"Eat this!" Down beside Sophie Su, Dragon Master suddenly shot a longan red Dan medicine at Sophie Su with a snap of his finger.

"What is this Dan medicine?" Sophie Su was surprised to copy the pill in his hand.
"Dragon tiger Dan! You can temporarily increase your strength and burst into a strong potential. The old poison technique has no effect on the nine deep and remote fires. You may be able to fight with this blood corpse … "Dragon said that he had coughed up a lot of black blood.
"This medicine is not poisonous, is it?" Sophie Su looked at the red pill in his hand with some doubts. He had a psychological shadow over the old man’s pill. Almost every time he ate it, he had to take a swig. The stench was so bad that his whole stomach churned with blood.
"Don’t worry, eat quickly …"
Seeing that the four-armed statue has rushed to the vicinity, Sophie Su will no longer hesitate to swallow the Dan medicine in one gulp, but at the same time, he has quietly prepared the detoxification blood.
The red Dan medicine dissolves in the mouth, and a hot feeling quickly spreads in the mouth, and instantly I feel as hot as a fire burning, which is the feeling of rapid growth of strength.
And to Sophie Su’s surprise, the figures at the character level are beating wildly in their own character information!
In a few seconds, it has jumped from level 2 to level 56 and is still rising!
The values of other attributes are also crazy and dizzying.
Dark * * the professional level is finally fixed at 115! !
All kinds of attributes are also rising to make Sophie Su feel extremely tough and eager to fight at once.
What shocked Sophie Su even more was that in addition to the original skill levels, a long list of new skills appeared behind those skill changes, such as invisibility, summoning ghosts, evil strengthening, and soul harvesting … Almost every skill has a long description of skills, which does not indicate that these skills are powerful.
However, the four-armed blood corpse that had been rushed to the front made him have no time to do too much research, and he quickly cast his most familiar dark resin-bending technique towards it.
Sophie Su obtained the control of the blood corpse almost in an instant and has a strong hierarchical backing. This time, there was no warning that the pothole monster was too strong again.
When he was in control of this bloody corpse, it showed up for up to 3 hours!
"Damn it, what did you do to me? ! I will imprison your soul and torture it forever! " The dark wizard’s voice rang with anger at once. With a roar, the blood corpse was replaced by the face of King Kong glaring again, and around it, a large piece of thick black fog emerged immediately, wrapped it tightly, and you could vaguely see the red eyes of King Kong glaring.
Sophie Su immediately felt that he had lost control of the blood corpse again. Obviously, the control limit of the newly-acquired dismemberment of the dark wizard on the blood corpse was not lower than his own. He was dismayed and wanted to regain that control by resin bending again.
However, the dragon warrior anxiously shouted, "The fastest and strongest way to attack that Dan medicine has an effect of 3 seconds!"
There is still a time limit for doing this enhanced state, and there are still 3 seconds!
Sophie Su hurriedly chose the last skill directly-darkness arrival!
Unexpectedly, this last skill description has a simple sentence.
"My name is all over the world, and I will open the door!"
When this sentence came out of Sophie Su’s mouth, there was a sudden silence around him.
For a moment, the dark forces in the whole hall suddenly flooded into Sophie Su and formed a huge dark vortex around his body, while in central Sophie Su, it seemed as if everything was dominated by him around the center of the universe.
"This power … is too strong …" Sophie Su couldn’t help but close his eyes slightly, and the huge dark force washed away his mind, and he couldn’t help but feel a trance. Then he found that his character information was already as high as more than one, and his vitality increased crazily again, and he broke through 10,000 almost instantly, and the trend of deceleration continued to rise!
The black fog around the four-armed blood corpse was also absorbed by Su Yan and quickly dissipated in the whirlpool around him.
When the vitality value has increased to an extremely horrible number, the black vortex finally gradually dispersed.
Open your eyes again at this moment. Sophie Su is still like a dark fiend who is the enemy of the world.
The dark wizard who had rushed to the front of Su Yan immediately took control of the ferocious blood corpse and fled to the distance without courage in World War I.
Chapter seventy Nine serial
"You little will spell … quick and then read the spell behind! Don’t let him get away! " Still collapsed to the ground, Duron looked at the fleeing blood corpse, first Zheng, and then anxiously shouted at Sophie Su.
"The back … is gone. That’s it!" Sophie Su finally woke up from a trance and opened his mouth. In the end, it was some nai low way
"You will this sentence? ! Then don’t kill him with other spells! " The old man look like he was about to collapse.
Sophie Su didn’t expect this so-called strongest skill to be so deceptive. Now it seems that this spell only completes the first step of cohesive force of this skill. However, due to the lack of the spell behind it, he doesn’t know how to release these cohesive dark forces!
But now there is no time to study, such as making this abnormal skill and a lot of new powerful skills waiting for you to experience!
Sophie Su quickly re-selected his skills, but it was shorter than he thought in 3 seconds. Before he could make a choice, the effect of that Dan medicine had ended, and the enemy all over the world felt like a deflated ball flying by.
In the character information, the character level and attribute numbers are also jumping wildly again, but this time it is rapidly decreasing and finally returning to the original level 2 attribute.
"Is there any medicine? Come on, have another one!" From the peak of power, Sophie Su hurriedly shouted at the old man.
Life is often ups and downs, but it’s still a bit unbearable to have a sharp ups and downs in just three seconds.
"One more … when this dragon and tiger elixir is an ordinary sugar pill, it took the old man a hundred years to collect this elixir material, which was originally reserved for breaking through the boundary." The old man said grumpily.
"This Dan medicine can’t rise temporarily. How can it break through the realm?"
"Although it’s a temporary rise, I can realize that a lot of things are cheaper now, you little dragon." The dragon doctor has struggled to sit cross-legged after a few pills in a hurry.
Sophie Su, listen, the only way to laugh at his spiritual talent is to communicate with these np’s in spiritual practice. I have no understanding of Mao except seeing a lot of attractive and powerful skills …
However, the only consolation is that the dark wizard was scared by his own spell and fled. Presumably, the power of the dark arrival skill is extremely strong. Maybe he will have a chance to complete the spell after his level really exceeds level 115.
"Why did you fall out with your master so quickly?" The old man looked at Sophie Su with great interest while pranayama.
"Don’t just let the elder get it right …" Sophie Su casually replied that after becoming Level 2 again, he didn’t dare to say that he had a disagreement with the dark wizard. You know, not long ago, he blackmailed the old man. That pipe, which is an extremely weapon, is still in his ring at the moment.
Of course … Even the ring seems to have been cheated from this old man …
This poison dragon expert is invisible, easy, and not proficient in alchemy. He is more familiar with this dark swamp than he can definitely benefit from it if he can fix it.
Perhaps the old man who is now in the same boat has a much better attitude towards Sophie Su. After his injury has slightly subsided, he asked Sophie Su, "What magic did you just make that? Even the old man felt a little scared … "