The original Ye Han wants to repair himself with the help of the cold, but LengLing wants him to take this opportunity to study the cold tactic of one week, and it is best to give the cultivation secret of the cold tactic of one week a thorough understanding.

According to Lengling’s method, Ye Han abandoned the cold yuan tactic method and directly turned the star cold tactic method to work.
At first, Ye Han didn’t notice anything unusual about the star cold formula, but as time went on, he gradually realized something.
Although now the star cold tactic is not too big for his ascension, Ye Han accidentally discovered that this star cold tactic practice was located at the same time when he got the star yuan, but there were some anomalies.
Ye Han has repeatedly tested this discovery, and finally found that his feeling is not empty, but it is.
With this certainty, Ye Han was busy telling Yu Lengling about the matter, hoping to get a more accurate answer from her mouth.
After hearing Ye Han say this, Lengling was lost in thought for a long time before she smiled. "If I didn’t guess wrong, Han Er, it is more important for you to go to a very cold place in addition to practicing with starlight!"
With that, Lengling looked up and took a look at the sky. Except for the light, the sun immediately nodded and affirmed, "It should be cold. You might as well practice with the help of cold yuan!"
"With the help of cold yuan tactic practice?" Listen to the cold LingYan Ye Han suddenly one leng before not always said to make the star cold tactic? How to change the cold yuan tactic now?
It seems that Lengling, who is aware of Ye’s chilling question, immediately smiled and said, "Since this cold star must practice with the help of starlight and extremely cold conditions, why don’t you do both of these requirements well?"
When I heard Lengling say this, Ye Han suddenly became busy and smiled with joy. "So Linger, you are really my hit. Why didn’t I think of that before?"
"giggle giggle! I am not a noble person, and the most I want to say is your good wife! " Listen to Ye Han so excited words LengLing face suddenly emerged a faint hongxia was busy jiao laughs
Sincere nodded Ye Han also no longer say more, and then closed his eyes again. According to Leng Lingyan, he slowly operated the cold yuan tactic to practice another round.
Seeing that noon has passed, the sun is particularly abundant, but it seems like there are no stars, the sun and the moon in the middle of uniting.
As soon as it was dazzling, it was already quiet at dusk and sunset, and the night soon fell to the ice sheet, which shrouded all parts of Fiona Fang in darkness.
Soon, a few stars have appeared on the horizon, and two stars belonging to Ye Leng Ling Ming are quietly hanging on the ice forest.
At the right time, Ye Han opened his eyes and looked at each other at Lengling’s side, then stopped the cold yuan tactic and changed the star cold tactic to another round of cultivation.
After the previous two different situations, Ye Han, the star cold tactic, had a new understanding of this method, so he felt uncomfortable again during this practice.
Not only that, but Ye Han also felt the cold all over the body, and it didn’t corrode the bones as before. On the contrary, these cold seemed to become extraordinarily mild.
"What is this?" After feeling this change, Ye Han couldn’t help wondering what the original biting cold around here would become so mild now.
However, despite this question in my heart, Ye Han did not stop to ask Lengling’s meaning, but continued his practice and tried to find the answer on his own.
Ye Han hesitated for such a while and then felt the cold around him suddenly and abnormally cold, and his heart was naturally even more puzzled.
Just as Ye Han continued to practice, the cold around him suddenly warmed up. Although Ye Han still didn’t understand, he learned something.
After this change, Ye Han guessed that the change of cold in the whole body must have something to do with his own body running star cold tactic.
It can be guessed that this star cold tactic must have something to do with the cold, which will make him feel less cold when he practices the star cold tactic and feel cold when he stops.
This Ye Han tried many times to put away his art when he was practicing, but every time he felt the cold around him suddenly getting stronger.
After many experiments, Ye Han came to a conclusion that this cold change is really inseparable from the star cold tactic. In other words, this star cold tactic can restrain the cold and even control it.
After this determination, Ye Han stopped clinging to his own search for answers and suddenly opened his eyes to inform Lengling of his own discovery.
After listening to Ye Han’s words, Lengling naturally wondered and pondered for a while, then smiled and laughed. "It seems that you are right, Han Er. This star cold tactic can really restrain the cold!"
With Lengling’s happy face, he paused and said to Ye Han, "Han Er, try again in front of me for an interview. Let me help you see if what you feel is true!"
After listening to Leng Lingyan, Ye Han naturally closed his eyes again and demonstrated it to Lengling step by step according to his previous temptation.
Lengling carefully watched Ye Han demonstrate Ye Han’s star cold tactic when he really noticed some changes in the surrounding cold, but this change was as cold as Ye Han said before.
It’s Lengling who feels the cold around him, so it won’t have much influence on him, so the change of cold he feels is naturally not as clear as Ye Han feels.
This cold ling made Ye Han watch it several times again, which made Ye Han stop, and then he meditated again.
Meditation at the same time, Lengling is still constantly feeling the change of the surrounding atmosphere. When Ye Han stopped practicing, the chill suddenly became a lot colder.
In this case, Lengling believes that Ye Han’s pregnant star cold tactic is a kind of cold peak achievement method, which can not only resist the cold, but also probably control the cold.
This cold ling also dare not neglect to let Ye Han continue to practice. It is best to learn this art before it is too late to practice to the extreme.
Naturally, Lengling is impatient, but she also hopes that Ye Han will not rush to make progress and ignore the true meaning of uniting.
Ye Han didn’t rush to make progress. The idea is to transport the appropriate methods at the right time to speed up the cultivation, so it won’t do any harm to others. He is white about this.
Through the two requirements of starlight and cold all over the body, the progress of Ye Han’s cultivation of star cold tactic has also accelerated a lot, and now some progress has been made with the help of star cold tactic.
This Ye Han naturally rejoices, but not already. Yu Ye Han also dare not be careless, lest something goes wrong in the practice and affect his own practice.
And LengLing naturally bent on maintaining Ye Han ‘an, and he didn’t dare to be a little sloppy. Although he hoped Ye Han would practice successfully faster, he always kept an eye out for fear that Ye Han would take a fork in the road because he was eager to make progress!
At night, the ice sheet is particularly beautiful, and the cold wind blows, which naturally brings people cold. However, this beautiful scenery seems to be a bit redundant.