Leng Hongyin immediately replied, "Let’s worry about your melee. How can I get scared …"

After saying this, Jude Law suddenly growled, lifted his arm, grabbed the front and twisted it again. It was like a black hole vortex suddenly appearing in the line of sight, blinking a knife with a strange diamond, gorgeous and simple but lifeless dragon Excalibur was caught by Jude Law from the black hole vortex.
Jude Law’s sword exploded in hand, and he saw that the dragon god’s adult carried the sword with a wave of his hand and a piece of black light suddenly twisted like a roaring black dragon to Ye Feng, Lv Xiaobu and other melee.
SHEN WOO skill-destroy god eats soul strike!
Cracking the black hole now draws a sword and wields a sword. All this is just a matter of moments. Lv Xiaobu can’t hide from Ye Feng. There was still a chance to react. But when Jude Law’s sword started, he was determined to stun Jude Law’s overlord, and even the fist was blown out. So the decisive tragedy overlord even caught the fist, which was so short that it was almost negligible and stiff that it was fatal at this time.
In the end, the enemy blocked Jude Law, a terrible SHEN WOO skill. Ye Feng, Lv Xiaobu and Zeng Jiagong’s Beamon Department were knocked out by the god-eating spirit.
Ye Feng’s heart is like a dying sensation. A mighty force breaks through the body and hurts all over. Hips and Ugo fight tigers scream. As soon as the body is like the master, the kite is broken. In the middle, it draws a mess parabola and hits the ground. At that moment, Ye Feng’s blood volume is brushed, and a ru white light beam is carved …
Naturally, it is DOG girl’s precise second-inserting treatment, and the proportion is as high as 6%. The skill of adding blood is so Rao. When Ye Feng gets up from the ground, the blood volume will be less than 500 points. If Jude Law kills the gods and eats the soul a little more, it will be really useless to save the summer rain and foam. Not only that, it has always been more powerful than Ugo’s fighting tiger. Jude Law has also cleared the resilience of the mount and sent it back to the pet for ten minutes.
Yu Xiaobu and Zeng Jiagong died in the middle.
Summer rain foam scared the hell out of his hands. The angel sword waved a piece of holy light all over the sky and continued to pull back to Ye Feng’s blood volume. Little Loli Guoguo ran fast and reacted slowly. The little face turned white and probably forgot to perform his duties as a wet nurse.
Ye Feng poured a bottle of instant frown and looked at the sword that almost made him lie dead. Jude Law, this guy, still holds the Excalibur in his hand, but the tip of the sword has been fainted by the double The Story Of Diu Sim monarch butterfly.
"It seems that I really can’t do it, but why don’t I withdraw?" LanYuShui body if Youlong worry shouted while output.
"Let’s do it for a while. The blood volume of the old dragon is not high and the soul body can’t automatically return to blood! Does DOG still have a blessing spell? Come and see if you can abolish the old dragon in a short time! " Hao Hailan was the first to realize that Jude Law could not automatically restore life.
"yes!" Xia Yumo asked her eyes to fill Ye Feng.
"How much when singing?" Ye Feng asked.
"One minute!"
"Wait a minute, the sleeping god will attack so high!" Wen man suddenly way
Ye Feng took a glance at the bully’s body disease, and the crit damage one by one drifted out of Jude Law’s body with the alternate attack of the two gods.
Strangely, the difference in the damage value of overlapping flying is too large. On one side, it is as high as 40,000 crits, but on the other side, it is more than 6,000 points. At the moment, the beauty of the right hand in the rain seems to have become a blue water, and lang Xing Mang is so gorgeous that it is dumbfounded …
Chapter DiYiQiSi Summon General Dragon Ride
"Am I going to see my face?"
Cold red tone convulsed the corners of the mouth and severely rubbed a pair of faces. Sleeping in the rain, holding two handles, God Bi, not to mention the tough additional attributes. Even if the surface attack is not as rich as Ye Feng Excalibur, God Bi, no matter how severe it is, can’t be higher in the hands of a thief who is not good at physical output, but it’s impossible to hold Ye Feng, who is jealous and extremely equipped with Excalibur. However, Sleeping God’s attack now is actually more than Ye Feng’s, and every month’s beauty hit is almost a knife and crit, so unscientific that it can be attributed
"Shit! It depends on the natural enemy of the face! " It turned out that I was not handsome and disdainful. "That dagger is weird!"
It is said that Ye Feng hastily stopped his footsteps, and the hate display bar in the team was rapidly shifting his mind to the rain sleep. Suddenly, the moon beauty artifact was naturally divine, and the divinity of the moon beauty should be sealed in it. Avril Lavigne was the ancient jihad and died because of Jude Law. Perhaps Jude Law inspired Avril Lavigne’s potential spiritual thoughts, so the power of the moon beauty exploded and the rain sleep was so high.
It’s a good thing that Amiens broke out, but the key is that the defense ability didn’t follow the rising tide. If Jude Law stabbed her, it would immediately be a corpse. Even if Xia Yumo inserted a second, her thin blood volume didn’t fly in the sky. The possibility of soaring blood all the way to play Jude Law to death is obvious. Don’t say that Jude Law’s order has been limited to the holy spirit. Even a slightly ordinary God-level boss’s attack range is boundless. From time to time, he will attack a 360-degree dead angle range to take a rain sleep exercise. What’s wrong with it
Ye Feng is very worried when he thinks about this. It’s very hateful to come with a beautiful moon in his hand and pile up the damage so high. Aren’t you flirting with the dragon Lord?
Sure enough, when I took a rain sleep and flew a thorn for a few seconds, I abruptly cut off Jude Law’s nearly 500,000 blood points and directly angered Jude Law.
See Jude law furious roar head purple hair roots like a snake at first locked back latosolic red light chain by Jude law breath vibration like strips of red pythons curl up and dance, and then a hot fire lang filled heaven and earth in Jude law’s head with a dragon flame to protect magic dragon’s huge body inch by inch burst instantly into a sky full of meteors.
"Avril Lavigne, you damn * * completely destroyed!"
Dragon language magic-magic flame and star rain!
Sleeping in the rain immediately activates the shadow magic injury skill, and the body flies backwards and forwards. The timing is just right. Ye Feng has an angel shield to protect himself from magical attacks, and he is not afraid of Jude Law. Avril Lavigne’s * * sentence makes him fly into a rage, and his eyes flash with divine light, and his soul is bound to Jude Law.
Unexpectedly, Jude Law disdained to hum a sword and waved out the purple light rope at a speed comparable to the speed of light, which was split into broken light by his sword.
Ye Feng was shocked on the spot. Since he learned to bind the soul, he was only dropped by miss several times when he was fighting against the star blade master and Garella. Besides, it was his first strong control skill. Moreover, Garella was only judged and evaded by the system automatically by virtue of strong order and grade suppression. It was like Jude Law’s direct sword to break the bound soul. This damn thing is too shocking.
It doesn’t matter if Ye Feng is dull. It doesn’t matter if the shadow devil is in a state of rain sleep. He didn’t escape the magic flame. The center radius of Jude Law was covered with flames after 70 yards. At this time, the black crystal throne was more like an erupting volcano. The thick pillar of fire went straight through the dome of the Dragon Hall, and then it was split into flames. lang, the black dragon’s goddess scattered flowers, burst into rain sleep. No matter how fast it is, it is impossible to retreat to the magic flame. The dense flying flames lang hit her one after another and hurt her by 7,000 points.
As always, the dragon magic attack is appalling. You should know that the shadow devil’s state of sleeping in the rain can automatically eliminate 70% of the magic damage. If there is no shadow devil to carry the magic flame and rain, at most two will definitely become ashes.
On the other hand, the double The Story Of Diu Sim was smarter than the enemy and turned around and ran away. Everyone was almost heartbroken. Damn it, the old dragon made a move too soon, and it was a tragedy to play melee with him.
At that end, the pet monarch butterfly is even more vulnerable. After the magic flame burned, it was directly cut into two parts by Jude Law with a big move.
Summer rain foam looked at the scene in front of her in a hurry, but she wished that the spell was already in the process of guidance. Unless it was forcibly interrupted, it was impossible to treat Amiens, who was baked by the magic flame.
It’s hard for the little girl to see the devil’s sister, but she didn’t get confused again this time, and she didn’t know whether she was gifted or super-level. Two consecutive instant therapies were accurately thrown into the flying retreat to take a rain sleep, but she still couldn’t stop her from flying and bleeding.
Sleeping in the rain and running hard is suspected to be super-fast, but it turns out that she can be faster, which makes everyone expect that it is not. No one thought that the magic flame star rain was accompanied by a disgusting and slow effect …
Ye Feng glanced back and knew that LanYuMian was 100% heroic this time, and she was depressed and annoyed. If I had known, I would have given her back the Elf King’s protection, and it would not be so embarrassing to have one more enemy skill for self-defense.
Seeing that Lanyumian was about to rush out of the scope of the magic flame and the rain, her blood volume was also brushed, and the fallen leaves were completely desperate. At this moment, a person’s image flashed in front of Lanyumian, and she blocked the last magic flame attack and Lanyumian ran out of this monstrous sea of fire by flying back inertia.
Fight to show your teammate Angry Birds to display their skills [body double Technique]
Fighting shows that your teammates are angry and the bird has been killed.
Fighting shows that your teammate Angry Bird has been downgraded by light sanctions for participating in the resurrection of Baroque, the great demon.
"* * * Grandma!" Cold red eyes are splitting, holding a staff and swearing. It seems that the posture is ready to die with Jude Law.
Ye Feng’s heart is even angrier. I never thought that the consequences of the wanted list would be so serious if the big demon god was resurrected.
It’s also useless to clear the enemy’s master level. Fortunately, a high-end training group was organized by the gods to practice the Angry Birds level back in the shortest possible time, but no matter how much you take it, you can’t return to the ranks of first-class masters even in a few months.