Shu Lele went back to Ning Wangfu, and Jun Shaoyan had already sat in the courtyard waiting for her over tea.

Ning Yichen calmly measured the tunnel when he saw Shu Lele coming in. "Lele, you have become more and more unruly recently. What time do you think it is?"
"Oh, it’s not too late! It’s not dark yet!" What if it’s fun at 7 o’clock at most in modern times?
"Isn’t it too late to hum?" The darker someone looks, the colder the line is.
Is Uber really angry? Shu Lele made a face and ran over. "I dare not go home early! Just smile, or your face will grow a decree! "
"Poof-"Although I don’t know what a decree pattern is, Jun Shaoyan knew it was not a good word when he heard it. A mouthful of tea in his mouth suddenly gushed out, and it happened to be sprayed on Ning Yichen’s face.
Ning Yichen was sprayed red-handed when he was not careful. He shouted, "Jun Shaoyan, get out!"
"Is my roll! I will get out at once! " Jun Shao Yan endured a smile and ran away.
Shu Lele was busy ordering people to wait on him. It took a long time to clean Ningyichen.
Ning Yichen drank away and everyone embraced Shu Lele in his arms and lit her nose. "I came back at noon today, but I didn’t see you until this time. You have to make it up to me!"
"Well, how to compensate?"
"What do you say?" Ningyichen hooked his lips with a wry smile.
Shu Lele secretly called it bad. Is this goods impure? Busy clutching his belly and laughing, "Jun Shaoyan said you were not allowed to touch me during my pregnancy!"
"He really said that? Why don’t I remember? "
"I just remember!" You won’t say such a thing, but Shu Lele knows. If you touch her child at the moment, I’m afraid I’m not sure.
Ning Yichen seems to have a little scruples about her baby’s good pie mouth. "Well, Lele, you have to make it up to me later!"
The next day, Ning Yichen stayed in the house with Shu Lele without going to the nest.
At half noon, Wang Guifei and Rong Ning actually came to Ning Wangfu.
The whole house was busy, and the old lady personally went out of the gate to welcome Wang Guifei’s mother and daughter into the house
Ning Yichen took Shu Lele to visit Wang Guifei in the first place.
Wang Guifei watched Shu Lele say with smile, "I heard that Lele is pregnant and the palace specially brought some palace snacks today. If Lele likes it, it will be sent to others."
She waved, and immediately someone served all kinds of snacks in front of Shu Lele.
Shu Lele is busy and smiles. "Empress Lele Xie loves these snacks so much that it makes her mouth water just looking at them!"
She picked up a piece and fed it into her mouth excitedly. Taste it. It’s sweet and soft, and it melts in her mouth. She was so excited that she almost swallowed her fingers.
"delicious! It’s delicious! " Lele praised sincerely and went to get snacks again.
Ning Yichen held her hand and chuckled, "The Lele Empress is still here!"
Okay, stop eating. Watch your image!
Shu Lele put the snacks back and noticed that Rong Ning Xiao Ni was looking at her with a smile and making faces at her.
"Princess, I miss you very much!"
"Don’t think I’ll come to me in the palace?" Rong Ning hum a walked to come over.
She took Shu Lele’s hand and said, "I played with Lele!" Then, regardless of whether Wang Guifei agrees or not, she went out with her.
In the courtyard, Rong Ning ordered the ladies-in-waiting to disperse, and then suddenly hung his head and wrinkled his face into a ball.
Hey ~ ~ Xiao Ni, what’s the matter?
Shu Lele touched her and looked down at her. "What’s the matter? Is there anything bothering the princess? "
"I …" Rong Ning stamped his foot with tears in his eyes. "Someone bullied me!"
"Who? So bold, you are not afraid that the princess will kill him? "
"He … I can’t bear to kill him!"
Oh, come on, Ouyang Jue!
That cargo is really enough to drag even Shu Lele’s teeth itch and hate to beat him up.
But Rong Ning likes him, let alone kill him. I’m afraid I can’t even bear to fight.
Ah, this is the magic of love, isn’t it? Even Princess Fatian has been tortured and fascinated.
Shu Lele frowned at her and laughed. "Princess, who is he? So worthy of the princess’s pity, you must be a great beauty? "
"no! It’s a man! " Rong Ning lowered his voice. "Don’t tell anyone about this. Anyway, I am determined that he will not marry in this life!"
"….." So spoony?
Shu Lele caressed his forehead and felt that there was a cold sweat on his vest.
What a feeling it would be if Princess Jinzhiyuye actually said that she would not marry!