"No, no, how dare I call you Li Ge! Now that you’ve talked to Li Ge, how can I not give you a face when I’m a younger brother? It’s no big deal that this little brother is unusual … "This manager Wu is worrying about how to pull with Loyalty Hall recently, but when he heard that Loyalty Hall Plain is also a hotel, his peers were jealous of him. I really don’t know how to curry favor with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. How can such a wise man refuse to promise?

"Ha ha, then I will thank Mr. Wu! Do you think they can go? " Li Hushan laughed and said that if people give face, they would have to go on and then point to Zhang Xiu’s mother and daughter as they smiled and asked.
"But, of course, it was just a misunderstanding …" Mr. Wu hurriedly said that after working hard in the mall for so many years, he could still tell which is more important. He would rather offend the gentleman than offend the villain. He would rather not cooperate with the police and have to cooperate with the road flyover. Otherwise, he would not want to be plain in this hotel.
But a few seconds before he finished speaking, a shrill siren came outside, and then a large group of police front desk girls from the Public Security Bureau led the building.
"What are you doing? ! Why are you blocking this place? !” When the police came to the stairs on the third floor, they looked at the gathering of twenty or thirty * * and shouted at several policemen. When they saw the loyalty hall players holding the dagger, they immediately nervously took out their guns and aimed at them.
"Oh, misunderstanding, misunderstanding … hehe, the police comrades have worked hard. We are not here to watch the fun …" The manager Wu said with a smile when he saw the police coming.
"Don’t move there! Who are you? " The police looked at Li Hushan and pointed out that a dozen meters of black man was wearing an offensive gun and came up to "General Wu" and shouted at him.
"Oh … I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Wu, the owner of this hotel. We reported the case …" Mr. Wu quickly stopped and explained.
"Take us to the crime scene is not to say that kill people? Where is the deceased? " The police took a look at him and made sure that he had a boss, then put away his gun, but he still didn’t let his guard down.
"Now the dead are not dead yet. The ambulance has called and the horse is expected to arrive … I heard that it seems that an official wanted to rape a female student’s younger brother to save her sister, which led to negligent injury. Why don’t we go and have a look together?" Since Mr. Wu is going to be next to the big tree of Loyalty Hall, he has to show his sincerity and constantly explain to two dog and Loyalty Hall.
"Let’s go quickly! Take us to the scene! " Take the lead in the police doubt glanced at sweatpants stained with blood two dog and the brother with two dog dagger loyalty hall said coldly and then went downstairs with manager Wu.
Wu Zonglou also looked back at Li Hushan specially, which means that there are so many things left for me to do, so it’s up to you, while Li Hushan cast a grateful look. After the police went, Li Hushan quickly ordered, "You three immediately took two dog and sister-in-law back to Xinyuan Hotel. Don’t let people take the two dogs away and show me two dog before I go back! Did you hear that? "
"yes! We are white in Li Ge! " One of the three specially trained players should be small
"I don’t go li3 ge male gentleman a person when doing things! Damn that dog! " I didn’t expect two dog to be stubborn and say that he was still there.
"You are a rabbit cub wings hard, isn’t it? ! Get the hell out of here! I still can’t talk to you! " Li Hushan looked at this crazy little girl, and it was really love and anger, and he took a hard look at the second dog’s head and denounced it.
"Li Ge …" two dog still looked at Li Hushan obstinately, covering her head.
"Hurry up! From the command! " Li Hushan no longer looked at him with a wave of his hand, and let the Loyalty Hall brothers drag two dog away, while he went downstairs with the remaining Loyalty Hall brothers. He will be interesting to see how much action two dog made.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t look at it. When Li Hushan and others came to Room 46, they saw a policewoman vomiting in the corridor while covering her mouth. Li Hushan squeezed in and saw that the room was a mess with blood everywhere. Two middle-aged men were lying by the door, and the other naked man had a little sigh. There was no movement, but he was stabbed and could not see the specific characteristics of the iconic object. If it weren’t for his wretched face, someone would really think that he was a pussy!
"The murderer? ! Did you security guards control the murderer? !” Leading the policeman looked at the scene of the brutal crime and immediately looked at the hotel security behind them and asked.
"Oh … we came here before we saw the surveillance video, and now we don’t know who the murderer is. It’s not waiting for you to investigate!" The security guard doesn’t know how to answer it. Listen to the general manager Wu’s explanation. Anyway, it doesn’t matter much to his hotel. You should try your best to help clear it up with Loyalty Hall.
"Now give me a blockade hotel! No one comes in or out! I hope your hotel can cooperate! " After listening to it, the policeman looked at the gray security guard behind him with disdain and said that there was an irrefutable taste in his tone.
"That is must must cooperate must cooperate!" Mr. Wu nodded and promised, anyway, now he estimates that he should have left long ago. If he didn’t even realize this, Li Hushan Road would have been wasted, so he quickly ordered his hand security guard, "Why don’t you guys go to the hotel door and watch it!"
"yes! Yes ….. "Those security guards ran out as soon as they heard an amnesty. They didn’t want to stay here. Te his mother suppressed the police and these regular troops. They always felt that they were missing something, like wearing gray clothes all day and being a puppet army. Then at the sight of the deputy director’s bloody body, they subconsciously wanted to cover their crotch. Now they realized that they had just met that boy. What a kid! It was simply a demon! Otherwise, who can use such cruel means!
"Why hasn’t the ambulance arrived yet? ! Go and call an ambulance! " The leading policeman went to touch the deputy director and felt a little faint breath. He was flustered and asked if he was alive, at best, it was a serious injury case. If he died, it would be a murder case, and I just heard that the victim was an official, which was even more serious.
"What’s the ambulance? People like him deserve to die! Keeping it is also a curse to the people! It’s cheaper to castrate him! " At this time, there has been no talk at the gate of Li Hushan, watching two dog Jie satisfied and nodded coldly. Chapter 341 Boxing Championship ()
"You … who are you?" The lead policeman’s speech was suddenly interrupted by someone, and he looked back puzzled. He was a big man with a big shave and crew cut Li Hushan stared and asked.
"Ha ha, it doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is that my brother did it and I think he did it right!" Li Hushan greeted the policeman with eyes full of power and replied with a smile without fear. He had seen the big scene, but he was shocked by such a small captain-level policeman!
"So you know who did this?" The policeman stared at Li Hushan and asked him as if he had discovered a new continent. He met something new today, and even some people broke the law without being pressed, so it is natural that they are not afraid.
"Yes, but my brother and the victim have already left. I’m staying here and waiting for the police officer to come and investigate with you." Li Hushan nodded and replied.
"The victim? Aren’t all the victims here? " The policeman didn’t seem to understand Li Hushan’s words and pointed to the deputy director and the teacher.
"Bah! They’re still victims? They are the perpetrators! That dog is bullying and harassing my eldest brother and daughter. Fortunately, my brother stopped them when he arrived. My brother called it self-defense, okay? !” Li Hushan looked at the body lying on the ground and was pulled by two dog. There was a big pool of blood. Pei, deputy director of the Education Bureau, scolded.
"What’s going on, we will find out! You still have places where everyone will give me a record! " The policeman also realized that there was no result in the argument with Li Hushan, so he pointed to Li Hushan and they said that they then ordered the two policemen, "Call an ambulance and your horse to the hotel to bring up the surveillance video!"
"Let’s go, are you still waiting for me to inquire after you?" After the command, the police saw Li Hushan and they stood still and urged.
"Okay, let’s go to the station!" Li Hushan said with a wave of his hand, and then he walked to the building with a few remaining loyalty hall players. He was stopped without taking a few steps.
"Li Xiong wait Li Xiong we a piece of …" At this time, there has been little talk. Mr. Wu, the owner of the richest hotel, quickly stopped Li Hushan and ran after him.
"Zha Wu always have something to do with you?" Li Hushan turned and smiled and looked at Mr. Wu who followed.
"It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m not going to the public security bureau to make a record. It’s just right to know one …" Mr. Wu came to Li Hushan’s side and said in a novel.
"Ha ha yeah, I’m just trying to get to know Mr. Wu together. Then let’s go together …" Li Hushan suddenly smiled for about two seconds and said a gesture, please.
"Manager Wu, that … that we?" See Wu Zong and Li Hushan. They are going to ask for instructions from the hotel security guard.
"You just cooperate with the investigation of the police comrades of the Public Security Bureau. I will come back when I finish the transcript at the Public Security Bureau!" Mr. Wu went back casually and went upstairs with Li Hushan. His Mercedes Benz and Li Hushan Land Rover went to the Pingyuan City Public Security Bureau together.
Just as Li Hushan and others went to the Public Security Bureau Road, a boxing ring in Bangkok, Thailand, people were buzzing everywhere with excitement and screams, and the lights were dim. Everyone’s face was full of blood boiling, and it seemed that a big stuffy stove was about to explode. It seemed that all the spotlights were projected into a square boxing ring, and everyone’s eyes seemed to be waiting for a fight. There were simple betting machines in the small corner around the boxing ring, and people kept betting on boxing.
"Ha ha how young man? Can you still stand this atmosphere? " At this time, in a lounge next to the boxing ring, I met an old man in the bar that day, smoking a cigar while smiling and looking at the elder brother dressed in a fist and asking.
"Remember what you said, I won the game, and you arranged for us to split it 50-50 …" Brother Gan didn’t answer his question, but he said coldly.
"Don’t worry, I’m a narain in Bangkok Road. Since I have agreed with you, I won’t cheat. You can win this boxing before, but I bet 20 million that you won. If you can’t win, it’s hard to say …" The old man took a sip of his cigar and looked at Brother Gan slyly.
"Don’t worry, I promise to let you earn a lot of money and return it. If that sentence is lost, I will earn 25 and 10!" Dry elder brother also sneer at a confident replied.
"Ha ha good! I like the aggressiveness of you guys! It’s time to get ready. I hope your performance will make everyone happy! " The old man looked at the dry elder brother, who was cool and confident that he would not look wrong for decades. The National People’s Congress smiled and praised him.
Brother Gan didn’t answer. He got up and walked outside the lounge, but he was stopped by the old man just a few steps later. "Wait a minute!" The old man pointed to the ground and was just solved by dry elder brother to wake up with gloves.
"The real boxer doesn’t need to wear a boxing ring to sign the life and death!" Dry elder brother turned to disdain and looked at his eyes scattered on the floor. He said coldly and then he walked out of the lounge. He was put on a black cloak by the workers.
"Boss, do you see this little real thing?" Looking at the elder brother of the dry head, a black man beside the old man scoffed and said