"That’s enough!"

Gu Jinxi covered her ears. "Stop it! I don’t want to hear it!"
"It’s now or never."
Ye Zhenniang looked at Gu Jinxi with mixed feelings in her heart. Even if she behaved maturely and steadily, after all, a 12-year-old child might be too strict with her. Thinking about it, my face softened. "Miss, think about it yourself."
It’s a sunny day, but the Muxi Pavilion is gloomy and gloomy, and the atmosphere is so depressing that people find it difficult to breathe.
In the past, the girls came and went and teased at will, but the Happy House was alone.
Mu Xi Ge Hua Ting is full of people kneeling.
"Miss, please forgive me!"
"handmaiden, I really don’t know."
"Young lady, the handmaiden is responsible for sweeping in the courtyard, but they have never been in your bedroom."
The whole Muxi Pavilion servant girl kept kowtowing and begging for mercy, explaining the sound one after another; The crying voice made Gu Jinyu’s ugly face more and more angry. "Enough!"
Suddenly, the original was shouting, and people were all silent at the moment, and they couldn’t help shivering.
"Miss forgive handmaiden really didn’t mean to" Pinellia knelt down and kowtowed constantly; Knock your head on the bluestone floor and make a dull sound.
Gu Jinxi’s face suddenly sank with a backhand and slapped him in the past. "Pa!"
Half of Pinellia ternata’s side face suddenly became red and swollen. She kept biting her lip and didn’t finish her words, but she dared not speak again.
"Hum will miss the most beloved clothes to burn, miss you"
Said Gu Jin sunseeker has eyes burst with a terrifying red Mu Sunseeker Pavilion. More than 20 people are kneeling and shivering at the moment. Only Ye Zhenniang Gu Jin sunseeker is behind him. "Miss, the fire is a man-made disaster, and they are just a dress. Miss, you will make a mountain out of a molehill like this."
"A dress. Do you know how precious that dress is?" Gu Jinxi gave Ye Zhenniang a discontented stare.
"I …"
Ye Zhenniang some bitterly wiped her nose is afraid to mouth again.
"The fire was a man-made disaster, but what happened was that he saved everything except the missing lady, who likes to cut the ancient butterfly moire thousand-water skirt with dyed colorful finch brocade? That’s miss’s favorite "said Gu Jin sunseeker sound seems to roar, the whole people are in a state of extreme madness, and the eyes are so dark that people feel terrible when they look at them."
Said she raised my hand and pointed to the angelica dahurica "say it’s not you to steal out to sell? Otherwise, why is it that his clothes are intact and damaged, but that one was burned? "
Angelica dahurica suddenly turned pale and shook his head. "Miss Jian handmaiden didn’t; Even if give handmaiden ten thousand bravery handmaiden also dare not! "
"Boo hoo"
"Miss Jian, when cleaning the bedroom after the fire, Miss Pinellia also saw the residual fabric of that skirt. The handmaiden really didn’t." Angelica dahurica sobbed.
I thought that Gu Jinxi even slapped Pinellia ternata, the closest person in the day, mercilessly, and I swallowed with trembling difficulty. "Do you believe it or not? Ask Pinellia ternata and indigo naturalis."
"Huh?" Gu Jinxi’s eyes darkened
"Miss handmaiden handmaiden know wrong handmaiden know wrong" Pinellia low head shoulder stirred up "is handmaiden wrong didn’t tell miss meowed …"
Hum’ Gu Jin sunseeker’s face is still ugly badly’ Who knows if you unite to cheat Miss; Don’t let the young lady find out or hum! "
The words sound just fell and suddenly I felt a gust of wind blowing through a figure and looked at him in the seat beside Gu Jin Sunseeker. "Hey, who provoked our baby to tell three elder brothers to help you bully back?"
"Third brother!" Gu Jinxi immediately threw himself in Gu Qian’s arms and his shoulders kept shaking. "Three elder brothers meowed …"
Ye Zhenniang looked at Gu Jin Sunseeker, her eyes were red, and she was about to cry. She sobbed and choked on her shoulders, and then said, "Miss somehow remembered that she had a black dyed colorful finch brocade skirt. She didn’t find it for a long time, and she had been training for a long time. That girl just said that it was the second time that Miss Mu Sunseeker Pavilion burned down in the fire …"
"oh? There is such a thing. "Gu Qian’s fox eyes squinted slightly and stared at Pinellia." Is this serious? "
"Third Young Master, it’s true that every word of the handmaiden is true. I’m not lying."
With the drumming of Pinellia ternata, the forehead is bruised and the skin is broken; With the red and swollen side face, the whole person looks particularly embarrassed.