Did the harem concubines say no?

Do not go to Yaohua Palace!
Empress Yao Fei’s special treatment will ensure that you will be depressed for three years and you will not be able to jump out of these two words!
Xin Yao woke up from a nap and couldn’t sit still!
According to the modern concept of keeping fit and keeping fit, her body is definitely out of shape without exercise!
And although this Yaohua Palace is very big, she is still very big! No! Cool!
Xin Yao tried to turn around and get her socks when she put her foot out. Her thumb just felt a little cold and suddenly came.
"Can I love you?"
The emperor’s adult stunned her in secret, and a group of minions knelt down at the door of the bedroom.
Then she silently withdrew the pig’s hoof that had just touched the ground and smiled shyly. "I can’t pay my respects to the emperor because of the inconvenience of my feet. Please don’t blame my servants for seeing the emperor Jin ‘an!" Dia, Dia, gas, moving pie mouth, blinking, pretending to be pathetic
Jun Chen was very impressed and waved his hand to show everyone what to do and go to another pestle as a light bulb.
Dark one and Ling Yan’s powerful combination hall were eliminated as soon as possible.
Xin Yao’s teeth itch in his heart, but he has to smile like a flower at Jun Chen.
As usual, she should ask the emperor how did you come to see the male and female servants at this time?
Idle eggs hurt!
Have the ministers of Lizheng Hall sent them away?
Have the imperial philosophers finished approving it?
Get down to business before it’s finished!
Don’t disturb my activities here!
Rao is so condescending in Xin Yao’s heart that he has to hang a standard smile and peek at Jun Chen’s attitude.
"Don’t think I’m coming at a bad time?" Jun Chen spontaneously sat beside her and kept a proper distance.
At this moment, he changed his robe into a clean and bright white brocade, which fits him very well, and his hair was crowned with jade.
Those deep blue eyes are like the sea swaying at night, and the shallow stars are peaceful, beautiful and attractive.
Xin Yao unconsciously moved one or two people in his direction near Xin Yao before he could see that his face was exquisite enough to be picky, handsome and well proportioned. He was simply weak. Chapter 46 Going to the garden with his love princess on his back.
Xin Yao unconsciously moved one or two people in his direction and approached Xin Yao to see that his face was exquisite enough to be picky, handsome and well proportioned. He was simply weak!
Jun Chen looked at Xin Yao and kept swallowing with a chuckle.
Xin Yao stared at him and his eyes were straight. This Uber little heart can’t stand it!
"Do you want to go for a walk?" Jun Chen consciously took her naked and slim, and rubbed her hand for a moment.
Xin Yao’ um’ found herself in the "beauty trap" again, despised Jun Chen, and fell deeply into anthomaniac again.
Jun Chen looked down at her feet. Sometimes he really found that Xin Yao was the kind of beauty with beautiful hair and toes.
The skin is soft and delicate, and there is a faint powder on her cheeks, which adds a little femininity to her face.
The vermilion on her eyebrow looks enchanting and charming, which makes people love it deeply.
In fact, he has his own confusion. He has seen the amount of beautiful women fighting since he was a child. Even the women in this draft are all beautiful.
But he is not interested in the beauty of those women, except for the person in front of him, who is serious, naughty or coquetry. He just feels pleasing to the eye and looks more and more beautiful!
The more I look at it, the more I feel that no one in this world will be more beautiful than her!
Not in his eyes!
So at the same time, they fell into each other’s beautiful women’s plans and stared at each other so affectionately.
Jun Chen’s decisiveness is determined. It is definitely much longer when he is infatuated with Yao than when he is infatuated with Yao!
And because he reacted quickly, Xin Yao didn’t even find Jun Chen dumped her, and she couldn’t help but fall into Jun Chen’s handsome beauty.
Jun Chen is in a good mood. As far as she is concerned, he enjoys Xin Yao’s drooling and anthomaniac expression.
This is the past Xin Yao will never have it!