This thing is the core material for building Xuan Bing’s crossbow, and the Millennium darksteel obtained in the Ice Bone Temple has gathered enough for six Xuan Bing’s crossbow materials. I just don’t know whether the real power of this Hyperion Ice Bone Army’s weapons to attack the city is as sharp as the drawings.

"Go to the cave to see the beauty." Ye Feng pulled Tang Weiwei into the evil banshee cave in high spirits.
Ye Feng couldn’t help frowning as soon as he walked in.
It is reasonable to say that the smell in any cave map is usually unpleasant and disgusting, but this cave is filled with a strong aroma
However, it is too strong, as if spraying a hole of inferior perfume, which makes them feel no better than the rotten smell.
What’s even weirder is that the faint powder Se smoke in the air is visible to the naked eye, which makes people inexplicably feel charming, charming and charming.
"It seems that what the old dwarf said is not bad at all," said Ye Feng.
"How to say" Tang Weiwei will adjust the sense of smell to the lowest level.
"The evil banshee’s biggest hobby is wandering in the Gobi Desert to catch strong mercenaries and rangers and then take them back to the cave to keep them in captivity."
"dizzy" Tang Weiwei’s language
"More accurately, this is not a group of banshees but a group of queens …"
"OK, be careful, follow me and watch the little magic defense."
Ye Feng ha ha a smile out war spear goes forward.
The tunnel of the cave is very wide, almost all of them are about ten yards. Every ten yards, a magic lamp is hung on the wall of the cave on both sides. The Se light illuminates the cave one by one, and the two of them walk in for hundreds of yards, and suddenly there are waves in their ears.
Well, at first glance, it sounds similar to the "melody" of the bed pad that runs through the terminal island from beginning to end.
"This ….. this what a broken map" Tang Weiwei blushed like an apple than shy.
"NND, I seriously doubt that the game programmer is a yín stick, and he is familiar with such things as Cang Jing, Ji Ze Bu and Hotaru Akanei Liu Bi." Ye Feng spoke angrily.
"What are you talking about?"
"I have been dead for decades, and I am a super woman."
"Oh, it used to be very popular," Tang Weiwei asked.
"Red and purple" Ye Feng said.
"Have you ever won the film?"
"it seems that there is nothing."
"Then why is it so red?"
"Because they don’t like dressing …"
"You you you …"
"What are you? Be careful. If there are lilies in these banshees, you will be miserable."
Tang Weiwei burst into tears and decisively retreated, unifying her hearing to the end.
Turning the corner of the tunnel, they finally saw the evil banshee.
Ye Feng is not only disappointed, but unexpectedly, the live OO sound comes from the evil banshee enjoying herself and Yin laughing.
Tang Weiwei glanced at these scantily clad banshees and looked at Ye Feng. "This is what you said about natural beauty and beautiful flowers. I have to say that your taste is really strong."
"The old dwarf said it wasn’t me," Ye Feng defended.
Don’t blame Tang Weiwei for spitting out the evil banshee. It’s really a lie.
Nice figure, tall, with a black Se robe and a cheongsam, showing a great deal of snow-white long legs.
But that face is too āo eggs. I really can’t compliment everyone. The lips are red with heavy makeup. It’s like sucking human blood. A pair of slender eyes seem to be covered with deep purple Se eye shadow. Se is that kind of morbid pale. I don’t know how many layers of foundation it takes to create this effect that makes people want to vomit.
"The explanation is to cover up the quick identification and clean up this broken place early. The girl doesn’t want to stay for a moment." Tang Weiwei continued to whisper.
Eye surgery
[Evil Banshee] Ordinary monster
Grade 1
Blood volume 5
It is said that the evil banshee was killed by Deborah, the evil queen, after believing in light, and her soul was enslaved as Deborah Yin’s accomplice in humiliating a strong man …
Chapter 6 * * Violent duo
"You dwarf slaves cheated you again. The queen has a Deborah/"said Tang Weiwei.
"Who cares? Kill me, charge, output."
Ye Feng added a battle roar spear and walked past the stone wall. These evil banshees are not scattered. The two banshees are separated by about twenty yards.
Thirty yards apart. 693 Closed