I will be very vigilant about these things in the future, so don’t worry, I won’t be rash again. "

Hearing Pang Xia admit his mistake, Monty Shuai nodded slightly, his anger dissipated and his face hung with a smile.
"So it is good for the eternal emperor has not yet reached the final decisive battle time.
So you should concentrate hard to improve your strength and wait for the final battle.
Because you are the key to the final battle, you can’t go wrong.
Otherwise, we will have no advantage when the final decisive battle comes.
After all, this world was specially made by Pangu Emperor for some purpose.
Here, whether people in the inner world or we [in the inner world] can rapidly increase our strength.
It is also in this world that we have the opportunity to meet the eternal emperor and find a chance to defeat him.
This is something that cannot be done in another world. "
Pang Xia nodded and said, "I know. Don’t worry, it won’t happen again this time."
Hearing this, the handsome Monty nodded and finally relieved.
And at this time, the whole monty handsome suddenly thought of something and said again, "Oh, yes, I almost forgot."
You’ve been in a coma for a while, and the horse is coming for the second Tian Yi Wu Dao Conference.
If you don’t hurry up, you will probably be late, even though your game is in the last game.
But if you miss the pre-game, it’s still very unfavorable. "
After listening to the handsome words of the whole monty, Pang Xia was obviously stunned
Then he looked at the corners of his mouth and twitched slightly and said, "Why didn’t you tell me earlier?"
Hey hey grinned a whole monty handsome mouth said, "if you break back to the room now.
Then rush to the competition venue from the room, so you should be able to arrive before the competition is official. "
Pang Xia waved his hand and stepped into it without saying anything when he heard the words of the handsome Monty.
However, just when Pang Xia just stepped into the void.
Over monty handsome body circulation blue data waves up.
At this time, the whole monty handsome felt the blue data fluctuation and said softly, "Soon, soon."
You are not in such a hurry, you should know very well that although I am not your real master.
But I mean no harm to your real master. It’s not time for you to return.
Otherwise, the eternal emperor will surely notice that he has not really grown up at that time, and it will be dangerous for Pang Xia.
So don’t worry, sooner or later you will return to Pang Xia, so let’s do it for the time being. "
As the whole monty handsome calm blue data gradually calmed down.
At this point, the whole monty handsome sighed and then wanted to break away from here.
However, at this moment, the whole monty handsome seemed to think of something and suddenly froze.
"Aye, it seems that I forgot to tell Pang Xia that the world of mortals and Shayue are waiting for him in his room …
Hehe, who let him hug me around? This single dog often hurts me by tons.
Let him have a good experience for a while. Anyway, this matter can’t reach my head … "
Over monty handsome grinned and broke a foot into the virtual disappear.
At the same time, when Pang Xia stepped out of his room.
I immediately saw Shayue sitting on the sofa and sitting cross-legged on the bed laughing at the world of mortals.
At that time, three people in the room fell into awkward silence.
Chapter 953 Recover the nine-tailed fox
"Er, this is the leap ability, which is the ability I told you about."
Sha Yue and Xiao Hong listened to Pang Xia’s words and the two men looked at each other.
Then, in a way that Pang Xia and all men can’t understand, they instantly concluded a Covenant and treated Pang Xia consistently.
Laugh at the world of mortals gently cough a look at the little embarrassed PangXia mouth said, "of course we know your ability.
But we’d like to know what you’re doing so furtively.
Mountain … There are two beautiful women as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade here. You have to go out to steal food. "
Voice fell to the world of mortals and sand month two people at the same time focus on PangXia body.
Although both of them are smiling expressions at this time, the murderous look in their eyes makes Pang Xia have some liver tremors.
Swallowing water gently is like Pang Xiasheng’s fear that the sound of swallowing will disturb the world of laughter and sand moon.
Let the two of them suddenly and violently challenged directly and killed him in situ.
Take a deep breath, Pang Xia looked at the world of mortals and Sha Yue and told them all about their experiences just now.
Of course, among them, Pang Xia hid things from the eternal emperor.
After all, the question of the eternal emperor is too unreal, and it is also a worry for the world of mortals and Shayue for no reason.
Therefore, Pang Xia did not say that the problem of the eternal emperor was just a brush stroke in the Spring and Autumn Period.
Three people fell into silence again, especially the world of mortals and Shayue.
The two of them were not only silent, but also raised a wave of terror.
Even if Pang Xia didn’t say that what Pang Xia experienced before the Eternal Emperor was extremely dangerous.
At this time, Pang Xia suddenly thought that he seemed to throw Jiufeng and Jiuwei Fox into wu-tang clan.
Thought of here, he got up again to smile on the world of mortals and sand month two people.
"The world of mortals abortion, you two go to the competition venue first. I’m going out now.
Don’t worry, it’s not a dangerous thing this time. I’ll come back when I go. "
Say that finish words PangXia row lift again and went in.
At this time, Pang Xia kept shuttling in the virtual space, and he was glad that he had finally escaped from Xiuluo Field.
Crossing ability is like a length distance, and the shortest distance is to put the starting point and the ending point together.
It was not long after Pang Xia stepped into the void that he walked out of the void again and returned to wu-tang clan Hall.
At this time, Zhang Sanfeng and Su Rongrong took the lead in meeting him.
Jiufeng, on the other hand, is as dedicated as ever to guarding the nine-tailed fox without any relaxation.
At this time, Pang Xia came to the front of Zhang Sanfeng and Su Rongrong and said with a smile, "Old man Rong Rong, are you okay?"
Once you have to see clearly, don’t let the people from the Eternal Emperor sneak in again. This time it’s too dangerous. "
Listen to PangXia Zhang Sanfeng didn’t say what Su Rongrong is slightly shook his head.