Maybe I should understand that there will always be some places in this world that I can reach, and even if I get close, I won’t occupy them.

Her heart is my forever swimming defect!
Xia Mo, you are not omnipotent!
He said these words to himself in his heart, but his lips smiled more.
It’s impossible for him to laugh when he’s sad, because only in this way can he hide his pain. He doesn’t want anyone to see his heart … drop blood!
Evening wanted to laugh, but she couldn’t. She should be happy, but something shed tears.
So sad and tearful.
The statue of the king leaned over to hot breath spray brushed evening face warm lips.
"No …" Evening was still very weak, but even so, she refused to kiss him.
"Let me kiss you for the last time …" Zun Wang Yin was deep and hoarse, and his sharp edge was left with deep sadness.
There is something more in his palm, a small transparent glass bottle as big as nail polish, filled with liquid and pure dirt, like a drop of dew on Pu’s chest after darkness, but it is deadly.
It can make people forget everything recently.
Including unforgettable love … hate!
Evening no longer refuses to close my eyes and bear silently …
He put the liquid in the small bottle into his mouth and hesitated for two seconds, then closed his trembling eyes tightly and kissed her piteously …
This time, he kissed like a glass of wine, carefully and tenderly.
He blocked her delicate lip, and when she was confused, she easily pried her shell teeth, and slowly spilled a drop of liquid from her mouth into her mouth, and then forced her lip to suck and she swallowed it involuntarily …
She still has blood in her lips, but she still can’t hide the fresh and elegant breath. He is so obsessed with it that he wants to monopolize it from the first attempt.
It is precisely because of this strong possessiveness that everything becomes a bloody tragedy. He has become the deepest shadow in her life and will become the most fearful nightmare in her future life.
Always free!
Lengqin left her eyes and comforted herself that the king had given her the water of forgetfulness, and everything was going to end.
Ye Xiong lowered his eyes and sighed secretly. Will it really end even if he drinks forgetful water?
"Wang Jinshi is coming here with some killers." Suddenly, a quick child.when interrupted the sad atmosphere.
"It seems that he became angry from embarrassment when he learned about the tragic death of salamanders." Ye Xiong said with eyebrows.
It’s time to end everything.
Is not the end is a … Turn to chapter one hundred and twenty-two Never see the light of day.
Zun Wang Fangxi looked at her deeply for a long time before he suddenly closed his eyes and then opened them with indifference.
"The horse treated her wound and then … sent her away" was indifferent and alienated as if he had never intended this person as a stranger.
Evening stare at his mind a piece of white in the mind is like lost something.
After drinking water for three hours, I fell into a severe coma, and after waking up for three days, I would forget everything that happened recently.
The current medicinal properties have not been sent yet.
But Xi thinks she should forget.
It takes a few minutes for Liu Ya to take care of the evening wound. Ye Xiong personally drove the evening to the car and looked straight at Zunwang when he left, but he never looked at himself again.
So cold
Finally, when the car has gone, the king’s lips evoke a cold smile and lift his eyes, and he is bloodthirsty and cold again
"An unfaithful companion is more terrible than a malicious enemy." His eyes sparkled with bloodthirsty red, and he raised his hand slightly and made a cold order. "Kill one without leaving!"
"Yes!" Leng Qin handed over his life and led the black killer to face it.