"If you don’t kill him, he will kill Tianducheng sooner or later; A thousand generations of royals are easy to deal with Wei Chilan, but not easy to deal with. Are you … can’t tell whose dog you are? "

"… is there no"
"Great grandpa took you home is not to keep idle people and you forget? Who is the gift of the Luo family now? "
"… is WeiChi"
"If you are a filial son of the Luo family, you should avenge them."
"Besides, your mother is dying now, and I have been taking good care of her."
"But if Wei Chilan dies, I can’t sleep well, and I can’t spare any effort to take care of your elderly mother."
"I will be soft if you don’t put on this attitude of death," the man said. "I must kill you. I must avenge Xiaoshan."
It’s really him
Luo Chen Huan, though it is hard to believe that there is such a thing as rebirthing and coming back from the dead in this world, can feel from his tone, his eyes, and his every move and style that Wei Chilan is now in front of his eyes.
Tian Tian du yi er Wei chi LAN
Everyone may admit his mistake, but Luo Chenhuan won’t.
"… master arashi …" He murmured that he didn’t know whether he was calling the present or the present.
"Don’t be so old!" The man roared, "If you remember that I am your master and that my Weichi family is kind to you, you won’t assassinate me and take my Weichi military forces to be a dog for Huangfu!"
Chapter two hundred and fifty-two One-man array ()
West San Li Po outside Tiandu City
The pouring rain has not stopped.
Jiang Yi’s forehead hair has been stained with mottled blood behind the dripping water, but he seems to be watching the due west direction from a big tree all the time. If all the plans are carried out steadily, the Qingqi team should have arrived here by now, and the horse will arrive.
Paint smoke is wrapped around the head in the accidental shirt of Shujiang; Seeing his persistent attitude, I can’t talk about persuading him to change his medicine and rest.
She doesn’t know what outstanding feats He Lianheng has, and she doesn’t know whether He Liangu is full of evil or good and evil. Is she looking at Jiang Yi so loyal that she doesn’t care about her own life, and she has some other feelings about Hector even-just as Jiang Yi once said that if Hector even really killed the people, how could it be like this?
A jackal can’t change the evil in sex even if it is beneficial; She knows that Jiang Yi is a kind of person, so she can see that Hector even is not as evil as she used to be.
Jiang Yi looked at the trees around him carefully, and it was difficult to tell whether those movements were caused by rain or people. After all, he didn’t have eagle eyes to stare at them carefully.
Suddenly, the trees in the south shook with some unusual rain. He said without thinking, "Yan Yan, hide!" "
Paint like smoke nodded and didn’t want to cause any trouble to Jiang Yi. The horse got into the bushes that had been found before.
Jiang Yi also squatted and hid in the dense foliage and stared at the movement in the south.
When crossing the river a little bit, it can be said that it is critical that the rain is blocked by branches and leaves, but there is still water sliding on his forehead-that is, the sweat is sweating because it is too medium. In the original plan, Lian Jun should come directly from Cheung Chau in the shortest distance, which must be from the due west direction; There are two possibilities that can be extended from here in the south-one is that He Lianheng changed his plan when he arrived, and the other is that someone else is coming to Tianducheng in the south.
The whole country has fallen into a war that doesn’t look so bloody. If people are not Hector even, then they can be enemies.
Sweat slipped from Jiang Yi’s ear, and he spent his spare time thinking about the burning pain in his back.
The movement is getting closer and closer, but he can see some branches and leaves moving and can’t see people.
Horseshoe bursts are more and more obvious from far and near.
The small stones are shaking, and only three or four thousand people will have such a big movement.
Jiang Yi held her breath and stared at it without blinking; After three breaths, the first leader of the bearer flashed by in Jiangyi’s field of vision-it was his Lord!
He immediately reached into his lips and blew an eagle whistle.
People also responded by sprinting, and the horseshoes stopped.
Jiang Yi jumped off the tree and stepped on the water splashing and ran towards them in a hurry. "Lord!"
Although it thundered a few times, the rain was too heavy. He was soaked from head to toe in just a few steps, but Jiang Yi didn’t care to see Ma Lianheng. He immediately knelt down "Lord!"
"Is everything all right?" Even though he was drenched in clothes, he Lianheng was still a constant temperament.
"Everything goes well!" Jiang Yi said, "Did you have a smooth journey?"
Five thousand Qingqi arrived here nearly half an hour slower than originally planned-this is because they saved some time when they were in Guizhou. When Luo Chen’s lover bumped into He Lianheng’s mouth, it became lightly "met with some shrimp soldiers and crabs", but the support team that came to Tianducheng still caused some losses to the Qingqi team, with 400 people killed and nearly 1,000 injured to varying degrees. This record seems to be worth showing off; However, these 5,000 people are all outstanding soldiers, and losing nearly 1,000 people is not painful.
Jiang Yi handed the sheepskin drawings from his pocket to He Lianheng "Here are the things"
Beside ZongJin added, "I entrusted to you? Can you bring it? "
"Yes," Jiang Yi shouted back, "Yanyan!"
Paint like smoke came out of the haystack and stumbled towards them.
In the front row, I can see that her eyes are straight-even if she is wet and her head is covered with a man’s shirt and paint like smoke, it is also a landscape in this heavy rain and war.
She trotted to Jiang Yi’s side, suddenly revealing her arms.
This is not a temporary delivery, but when they came out of Yizhou, they took Zong Jin with them. When they saw the baggage, their eyes lit up and their corners of their mouths tilted and they smiled like a wicked person. The intention was to hand the baggage to Jiang Yi Zong Jin and directly fished it out of the beauty’s arms. He couldn’t wait to open He Lianheng, but he didn’t know "what is this?"
"saltpeter arrow!" I was very excited to see the arrows Zongjin carefully separated by thick cowhide inside.
"Is that you told me about that …"
"Yes!" Zong Jin’s eyes are full of evil light, and he praised the Yamba in the direction of the capital. "Now you can try its power."