"He … he … he is not before the attack Long Yan city? Everybody run! One shot shattered the siege! "

"what! A shot shattered and came back? " I’m in the wild with a new group of guild players upgrading their swords and dancing. It’s a surprise to hear that my guild players report this to themselves.
Knife dancing and flowing clouds eyebrows a wrinkly look at the sword dancing and flowing wounds next to them.
"The sword dance is shattered with one shot!"
In fact, the sword dance cloud got the news half a minute before the sword dance cloud. I continued to blame and upgrade here as if I didn’t know anything, but the sword dance cloud reacted differently after knowing the news.
"So what if he comes back? The whole Episcopal Church has been expelled! Now the power of our God Fighting Club in Longyan City has almost been disintegrated-isn’t this lesson enough? " Wounds watching sword dance flow unwilling face asked.
Knife dancing and flowing clouds frowned. "In fact, I know that this person is not easy to deal with if we can handle it, and he will have a great achievement in front of the court."
Looking at the sword dance, the sword dance sighed naively. "It’s not us, it’s you. I didn’t come to the club. I can consider inviting such a master with a shot, but I’m too jealous to deal with my brother. As a result, the club lost so much. I’m tired and I’m going to have a rest. This time, you can fight the emperor if you want. We won’t participate."
Said the sword dance flow wounds in the guild channel told after a line.
In fact, I also know that it is not easy to deal with a broken shot, but I am full of energy in my heart and it is too important for me. I want to prove that I am his strongest in front of Tai Chi, so I am grateful to know how to meet him.
At the beginning, when the sword dance was about to join the God Fighting Club, my department passed the previous test, but when I arrived at the last team, an apprentice had no progress and refused him.
This is the biggest blow to Liu Yun, who is absolutely sure that he can enter the God Fighting Club.
He thinks he can be stronger. He can be stronger.
But I don’t even have a chance
And at this time, Tai Mu Nian En appeared. An Tu didn’t give him a chance, but he gave it.
And Liu Yun himself has worked very hard to constantly absorb the experience of guild management and constantly improve himself in the game level until today.
"Others continue to take everyone around to train, and I want to go back to the city."
As he spoke, he touched the back of the city and tore it back.
"President is not to say that here may brush the BOSS for a while? You don’t play BOSS? "
A newcomer who looks familiar with everyone asked in the direction of knife and dance.
Knife dancing clouds smiled "no! I’m going back to the city to play a bigger BOSS. "
With that, he disappeared back to the city from these new players who joined the Emperor Fighting Guild.
The player who just asked questions felt inexplicably busy asking other players around him, "What did the president just say? Go back to the city to play BOSS? Is there a BOSS in the city? "
At this time, an old player of the Emperor’s Guild Naidi sighed, "Of course, having that BOSS name is called a shot! Flow inflammation city is not the most powerful BOSS in the history of the whole state, and there is nothing that can’t even catch up with him when the stars are shattered. "
I don’t have any impression of the shattered stars Luo Xiu, but recently, when one shot shattered and was not in Liuyan City, the shattered stars became the hottest players in Liuyan City.
Rank first in the ranking, and now it’s level 63.
Encountered several guilds to kill and carried out fierce counter-killing.
It is said that the shattered zhongxing was mainly in Xingyan City at that time, and it was difficult for the zhongxing club to belong to the guild. Later, the zhongxing club issued a killing order, and the shattered zhongxing was really difficult to get along in Xingyan City and went to Liuyan City.
And when I got to Liuyan City, I fought with the Star Guild.
However, I don’t know why I fought with the Flame Guild. In the end, even the two guilds were involved, but no one knew what the shattered stars were going to do with these guilds.
But now, if you stay in Liuyan City for a while, all the players have a player named Broken Star Bow, and they are still a female player with strong strength, but they just have a hard time with those guild members every day.
At this time, the shattered stars are ambushing in the wild, and the main target of the two guilds is the sword dance and flowing clouds. Although the sword dance and flowing clouds are also there, they are shattered because of the good impression of the shattered stars in the previous battle. The stars decided to deal with the sword dance and flowing clouds.
But I can’t believe that the sword and dancing clouds have returned to the city.
At the same time, I also noticed that the public channel of Liuyan City has been blown up.
After a player is calling him back, he is attacking the city. Run for your life quickly.
Looking at the very strange chat situation in the public channel, the stars are also very curious to tear the horse back to the city and choose to go back to the city to find out
When the shattered stars just returned to Liuyan City, they noticed that today’s delivery was more lively than the previous day.
There are less than 20 guilds and 10,000 players here.
"Did you find it?"
"No! I don’t know where I went! "
"How can such a big red name still fly?"
"The boss just got the news that he seems to have gone to the new barracks!"
Listening to the players around you, the call is shattered, and the stars look at so many guild players around with a frown. Many big guilds in Liuyan City have seen people when they are after themselves, but it is the first time that they have married more than 10,000 people without even finding anyone today.
When the stars burst, they quickly grabbed a tall broadsword beside them and smiled wildly and asked, "What are so many people doing, big brother?"
Knife crazy to hurry to find someone, but at the sight of the shattered stars so beautiful sister paper, he stopped and smiled. "You don’t know about sister paper, don’t you? The biggest BOSS in Liuyan City is back! Everyone is waiting to play BOSS? "
"What’s the biggest BOSS? Can you still play BOSS in the main city? "
"Sister Paper, at first glance, you are not a player in our Liuyan City. I don’t know that this big BOSS is a shot. The duke Su Zheda wanted a warrant of three hundred and two thousand silver and several benefits. Kill it with one shot and take back the dragon ball he stole from the duke!"
"What? !” When I heard this, the stars were shocked. I never imagined that someone could steal from the Lord and he succeeded!
Chapter 234 Burst the stars (in)
Luo Xiu just appeared at the delivery point and felt bad. So many pairs of eyes around him fell on him, and a case of external kindness was not good.
I can’t help it. Now I’m still wanted by Liuyan City. A player can kill myself and then go to Su Zhe, the duke, to get a generous reward.
Even many famous guilds have made moves, not to mention such big guilds and powerful players.
However, recently, because they attacked two main cities in a row, and each time they were alone, these players did not dare to shoot easily after seeing a shot shattered, which gave Luo Xiu enough time to leave here.
Luo Xiu quickly left the horse and found an empty alley to get in.
After drilling in, Luo Xiuli summoned Xiaohei and performed super fusion.
After that, I turned into a black shadow until I felt more secure. I found an NPC to inquire about the location of a new barracks and then went straight to the new barracks.
Fortunately, there is nothing wrong with going in the direction of Luo Xiu, and it didn’t take long for him to walk to the new barracks.
"I say you all have a good practice! If you are so lazy every day, your battlefield will become cannon fodder in the future! I’m talking about you. I’m talking about you. Can’t this hand have some strength and not eat? Ah? "
Luo Xiu heard a general reprimanding the recruits in the new barracks from a distance.
And this sound is familiar to myself. It’s Su Xiaotou.
However, Luo Xiu is going to walk inside with a big red name. These soldiers must not let them go at the gate of the new barracks.
"One shot shattered." Luo Xiudu, Longyan City, Tianyan City, has killed more than a dozen soldiers, and it is still less than 60 recruits. In Luo Xiu’s eyes, is it enough to see "Go in and tell Su Xiaotou that someone has come to give him a gift and ask him if he dares?"