"There is a strange energy that must be external energy." Yang Ye replied in a low voice, "I’ll talk about it again and again."

Just then Yang Zhenkui leaned over there and hugged Mrs. Yang’s excited eyes and finally shed tears to mutter, "Mei Lan, you finally wake up. Mei Lan, I love you …"
Suddenly there was a noise at the door.
The door was knocked lightly twice, and the back door was pushed gently from the outside. Cheng Bo leaned in and looked at it with a smile, and then he rubbed in a little bit.
I just got into the middle of the body and saw Master Yang Zhenkui crying with Mrs. Yang in her arms, and Mrs. Yang in the hospital bed had already opened her eyes.
The expression on Cheng Bo’s face changed from shock to excitement and shouted, "Madam, wake up! Madame is awake! "
Yang Zhenkui also looked up and saw Cheng Bo coming in. He suddenly froze, then the horse raised his hand and shouted at Cheng Bo with a wave of his hand, "Cheng Bo! Come on! Go find Laoqiu! Let the high manager horse call us Yang’s one … Call … "
"Cunninghamia lanceolata" Yang Yema reacted. What did Yang Zhenkui want to do? So he woke up lightly and said,
"yes! Chinese fir! " Yang Zhenkui continued to shout at Cheng Bo with a stare, "Manager Ma Rangqiu took a maid named Cunninghamia to the lounge on this floor and waited for the horse!"
Cheng Bo was stunned by this sudden order. He hasn’t finished coming into the room yet. He just stood there with one foot in the door and one foot outside.
"You go quickly! !” Yang Zhen-kui hurried up again.
"Oh, oh, oh, yes, it’s my horse!" Cheng Bo reacted. The horse turned around and quickly went out of the door. When he turned around, his head hit the door frame and leaned back. Fortunately, Nan Rong reached out and gave a hand next to him.
Wu wear the head pain yi tooth grin into a "blunt south glory magic nodded quickly out of the door.
Nan Rong Phantom saw that Yang Ye was cured, and his biological mother saw Mrs. Yang’s eyes open, which made Nan Rong Phantom feel a little excited. He recalled the scene when Yang Ye saved his father Nan Rongjun.
Although everyone is wearing masks, Nan Rong is very excited about Yang Yexian.
However, Nan Rong’s illusion, like Xia Hou Chao Jun, saw something strange in the process of treating Mrs. Yang at night, and her heart became suspicious.
Of course, I can see that the problem is definitely not limited to Nan Rong Phantom. When the scorching sun around him was treating Yang night, he said, "It’s a little strange. I don’t think this lady Yang’s illness is that simple."
"It’s not poison, it’s not bacteria, it seems to be a kind of cold." Muyangzheng also analyzed it gently. When he said this, it was the stage when Mrs. Yang turned pale and red.
At this time, Yang Zhen-kui has released Mrs. Yang’s hand and excited a few steps to Yang Ye and Xia Hou Chao Jun, and grabbed Yang Ye’s hand and said, "Happy doctor! God doctor! Thank you for saving my wife! I can promise anything! Any request will do! "
Yang night looked at his father, Yang Zhenkui, and felt a little uneasy. Suddenly, he felt that his father was a very emotional person and he was hiding his identity like this. Even though he saved his own mother, he was puzzled by the double contradictions in the life of his biological mother Xiao Ma and Bai Jingjing.
"This is what I should do." Yang Ye answered his father Yang Zhenkui in a simple sentence.
And Yang Zhenkui is still holding on to Yang Night’s hand tightly. His excitement is far beyond Yang Night’s imagination. After all, this little mother Bai Jingjing is the only lover of Yang Zhenkui.
Yang Ye tried to take back his hand and said softly with a modest smile, "Mr. Yang, I apologize for my disrespect just now, and I don’t need your reward. I want that cedar dish."
This Yang Zhen-kui’s eyes froze for a moment. At the moment, he believed the truth. Yang Ye just said those nonsense. At least Yang Zhen-kui believes that this Chinese fir dish is really the assistant lover of this high imperial doctor.
Only this reason can explain the reason why this assistant of Qiu Shen doctor doesn’t want to pay for Chinese fir.
Yang Zhenkui guessed very well that he has a very heavy feeling-Yang Ye, although he is a stallion …
Before leaving Mrs. Yang’s house, Yang Ye told her father, Yang Zhenkui, that Mrs. Yang had not fully recovered, and he needed several days of treatment, consolidation and examination to make sure that Mrs. Yang was fully recovered.
These words are that he and Xia Hou plan to move forward. There must be a reason to stay in the Yangjia mansion for a few more days so that they can have a chance to find Ciren Valley.
But at the moment, Yang Ye has doubts in his heart and the source of Yang Fu’s powerful cold power.
These mysteries need to be solved.
Yang Zhen’s face was grateful and promised, and Mrs. Yang sat up slightly to hold the bed.
And Mrs. Yang also dragged her weak body to express her gratitude to Yang Ye and Xia Hou Chao Jun and others.
However, Yang Yexin felt very sorry. After all, this Mrs. Yang is her own mother whom she has never met. From the perspective, it is human nature to love her mother, not to mention that she has the ability to help her own mother heal her illness before.
Do you need a reason to give love to mom?
Yang night by a few steps in the past, together with Yang Zhenkui and hold the lady Yang anchored to lie down.
Yang Ye knew that her mother had recovered because she had been in a coma for too long and had not eaten. It was infusion that kept her alive that led to her weakness.
But Yang night still can’t bear to see her weak mother thank herself like this.
Later, Cheng Bo hurried back and said that the maid named Cunninghamia had taken her to the lounge next door.
Yang Zhenkui promised to let Cheng Boma arrange some good rooms, saying that several imperial doctors wanted the Yang family to stay for a few more days.
Cheng Bo promised to leave Yang night again and looked at Cheng Bo from the back. He also felt a little strange in his heart. He clearly recalled the scene that Cheng Bo was killed by evil energy Weiner in the cold house of the Leng family.
Maybe the last game of Li Chengbo won’t be so miserable? After all, there is no evil power, Weiner, Jialanxiu, and even more, it will become an official himself and so many conspiracies.
Yang night think so has Yang Zhenkui pose please gesture out of Mrs Yang’s room.
When I walked out of the door, Yang night turned to look at the hospital bed and smiled gratefully at him. Mrs. Yang thought it was good to see her biological mother sometimes.
The lounge on the third floor is Yang Night, who has just come to the room with Xiao Yang at night, and has been waiting for it with a face of anxiety. His hands are rubbing his body and his pink skirt is at a loss. I don’t know what is going on in the room.
Yang Zhenkui personally took Yang Ye, Xia Hou Chao Jun, Nan Rong Huan, the scorching sun and Mu Yang to the lounge on the third floor.
The door a few people filed in succession.
Yang night saw at a glance already RuYan is a face of tension in the room secretly looked at the door bit by bit.
Nan Rong Magic just walked in and saw Ruyan at a glance. At that time, she was shocked and silly. wait for a while looked at Ruyan a few times and quickly turned her head to look straight at Yang Night. She pointed to Ruyan’s mouth and cried in surprise, "She … She …"
Yang Yema threw a shut-up look at Nan Rong through the mask.