Although Xi Fangping is an old man, Li Yingjiu sounds very natural. If such a person pays a gentle style, it is awkward. You misunderstood me, Xiao You said that the small personal bodyguard is not to protect me. Now that the war between Jupiter and God is in a stalemate, neither side has absolute advantage. Therefore, both sides are deploying troops to fight for the final battle. Before that, we can’t do anything idle. Both sides will send some monks to duel to maintain the morale of the troops. Yao can also test the strength of the other side. Under normal circumstances, both sides are the best in the same level. Over the past two months, our heavenly spirit has sent ten monks of different levels. As a result, they have all been defeated by the other side. This is a big shame for us. I asked you to be a personal bodyguard, not to protect me, but to send a war on behalf of the heavenly spirit. "

Xi Fangping was lost in thought and said that he didn’t want to promise, so he would probably have to fight with Brother Hunyuanzong for life and death, but if he didn’t promise, he would probably bow up and Li Yingjiu suspected that these were all old foxes, and they would all notice if they showed a little flaw.
Wanted to think XiFangPing woman.she said, "ok, but I can say that ten catties of Geng Jing can’t be less. I’m Geng Jing this time. Otherwise, why do you want to come out when I stay in the barren hills? It’s so boring here. A monk at the end of Yuan Baby was almost killed without smashing three by five. I fought with the 12-order butterfly for three days and three nights to be killed. It’s more interesting than that battle. "
Li Ying was stunned. "You mean the big butterfly?"
Song Fangping nodded his head. That’s what he wanted. It must have been Xi Fangping’s killing in the Stars. Things have come here. The Tianling sent troops to stay here. It must be well planned.
If you want to kill Xi Fangping, you have to transfer troops back from Tiens Star Domain. No matter if Xi Fangping has a hundred and thirteen monster beast troops in his hand, it’s just a food delivery door. But if the main forces are transferred back, Xi Fangping will be alone and can hide at any time. Secondly, the main force has been transferred back for more than 1000 years, and it is possible to loosen the angle of its own side, which will lead to the disastrous defeat of the faction, and the faction will certainly be angry at them.
Did you say that you should be able to help Tianpai take Tiens Star Domain? No matter what, Tianpai will also give them some of Tiens Star Domain. The resources of Tiens Star Domain are so large and so rich that a small part of it will be much more valuable than the 20 stars star domain. Moreover, Xifang Pingxian came from Hunyuan Sect and failed. Xifang Pingping can’t afford the wind and waves to weigh the pros and cons. They can stay in Tiens Star Domain and continue the decisive battle of Hunyuan Sect.
However, they must be quite happy with Xi Fangping’s news. When Xi Fangping knows that he pretends to be from the barren hills, they will definitely ask themselves, so it is better to say it directly.
Li Ying Jiulian said, "Little friend, please tell me the specific situation."
Xi Fangping nodded. "It was ten years ago when I was digging herbs and just touched a 12-order big butterfly. I was catching a friar’s neck and sucking blood. I was surprised and thinking about running away. I didn’t expect to be met by that big butterfly. We fought for three days and three nights and finally killed it. That battle was the hardest one I had ever met. Even my old self didn’t expect to be able to kill a 12-order monster beast, that is, because of that battle, I believed that the old man could definitely compete with a friar at the end of Yuan Ying, because the big butterfly had.
Li Yingjiu thought for a long time before saying, "It turns out that he has been staying in the Pleiades just waiting to give us a fatal blow. He really waited."
Say that finish from the bag took out ten catties of Geng Jing and then threw it to Xi Fangping "Shanyou, this is my promise to give you Geng Jing first. Go home first. We still have some things to talk about here."
XiFangPing nodded his head and walked out without saluting. "
Chapter two hundred and twenty-two Zhang Dan sneak attack
For two days, Xi Fangping stayed in his room and absorbed himself in blending Xuan Jing into the black hammer and golden hammer of Xuanyuan. In fact, he has a lot of heptyl essence at hand, and if he wanted to fuse it, he could have fused it a long time ago. But these two magic weapons are not his magic weapon, but they are just a temporary emergency. In his belt, heptyl essence needs a small amount of making materials-he is reluctant to put it in these two handles, but now it is different. Now that he has obtained ten kilograms of heptyl essence from Li Yingjiu, it is easy to arouse suspicion if he does not fuse it.
When all Geng Jing was evenly blended into two heavy hammers, Xi Fangping was relieved. When Yuewang walked out of the house, Xi Fangping heard a rush of drums. Xi Fangping was so happy that it seemed to be lively. I don’t know if it was Huanglongmen or Hunyuanzong who came to challenge this time. If it was Huanglongmen, it would be easy to kill one or two monks in Huanglongmen in exchange for Li Yingjiu’s favor. Wait until the most critical time to stab the back of the Heavenly Sect and the Heavenly Sect. That’s Shu.
When Xi Fangping arrived at the front of the camp, he was swinging in front of the camp. There was no one except the Godsworn and the Godsworn who heard the news. Xi Fangping is quite strange. Didn’t the drum sound? Where did the challenger go? The monks around are also confused, and some people have been whispering.
Looking into the distance, I saw a figure flying lightly, and at the same time, a hearty voice came over. "You and I haven’t won the game yet. I don’t know if you are interested in playing another game with Zhao Xiang today?"
XiFangPing a listen to suddenly excited? Mom turned out to be a direct challenge to Jin Qi, and it must also be a godsworn duel in the middle stage of deification. It’s not that I want to see it. I can see that he quickly turned his head and asked a godsworn next to him, "Who is Zhao Xiang?
Xi Fangping made a big splash a few days ago. The Tianling Sect knows many people. When he heard Xi Fangping’s question, he also sent a younger brother to repair Tianling in the early stage of Yuanying. He said respectfully, "Oh, it turned out that it was Fang Daoyou. Zhao Xiang was the Hunyuan Sect’s elder, and it was the Hunyuan Sect’s mid-term repair. Commander Jupiter and Tianpai Jin played for three days and three nights without a tie. I didn’t expect Zhao Xiang to come again this time.
Xifangping nodded his head, and the man who wanted to speak hurriedly said, "Fang Daoyou Jin Qi is finished."
XiFangPing hurriedly turned his head and looked sure enough. After Jin Qi finished carrying his hands, Shi Shiran rushed to Zhao Xiang’s arch. "Zhao Daoyou has not seen you for a long time. You and I have a magic weapon to fight for three days and three nights. Today, you and I are playing in a different way, such as? small
Zhao Xiang ha ha laugh "good Jin Daoyou say how to play?
Jin Qi finished the mysterious exchange and smiled. "According to Jin, it seems that it is not as good as pure spiritual strength to fight who is high and who is low."
Zhao Xiang nodded his head. "You and I are both people with status. It’s really beneath me to use knives and guns like those brothers. This spelling is to my liking."
Jin Qi stopped talking, but sat cross-legged in the virtual space as if there was a platform at the bottom. Then he pressed the abdomen with one hand and even pinched a few hands. After that, he pointed to Zhao Xiang, and a light beam several feet wide burst out from his fingertips and directed at Zhao Xiang. Zhao Xiang smiled and followed suit. A small white light beam shot out, and the two light beams collided with each other. Suddenly, it was deadlocked for two hours. In the middle period, the big monks were quietly suspended in the middle, and the two light beams showed no signs of weakening. Although the spelling stands high and low, if you touch a real equal, you can’t spell out the outcome every day. Now Zhao Xiang and Jin Qi have finished these two people, which can be regarded as real opponents. The physical strength base is quite light and does not advance or retreat. It stops in the middle of the enchantment and is somewhat similar to Hunyuan Zongju Jinbo Hunyuan Zongtang, but the scale is not the same.
Both of them are serious. Obviously, they are not relaxed, but for the spectators, this way of playing is the most interesting. Most of the monks in Jiedan period have been impatient to see that they have left to practice. However, the monks in Yuanying period are staring at this level of fighting one by one, but it is not necessary to see that it is of great benefit to them.
Looking at two people in Xi Fangping’s heart, he looked around and quietly moved outward. When all the monks were staring at Yuan’s infancy, Xi Fangping’s suspicious behavior attracted some people’s attention. Li Yingjiu watched silently and looked at Xi Fangping lightly.
Xi Fangping quietly walked out of the barracks and stopped at a place where few people watched the war. Then the micro-pantograph emerged from the body and held it in his hand. Li Yingjiu was taken aback. The bow in Xi Fangping’s hand is of primitive style and its aura is a magic weapon of ancient treasures. It seems that it was probably taken out from the cave he said.
A look at XiFangPing took out the field; With a smile on his face, Ying-jiu naturally guessed that Xi Fangping was better than the public, even if he really had the strength to repair Xi Fangping, even if he had an ancient treasure in his hand at the end of Yuan Baby, it was impossible to break the root of Jin Qiquan’s protective mask, but it was no joke for the monk to repair it in the middle of Jin Qiquan’s life. Don’t say that it would be quite good for Li Yingjiu to stop Xi Fangping from fooling around, but think about it carefully. Xi Fangping’s protective mask is completely filled with resentment, and he will definitely not leave it at that.
When Xi Fangping took out the arrow, Li Yingjiu was taken aback. He was a well-informed monk. He could see at a glance that the arrow was made of topaz, which was also planted in Suxing, but the output was very rare and precious. It was also quite difficult to make it into an arrow, so few people would use topaz as an arrow. Li Yingjiu knows that Huang Yuzhu’s arrows are fierce. This thing can be broken. After Jin Qi finishes the protective mask, it is extremely difficult to hurt Jin Qi. It is estimated that those fragments will be shattered by his protective aura before Jin Qi finishes his body. Li Yingjiu is a little strange. As far as he knows, Huang Yuzhu’s arrows should be golden yellow, but Xi Fangping takes out the arrows. How gray the arrows are, how awkward it is.
Xifang Pingxun set up the arrow and aimed at it, and shot an arrow steadily? His actions are naturally aimed at the monks around him. Many monks can’t help but exclaim. Some heavenly monks jumped on Xi Fangping to stop his absurd behavior. However, after Xi Fangping shot an arrow, he quickly turned his body and retreated. Those heavenly monks joined forces to attack.
As soon as the arrow came out of the string, it immediately appeared, and now the sneak attack on himself turned out to be an abominable habit. But after the root of the arrow came out, it didn’t matter that a little monk at the early stage of Yuanying couldn’t break his protective mask even if he shot it. After the reason, he ignored the fact that he put his mind on dealing with Zhao Xiang. Seeing this scene, Xi Fangping’s heart was full of old knots, and his mother had slightly injured a monk at the end of Yuanying with this arrow. Now we are at the early stage of Yuanying, and even at the end of the deification, we may be slightly injured by you
The arrow flashed and hit the mask, and then it broke into several pieces without hindrance. After Jin Qi finished, it was a big surprise. The aura poured out to meet those pieces. Most of the pieces were smashed by its powerful spiritual force, but there were a few pieces with different colors. However, they were shot into the body of Jin Qi without hindrance. At the same time, dozens of thin blood columns suddenly appeared, and the body aura was stagnant. The golden light column was also suddenly dissipated in the form. It was firmly hit by the white light column after Jin Qi finished screaming, and the blood spurted out.
Jin Qi’s face was sallow, pointing to Xi Fangping, and his mouth was crooked. "Fang Xi, did you sneak up on me?"
XiFangPing hee hee laughed, "There, how could Jin’s elder sneak attack you? I’m thinking of shooting the Zhao’s elder, but he missed a little bit."
At the end of the day, many spiritual monks couldn’t help laughing. This Fang Xi really bears a grudge. I actually thought of this opportunity to retaliate against Li Yingjiu. I couldn’t help but smile at the corners of my mouth. These days, their spiritual sects have been forced to drink and drink every day by the heavenly sects. Who doesn’t hold his breath in his heart? Now this second-round Fang Xi actually vented his anger on Li Yingjiu for himself with a smile on his face and ignored the results. After Jin got up, he flew straight to his residence.
One mouthful blood spurted out again, and Jin Qi almost fainted. Of course, he knew that Xi Fangping was retaliating against his sneak attack a few days ago, and the way he did it was almost the same as that of him a few days ago. He almost blocked himself in one breath. If a monk in the middle of an enlightened god was grieved, it is estimated that Tianpai would immediately become a joke in the whole fix-up world. After Jin Qi finished his strong luck, he rolled his body and shook his body and flew slowly to the surface.
Zhao Xiangyin came from a distance. "Jin Daoyou Zhao doesn’t want to take advantage of people’s danger. Let’s reschedule our war."
After Zhao Xiang went away, Jin Qi finished, and he fell to the ground. As soon as he landed, he stumbled and almost fell to the ground. Next to many heavenly brothers, they were greeted at once to help Jin Qi up. Some heavenly brothers offered a magic weapon and rushed towards Xi Fangping angrily. Xi Fangping looked at each other in a semi-cold way. His gods had locked his belt, and the monster beast wanted those heavenly monks to rush in, which could pose a threat to him. He was going to kill him immediately. Anyway, it was always a matter of killing his face early and fighting late.
Jin Qi struggled to get up and shouted, "Stop it. Aren’t you afraid of Hunyuan people’s jokes?"
All the heavenly brothers stopped, but they still stared at Xi Fangping with a magic weapon in the middle. Xi Fangping also stared at them with a person facing hundreds of frustrated infant brothers. He didn’t show any fear. He came to Tianpai one after another to scare the Godsworn. This is a talent, but it’s a pity that he was sent by Tianling to have to go.
Gold nodded "good terminating audacity unexpectedly dare to sneak attack a fourth-order monk higher than you, aren’t you afraid of heaven sent people to fix the true boundary to kill you?
XiFangPing sneer up "afraid of what you miss once, I miss once, you and I are even. If your heavenly faction still dares to come to my trouble, I don’t care if I can always get out of here and never let you have a good life.
After Jin Qi coughed a few times, he gave Xi Fangping a cold stare, and then he took out a bottle of Dan medicine from his bag and swallowed it in one breath. His face quickly recovered. A godsworn in the middle stage of deification must have a lot of life-saving Dan medicine at hand. After Jin Qi finished, he looked seriously injured, but after giving him Dan medicine, he would be able to regain his strength in a day or two. It was really a big loss for Jin Qi to finish, and he simply got mixed up in the field of repair, so he had to get back, but he was a godsworn in the middle stage of deification and he was at fault.
So he must find another way.
After Jin Qi finished, Xi Fangping returned to his residence after many days of sending his younger brothers into the barracks. He knew that this time things were going to make a big deal, but he didn’t care at all. For Xi Fangping, the Tiens star field was just to make trouble, so that he could toss the other leader into serious injuries without moving the monster beast army. Xi Fangping’s reputation is also big enough. Now Xi Fangping has to wait and see each other in his barracks. If he reacts, he can’t just pat his ass and leave, or simply call out the monster beast army to fight. Anyway, Xi Fangping will never let Tianpai Shu Shu lead their good life. In fact, Tianpai Xi Fangping has a grudge against the real Xifangping, but since he wants to win the axe from the other party, Xi Fangping can also be impolite. Besides, Tianpai is so close to Tianpai that it has become their patron. This crime alone is enough for Xi Fangping to fight with them.
When Xi Fangping returned to his residence, no one dared to send a monk to greet a monk who dared to sneak attack the middle-aged doyen Yuan Ying. The monk was definitely not an object to be provoked. If he had enemies like this, he would have to report to him. Besides, no one knows how the heavenly faction would handle this matter. If Xi Fangping casually talks, he might get into trouble. Even Li Yingjiu has never come to Xi Fangping. I guess even he can’t figure out how to handle this matter.