But what the hell is this Zhao Tiantian doing when he doesn’t come back so late?

It’s best to add two people in the bedroom because I’m not at ease. While playing the trumpet No.1, Suoya dialed the words to Zhao Tiantian on the other side.
It took a long time for the words to pick up. The opposite side was quiet and Zhao Tiantian’s accent was very small. "What’s the matter?"
"Are you coming back tonight?" When I saw my eyes, Ya came straight to the point and didn’t talk much nonsense.
"Well, I told my sister who checked the dormitory today that I went to my aunt’s house today to make up lessons for the bear children at home!" In the end, Zhao Tiantian bit the bear child very hard!
Ya knew at once that the goods were made up for her aunt’s naughty little nephew who got into trouble at school every day.
Zhao Tiantian is a native of Qingcheng Mountain. Anya is not so worried about her. Now that she knows where the goods have gone, Ya is relieved.
The school dormitory is not checked except on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and it will be randomly checked at other times.
Of course, sometimes everyone will turn a blind eye, or something will happen to check the dormitory, and the seniors will not really let everyone out.
No one is young yet, and no one will really fall into a trap.
Knowing that Zhao Tiantian won’t come back and Monie probably won’t come back, it seems that the dormitory has its own Zhang Liru tonight.
Zhang Liru is a particularly shy girl. Everyone in the dormitory is indifferent. It’s not that she is difficult to get along with or how she is. It’s just that she is too busy to see anyone because she is busy with all kinds of part-time jobs every day.
The only person who can see is in! Bed! !
I don’t care too much about her low sense of elegance.
Continue to play the game in your hand, and it will pass away bit by bit.
It seems that it is very difficult for me to raise trumpet No.1 to level 23 before lights out in the dormitory today.
But even if it is difficult, Ya still wants to challenge one!
But the elegant idea is good, but the ideal reality always has too many bad reviews!
When Ya had rolled up his sleeves and prepared to upgrade trumpet No.1 to level 23 today, he put it at hand. Just after that, the words suddenly rang.
It’s normal that no one will call themselves so late. Ya Wei frowned, and the small peaks squeezed Ya Xiao’s cheeks again.
Reached for the words, and when I saw the name, Yamei’s eyes and lips twitched.
Damn it!
☆ Chapter 14 Bear Child
I’ve just been scolded by Zhao Tiantian, and the bear child in her aunt’s house is looking for herself so soon!
The stranger’s name "Hao" is a bear child who is worse than Zhao Tiantian’s!
Ya bite a tooth after alveolar hair picked up the words.
On the other side, Hao Gen didn’t have the heart to listen to how bad the elegant tone was at this time. For him, he could ask for help at this time.
"Hold the grass close elder sister, beg for your brother to be killed" Hao picked up the words is a cry.
Ya is laughing at this, and the other end is very noisy. You can guess that Ya is fighting with someone again!
Now calling yourself is obviously asking for help only when you can’t beat the other party!
The "place" can’t pretend not to hear or really leave the bear child to fend for itself outside!
Bite the teeth and finally let Hao quote the place name.
"Sister at the gate of No.2 food stall in Songjiang Road, please come quickly. My friends and I will be overwhelmed!" Opposite Hao was still swearing over there when he finished this sentence.
However, Ya has no mind to listen to it. After hanging up, she turned around and changed into a sportswear. After that, she returned the notes and the phone number. The notes were directly locked in the closet, and then she grabbed the key and the mobile phone and turned and ran.
While running, I sent a particularly affectionate message to my senior sister who checked the dormitory tonight, begging the other party to cut yourself some slack.
Ya cut class doesn’t have many times, but he escapes from bed a lot.
However, fortunately, Ya Ping is low-key and well-behaved, and her friends will turn a blind eye and let her go.
After sending the short message, Yaya software called a taxi to come over. If you go out by yourself and then take a taxi, I am afraid it will delay a lot of time.
Ya ran almost all the way to the school gate, but when she first arrived at the gate, it might be because she ran too fast, or it might be because she didn’t concentrate on it. Ya directly hit a person …
Is to let ya laugh and cry, but she was hit by herself and didn’t move. Instead, she was ejected two steps and sat down directly on the ground!
Hold a grass!
Ya flew out a cheerful grass mud horse in her heart, but her good cultivation kept her from letting these grass mud horses out to play.
Rubbed his head and fell a bit painful fart-shares and just hold the ground hand elegant reaction quickly got up and looked up at the bearer.
Opposite the four male students, Ya felt so familiar, but when she thought about it carefully, she gave up because she had a bunch of faces without facial features.
Knowing that I bumped into each other, Ya Busy said shyly, "I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Have some urgent things crashed here?"
When he said this, Ya slightly smoked his lips.
And the marshal across the street is also smoking a lip corner, saying that it is good that he is 15 height, 165 weight, overbearing and not knocking Ya out somehow.
Think of these marshal hey hey say with smile "nothing junior you don’t know ….."
Marshal also wants to say something, but Ya has lost patience, smiled apologetically at Marshal and continued to run towards the door.
Is haven’t run two steps, then stiff turned around and a little face is slightly red before once again not too embarrassed to say "that you have any money to lend me some? I am a medical student and this is my student ID card. I will definitely return it to you when I come back. "
Afraid that four people don’t believe Ya, they will also pay out their student ID card.
Although I didn’t know that Mao’s student ID card would be in this sportswear pocket, I didn’t take out a dime for such a card just now, which is why I turned my head.
Nima forgot to bring money. This kind of thing is really annoying in minutes!
I don’t know if the four unfamiliar (…) alumni associations across the street will lend money to themselves?
Did you hear Ya say that the four little friends were confused for a moment and said that they had neglected something in their care?
But stupidly, looking at Ya for a moment seems to be really in a hurry. After a little hesitation, Fang Jingshuo took out his wallet and saw that there were still 5 cash in his wallet, so he took it out and handed it to Ya.
At the moment I saw the money, Fang Jingshuo’s image suddenly became tall in Ya’s heart!
"Thank you, my student ID card can be taken to you, and I will definitely pay you back when I come back one day." Ya was also anxious to pass the student ID card over and take the money, then ran out and answered the words.
The four little friends behind her obviously heard Ya Jie’s voice and seemed to be very impatient, which made her usually give people a good temperament with such a difference.
But even more surprising to the friends, they just met Ya in the evening. Do you want to introduce yourself again?
At that time, they already called her Ya Xuemei. What’s the trouble now?
Marshal scratched his head and showed that he just didn’t understand what was going on.
He was going to say it just now, because the boss of Yaxiu Yuezhai directly gave them a 50% discount on this table with a wave of his hand!
Marshal wanted to say something to thank you just now, but Yaxian was in a hurry and didn’t have time to pay attention to it.
"Go back to the entrance guard." When I raised my hand and looked at it, it was already 21: 47 pm, and it was 13 minutes short of the entrance guard. Fang Jingshuo didn’t want them all to come back and be locked out again because of these things.