There is mourning in the bedroom.

Although sad, everyone is still very happy to think that each other has finally become relatives. Later, Xiao Huang made a banquet in the palace to entertain Long Qing Yu Long Linger, Xiao Qing and Jun Li and others. Finally, even Ye Ting entered the palace, and the lights were bright and lively.
The next day, when there was no light, Long Qingyu took Long Linger back to the deep and remote Dragon City, because they wanted to tell their father, the Dragon Family. Although the little aunt died, the emperor of the Western Chu State was born to the little aunt. I believe that his father and the Dragon Family will be happy.
After Long Qingyu and Long Linger left, Jun Li also followed Long Linger to the deep and remote dragon city, because he heard Long Qingyu speak. When he got back, the duke of the deep and remote dragon city would definitely compete for Long Linger to get married. Then he can’t be indifferent. After Jun Li left, Xiao Qing also took the little fish and Xiao Huangsu to leave.
With these guys away from Xiao Huang’s imperial edict, the Queen Mother Lu not only murdered her own biological mother many years ago, but also poisoned Tai.
He also poisoned the emperor’s wheel, and when he died, he gave him a glass of poisoned wine and threw it into the graveyard.
On the same day, Xiao Huang gave her own biological mother, Empress Dowager Long Zi Xiaolian, a gift, and was buried in the royal mausoleum. Then Xiao Huang made great efforts to rectify the affairs of the court, and cleared up the remaining rebels outside the court, and became brand-new and prosperous.
In the harem, Su Wan chatted with busy princesses every day. First, Princess Muqian of Jiaping married Ye Ting, and then Princess Xiao Lin of Jiayi married Princess Jiarou. After the busy princesses’ marriage, Su Wan was addicted to matchmaking, and she married off her big ladies-in-waiting in turn. This year, the whole West Chu was the most lively year. Once the red sedan chair was carried from the palace to various palaces, the celebration was never broken.
five years later
The sky is like a river, a sea, Yan Qing, Yan Xin, and Yan Xin. Not only the Western Chu, but also the eastern Hainan, Lubei and Jin States are all peaceful, and the emperors of several countries have signed a treaty to share the peace and prosperity, which has made the whole day prosperous, which has never been seen for hundreds of years.
The people are all smiling, gentle and happy. Everyone enjoys the peace and prosperity, and everyone is chanting that Heaven and Peace are so peaceful because of the efforts of the Emperor and Empress of the West Chu. Not only are the East China Sea, the Northern Jin Dynasty and even the Southern Lu Kingdom willing to share this peace, but it has brought peace to the people of Heaven, and it has not been a time of war that has saved the parents of Heaven from mourning.
The emperors and queens of the Western Chu are not only the sages of the Western Chu, but also the sages of the Heaven and Man.
At this time, the hall of mental cultivation Palace in the place of Xi Chu was full of excitement. At this time, the hall of mental cultivation Hall was full of many speakers, all of whom were smiling and speechless. Among the affectionate ones, there were two people from Qing Xiao, the emperor Feng Li-ye and the queen Qing-yi. After two years of hard work, Qing-yi finally agreed to marry Feng Li-ye three years ago. Not only that, Qing-yi was pregnant with Feng Li-ye’s eyes, and they were very loving.
The emperors of the East China Sea, Feng and Feng Linglong, also rushed over. The important events of their country and country were rushed over because Su Wan gave birth to a daughter and a lovely little daughter after twins. Feng and Feng Linglong came over with their children to visit their grandchildren.
In addition to these people, Xiao Qing and Xiao Yu also rushed over. Five years later, Xiao Yu has grown into a big girl. Xiao Qing has been chasing Xiao Qing for a long time. She feels both a headache and a feeling that there is a girl growing up in my family. However, this pair has not settled yet, but they enjoy the process of chasing each other. They are very affectionate.
Compared with Xiao Qingjun Li, he was much faster. When he chose a husband, Long Linger stood out and won the crown. Finally, he got Long Linger as he wished, but I heard that he was drunk unconscious by several big uncles on his wedding night. Since then, this has been a pity for him.
In addition to these people, Long Qingyu, the duke of Youlongcheng, and others have also rushed over. Youlongcheng has broken the rule of never contacting the outside world in the past. They often travel back and forth between the two places, which is very good.
I always come to Su Wan’s little daughter’s full moon banquet today because I really love her or someone who loves her.
No matter whether you have had resentment in the past or you have liked it in the past, this moment has turned into a deep family relationship and closely linked each other.
All the people in the hall of mental cultivation Hall were just talking. Bao Ping ‘an screamed outside the temple door, "The emperor has arrived at the empress."
As soon as everyone stopped talking, they turned around and looked at the past. They saw a pair of radiant young men and women coming in from outside the hall. The man was dressed in a pale yellow brocade robe. The yellow color set off people with picturesque and elegant looks, and the people in the painting were no longer as cold and indifferent as before. On the contrary, the eyebrows were full of warmth, and the eyebrows were raised with a low head, which was gentle and jade, warm and noble.
And his hand gently took the girl wearing a crimson Gong Jin skirt around him, and her eyebrows were less. In the past, she was more charming and luxurious. Of course, in addition to these two people, she also followed a bunch of people behind her. Since the emperor Xiao Cong woke up, the emperor ordered Chen Taifei to move into the palace to take care of the emperor. The emperor’s position also gave Wu Wangshi, and this younger brother finally became a real report.
Xiao Cong and Chen Taifei are also followed by several princesses, all of whom are married and all live happily.
After marriage, Mu Qianqian is more gentle and gentle than before. Many Xiaolin are still gentle and elegant. The husband and wife get along harmoniously, but they are docile and well-behaved. After marriage, Princess Wu’s personality is much more atmospheric, because her husband’s family status is not too high and honest, and all the princesses who are married to the government hold a respect, which makes Princess Wu gradually develop an atmospheric personality.
The Fifth Princess is grateful to Su Wan for everything she has done. Su Wan is really like a sister-in-law. Su Wan’s early days are the most powerful right-hand man in Su Wan’s circle of ladies in the DPRK. No one would have thought that the last one she married was Cui Ying, a general of Wei. Although the age difference between them is too big, Princess Feng Xiang likes Cui Ying, and finally she is firmly married.
Cui Ying didn’t know how to cherish her ex-wife Wu Chan until she lost her. Instead, she treated Princess Feng Xiang very well, which made Princess Feng Xiang very happy that she didn’t see the wrong person, and her mind gradually brightened up.
All the people in the hall got up and went to the door to meet them. Outside the door, all the people gathered together, talking and laughing. The women gathered around Su Wan to see the little princess in Su Wan’s hand. Although it had been white and tender for a month, many people reached out to hug it, while another group of men gathered around Xiao Huang and soon talked about the political affairs of various countries.
Political affairs exchanged their experiences with each other, and the atmosphere in the temple became more and more warm. At this time, a loud cry interrupted everyone.
I saw a small figure in front of the hall running all the way into the hall, crying and shouting "Mother, help!"
When everyone looked in order, they saw Feng and Feng Linglong’s lovely pink face with tears, which made people love and cried for help.
Feng Linglong looked at it with a strange face and ignored it. You know, no one in the palace of the place of Chu dares to bully her casually, even one by one.
Feng Linglong thought didn’t fall to the ground when she heard someone outside the temple unhappy and snorted "cry baby, what is an uncle?"