’s invitation is the most correct thing he has done.
Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo don’t know what they are thinking about.
However, when I saw Tianqi Qiu again, that is, I planned to go to Ascending Island according to the instructions of Ascending Island Token, Tianqi Qiu’s attitude towards both of them changed a little.
Look at their eyes is a look at the younger generation.
But now he looked at Han Xiumo with some caution and respect.
This is the status of a celestial alchemist.
However, Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo have no plans to change this situation.
We are all Mahayana monks, and it is naturally good to get along in an equal way.
This time, the instruction of Feisheng Island Token is a bit odd.
Everyone was guided to a wasteland.
A swamp in the middle of the wasteland
You can’t find it without careful observation.
But no matter how you look at it, it has nothing to do with Ascending Island.
From phoenix, the speed at which they arrived here was not the fastest, but it was not the slowest.
They don’t stand out among a large number of Mahayana monks.
But most monks are loners, like Yun Mingyuan, and it is rare for the three of them to come together like this.
However, in this repair, no one will pay too much attention to other people’s situation
When will their hearts soar to the island?
It is said that there is a chance of soaring in the soaring island, and everyone is bound to win this opportunity
From the days of hatred eyes stay for a moment in these people finally took one look at no change YunMingYuan and Han Xiu ink body.
He couldn’t help sighing.
Even those monks who write their thoughts and emotions on their faces can’t go too far in the soaring island.
From chicken born to look at the familiar swamp eyes with a faint miss.
But it soon disappeared.
Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo didn’t notice the change in the look of hatred from heaven.
The two of them were a little puzzled when they came, but they didn’t go the wrong way when they saw so many monks appearing here and practicing Mahayana.
They immediately rest assured.
It’s not like the two of them came by chance in the soaring island.
The main thing is that they all got the Feisheng Island token, so it’s not appropriate not to take a look.
Chapter 684 shark emperor predecessors
Three people were a grave.
But YunMingYuan and Han Xiumo haven’t turned around when they heard a familiar sound "it was you!"
YunMingYuan and Han Xiu ink leng one.
Isn’t the soaring island a chance to win the moon world?
What …
They turned around and saw that male and female can make heaven and earth pale.
I don’t know the shark emperor from the enemy.
But when he saw the shark emperor, his hair stood on end.
He has already reached the Mahayana period, but at this time he is still shouting danger all over!
He is no match for this man!
Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo also realized at this moment that the shark emperor xiu was far more powerful than they thought.
At first, when they were in the spiritual fish world, they found that it was not easy to repair the shark emperor.
However, it is also stronger than the limit of the Lingyu world.
But it wasn’t until this moment that they came here for nothing. Perhaps it has already reached the Mahayana period.
And has been immersed in Mahayana for many years.
It’s definitely not their kind. It’s just after the Mahayana period, and the monks can be as good as them soon.
The two of them still politely said hello to "meet the seniors"
Although I don’t know the shark emperor, my dangerous intuition has made him respectfully salute with Yunmingyuan Han Xiumo.
The shark emperor waved his hand at them "you’re welcome"