Yan ran’s heart sank, and the final decisive battle finally arrived. Can Xuanyuan City hold on to it? She doesn’t know, but she is very confident in her brothers and sisters in Xuanyuan League. Even if she dies, she/they insist on the enemy’s struggle in the end. She is like an enemy in her heart. Nothing is impossible for him, and there is no reason to believe it.

It is one thing to have confidence. Sitting not far from the fortifications, smiling and jumping straight, a bad feeling breeds leisurely in the heart. This is women’s perception and human beings can "what dangerous things are going to happen?" To start wondering to look in the direction of the wall involuntarily muttered.
Chapter 453 The battle of the castellan’s mansion
Intuition told her that it wouldn’t be that simple. Sure enough, before she came to understand what was going on, she heard someone shout, "Oh, no, the wall collapsed and the monsters attacked the city!" A large number of monsters poured into the city to start. When I heard that, I was worried that things had happened.
"Everyone is ready for battle. The monster horse will attack here." At this time, Yan Ran is no longer gentle, lovely and diverse at ordinary times. She seems to be a female general who is in charge of the orderly command and is responsible for the members stationed in the castellan’s mansion to get ready for battle.
Monsters came soon, and the monsters were very dark. Several **oss led them to press at the castellan’s mansion. Oh, my God, there are not thousands of these monsters, but only a few hundred players are defending the castellan’s mansion. After all, the main battlefield is outside the city wall, and defense here is the worst preparation.
I didn’t expect it to develop to the last stronghold here.
"Brothers and sisters! Are you afraid? " Looking at close to the monster smile suddenly asked
"Not afraid!"
"Not afraid …! !”
"It’s just a few monsters. What are you afraid of being old? It’s not how much you give away for nothing!" A discordant boy defiantly looked at the monster with a full face of fighting spirit. I really don’t know if it is true or not.
There should be something wrong with his equipment! Anyway, in the case of fewer people and more strange people, these thousands of people, whether handsome boys or women who look weak, of course, include Yan ran, and none of them show fear, but they are more determined and determined than fighting spirit
They believe that with firm will and strong fortifications, the monsters will be blocked outside the Lord’s mansion and waiting for reinforcements.
Firewall! Freezing … serial shooting, etc. All kinds of magic bows and arrows are laid on the enemy’s fire wall, which has the effect of slowing down the monster’s path. Freezing also quickly falls into the monster group, making the impact monster slow.
It’s not over yet, and then several arrows rained down on the monster group. The remote occupation launched the attack first. In an instant, several unlucky monsters were attacked by the body. Even if the monster level was higher than the players, it could not hold up the massive attack. After all, they were ordinary monsters with limited blood volume.
Being knocked off by a second didn’t affect the monster’s progress. For thousands of monsters, a few dead ones will make Niu Yi Mao unable to stimulate a splash, leaving a lot of monster bodies and equipment quickly, but there are too many monsters. Hang up one and the other immediately and continue to pounce on the duke’s house without fear of death.
In an instant, this group of terrible monsters came close to the front end of the first line of defense. At that moment, Xuanyuan Union’s ability to protect the castellan’s mansion members was fully demonstrated immediately. It was able to be sent here to be stationed in the whole station, where the soul was located. The terrible power of the elite was fully demonstrated at the moment when the monsters met. Although there were less than a thousand people, not many monsters could easily break through.
In the effective command of the Xuanyuan League, members unite and give full play to their strongest fighting power. The monsters are together, and the magic is flying and dazzling. Every time the knife mans flashes, many monsters fall to their feet.
But there are too many monsters, and tens of millions of monsters keep pouring in. The situation is very fierce. Players fall down one by one, accompanied by pain and hum. Monsters die together. This kind of thing can be seen everywhere. Xuanyuan League members are one less, but monsters are not less, but more and more attacks are becoming more and more fierce and more tragic.
If this situation continues, it won’t be long before none of the people guarding the village will be alive. Even so, no one complains or fears. It can be seen from their firm faces that they are all fighting with the determination to die, and they are fighting like dead people with their hearts in mind.
"Hold on tight, brothers. There are still ten minutes before the end of the battle. We are holding on for ten minutes. Victory is even worse for us. The peripheral brothers are thinking that we are near here and ready to reinforce us. We must hold this last line of defense and believe that our boss will come back to help us come on, brothers! ! !”
Seeing the brothers who struggled with themselves fall on the monster’s feet one by one, and the white light disappears, just like knowing that no one has fallen, the pressure here will increase, and then the bow will be used to shoot a strong renju arrow, and the seconds will be smooth. After the radical monster, I will start to speak to boost morale.
Those desperate members around them showed their morale after hearing the words, and they were once again inspired. One by one, they wanted to be drugged, and they showed their super-long ability and instantly dried up several monsters. To be honest, many of these people are strong, and they can take it out and hit a piece of sky by themselves.
However, their opportunities are not very good or their conditions are not good. It is not enough for them to achieve a career, but they also need a rich economic foundation. In the law of the jungle world, they can succumb to the cruel reality.
Now they are somewhat unwilling to be commanded by a woman in Xuanyuan League, even if this woman is the eldest woman, because the strong are unwilling to be second to others. But at the moment, they have changed their eyes from this woman, and their resolute expression of unyielding eyes makes them understand one thing, that is, this woman is not crawling around with a beautiful face and beautiful figure.
That’s the real strength of others. It can be said that the girl in front of her is really a woman, and the indomitable spirit of the man’s ability to control archery is far from shocking the nerves of these self-confessed men.
At this moment, they deeply understand that the abnormal condition is not only the boss, but even the boss woman doesn’t take it out casually. At this moment, they really start from the heart. They are no longer a weak woman but a real soldier who can harvest their lives at any time.
What, you’re not white?
Shit! Pig head! Do you see that she can take away the life of a monster with a high level with every arrow? Don’t tell me! This is not vernacular, then I can say that you are not ordinary people, you can be more retarded than retarded, and maybe idiots will be much better than you!
No matter how strong an individual is, it’s too limited to exert his power in front of monsters. One of thousands of monsters, no matter how powerful, can be wiped out, but it’s just a drop of water in the sea that can’t stimulate any waves unless … unless you can be as capable as the boss, you can play with a spell as a cannon. But the question is, how many perverts are there in this world like the boss?
The answer is that up to now, it seems that the boss is a pervert and still very perverted, but … where is he now? Now Xuanyuan City is suffering from an unprecedented crisis. What are we doing here? Where have we been?
This is not only a question for everyone, but also a question in my heart! ! ! ! !
Chapter 454 Crisis (even the first more today)
The battle is still in full swing, although it is less than ten minutes before the end of the project!
Fierce monsters are approaching to start. The line of defense of this group of people is constantly compressed by monsters and forced to the gate of the castellan mansion. At this time, less than 200 people are holding on, and hundreds of brothers and sisters are killed in the monster’s claws.
The remaining personnel are presiding over the smallest line of defense, and there is also the last line of defense. Although peripheral players are actively coming here, the situation has reached the most critical moment. The failure of Xuanyuan City guarding city is just around the corner. If this line of defense is broken, all efforts of Xuanyuan League will be wasted.
"Damn die with the wind by this time, why don’t you come and where are you dead! Know XuanYuanCheng horse is finished …! " Being tightly compressed, Yan ran, after trying to shoot the best arrow, looked at the constant pressure into the monster and secretly blamed bare.
She has never been so helpful to her heart as she is now. Everyone is working together to turn the water into water, and her heart can’t help but ache. No matter how strong she is, after all, she is still a woman. Once she comes to help, she will remember which one she can rely on and want him around, and she will be calm no matter what danger.
Jiao Yan ran in the drink and a despair rose in her heart. Watching a large number of monsters gradually approach, the brothers made unremitting efforts, and every timidity also injected a strong force into her. Yeah, it’s not time to give up yet.
In her heart, she finally believed that bare would come back, and she would insist on it for a while and he would come back. I didn’t expect bare to be able to save the game alone! If you ask her that, she will definitely answer yes.
In her eyes, bare is a god, an omnipotent god, who can hold this last line of defense when he can, not to start. She thinks so alone, even in the hearts of more than a hundred people, which is also the driving force for them to persist.
Throughout the game, although the faces of desperate players are full of anxiety, it is not difficult to see from their firm and resolute eyes that they are looking forward to the enemy, and when the boss can, they feel that they can save the defeat and scream. Once again, I think that more than a dozen players have been killed in the monster offensive, which makes the defense even more dangerous.
Seeing that the monster is about to break through this last line of defense and break into the castellan’s mansion, a monster will break into it and destroy the altar building help token, then the Xuanyuan city station will declare the failure of building the city, and Xuanyuan League will also announce its dissolution.
Close the gate of the Lord’s Mansion. At this moment, a rapid armored beast quickly broke through the defense and pounced on the gate. "It’s not good to stop it quickly …!" The monster who is attacking forward suddenly hears a cry and looks back quickly.
Seeing the rapid armored beast rushing towards the gate of the castellan’s mansion, I suddenly felt a cold in my heart. You know, players are trying to resist the monster’s attack, even if they want to stop it, they can’t come. The monster has to be several meters away and increase the speed. If you see the monster root, you can make up for it, let alone stop it.
What should I do if the thin wooden gate root can’t withstand the impact of more than 7 rapid armored animals? Everyone can’t help but feel a burst of despair. Is all this effort in vain? A stupefied smile to the monster stood up and the sharp horns quickly hit the wooden door.
Hurriedly bow three burst arrows draw an arc and shoot at the swift armored beast! ! Hit the target three times in a row and ring into everyone’s ears, saying that this can always stop it. Let’s start with strength. Three powerful bursting arrows should make it lose its ability to act even if it can’t be killed!
But everyone was fooled by the present situation before they came to be happy. Three exploding arrows hit the monster in the key, but they forgot that this is a game. There is a bug that is not a bug, that is, there is a certain chance that it will have an epidemic effect.
And this fast armored beast doesn’t know whether it’s too lucky or too bright. Three burst arrows are a hit, but there are three miss in the fast armored beast! ! miss! ! miss! ! Three bursting arrows are actually epidemic
Despair! ! Absolute despair!
Everyone watched the rapid rush towards the gate, but there was nothing they could do. Even the attack speed in their hands slowed down and they were unwilling to accept the reality, making them feel that all previous efforts were in vain.