"Yes" Feng Yang nodded. It’s natural that Jin Shan’s secret can’t be told. When Jin Pingfu saw the burst charred stones, he had guessed that he knew what Feng Yang meant and now asked questions.

Jin Pingfu stared at the wind with a strange look, which made it a little creepy. Soon Jin Pingfu said indifferently, "She will change if she can’t stand the stimulation."
"Well," Feng Yang looked ashamed of the black line and said nothing. He quickly changed the subject. "What will happen to her?"
"I’ll wake up if nothing happens," said Jin Pingfu, looking at the wind.
"This old guy must have guessed" Feng Yang wryly touched the nose. Jin Pingfu can become the richest man in Zheng Ancheng. Nature is not a glutton. There are some things he can’t see through.
I’m relieved to hear that Jin Shan will be fine. I think that Jin Shan will wake up and really want to come to light. Then I really jumped into the cesspool and the smell of feces could not cover up the smell of scum.
However, since things have happened, no matter how much you think about it, you can take it one step at a time. Anyway, there are enough problems in the near future, and one more one won’t hurt.
Hesitated for a moment, Feng Yang said, "Can Uncle Jin introduce me to the arbitration church?"
"The arbitration church can’t be joined by someone’s recommendation. They all have their own assessment plan." Jin Pingfu frowned and looked at the wind. He wanted to join the arbitration church
"Don’t worry, I’m confident to pass." Feng Yang vowed to say with smile.
Jin Pingfu didn’t speak is the default.
The Jinshan room is broken, let alone lived. When the pigsty is shabby, fortunately, the Jinfu room is also windy, and the room next door is also a room, so Jinshan is temporarily allowed to live there.
The arbitration church Wu soul mainland is a law enforcement machine, and its main responsibility is to check and balance the major forces to hunt down some vicious killers. If there is evidence that a person killed someone, the arbitration church will send corresponding experts to hunt down them.
No one can escape the pursuit of the arbitration church, because if a person is too strong to make many headhunters fail, then the pursuit order of the arbitration church will be upgraded from the strong to the strong.
Many forces in the mainland will kill people or choose hidden places. The doubt is to take people outside the jurisdiction of the arbitration church and then kill them.
The general arbitration church has policies, and all major forces have countermeasures. They will try their best to kill people if they want to.
However, the arbitration church has really made all mainland forces more honest, and they will not easily commit heinous killings when they have to.
There is an arbitration church in every city in mainland China, even more than towns. This organization is almost everywhere in the mainland, and it goes deeper than ordinary people. Maybe an ordinary farmer uncle is the headhunter of the arbitration church. If he is careless, he may be killed with a hoe.
Before coming, Fengyang had always been the arbitration church with a magnificent camp, but when Jin Pingfu took him to the arbitration church, he found that it was just some ordinary buildings, which was simply a slum compared with Jinfu.
"The arbitration church is very strong in mainland China, but it is also a big organization. The money they get from making money is not enough to support the operation of the arbitration church. It can be supported by the rich people in each city." Jin Pingfu seemed to see the wind and explained it to him
Jin Pingfu, who walked into the arbitration church, said, "Every day, people from the arbitration church will sign up to be headhunters in the arbitration church. They won’t give me the back door just because my money has given me great support. You have to participate in the selection yourself."
"Know" Feng Yang nodded and Jin Pingfu led him to a registration point.
The registration place is a small room. There are already five middle-aged people in their 30 s and 40 s waiting to see the wind coming in. They all cast their eyes with curiosity and surprise. Of course, after curiosity and surprise, the five middle-aged men looked at each other and immediately showed a somewhat sneer expression.
Feng Yang naturally ignores the changes in their expressions. He understands that this is human nature. It is difficult for lonely middle-aged men to be jealous when they are so young and handsome.
"Hey, everyone, my name is Feng Yang, and please take more photos." Feng Yang’s mouth showed a bright smile and his white teeth were exposed.
"It will kill you to participate in the selection of headhunters in the arbitration church. You should think clearly," said a rough man
"Thank you, I’m not afraid to see the dead." Feng Yang smiled indifferently.
"You are so stupid. He said you would die." Another wretched uncle sneered.
"Oh, I want you to take more photos." Feng Yang suddenly realized.
"When the time comes, we will be the first to take photos of you." A short-haired man squinted at Feng Yang and immediately looked at him four times and burst out laughing.
"If I’m afraid of death, I’ll get rid of my hair. It’s not so good to be a headhunter," said the rugged man with disdain.
"Don’t worry, I’ll try not to walk again." Feng Yang laughed.
"It seems that I really don’t know how to live or die. Do you want to participate in the headhunter selection and leave if you want?" Short-haired man’s small eyes are full of disdain.
A moment later, an old man walked in slowly. He was wearing a white gown with a badge pinned to his chest. The badge was a machete pattern, which seemed to cut everything off. The badge also had seven stars.
"seven-star headhunter"
Five middle-aged men seem to have a clear understanding of the hierarchy of the rules and regulations of the arbitration church. Seeing the old man is a burst of exclamations, awe and respect. They all seem to want a good attitude to win impression points to curry favor with the seven-star headhunters of the arbitration church.
The seven-star headhunter also seems to be quite arrogant because of his status, and he doesn’t care about the six people who participated in the headhunter selection. A group of gluttonous arbitration churches can rely on mainland power if you people are allowed to come in as headhunters.
Jin Lu, a seven-star headhunter, was very upset. He was going to pick up a headhunter in exchange for a high-level Wushu, but he didn’t expect to be temporarily assigned to recruit headhunters. He has always been used to dealing with the strong and the strong. Jin Lu is very disdainful of these bottom practitioners. He found that there are even Wu Huang-level people among the six candidates, which is simply a little Wu Huang-level person to be headhunters. Isn’t that a disgrace to the arbitration church?
He glanced at the six candidates lightly and said indifferently, "The first is to test your ingenuity and inference ability, and those who get the right answer can enter one."
"My Lord, please give us a question, but we have been prepared for a long time." The rough man respectfully said that he was not arrogant when he spoke to Feng Yang.