Immediately after listening to the cold LingYan phlogistic hin du rang mouth a face of not willing to say

Smell speech LengLing also not much to say what eyes once again fell on the northern day that light a great meditation.
"Well, let’s go back to rest first. We have important things to do!"
It was a long time before she slowly came to her senses and said to the daughters in the courtyard
"Well, let’s all go inside and have a rest!"
Lengling voice just fell aside for a long time without saying cold and cheerless busy echoed and said
They smell speech busy should be a then all walks of life to the courts several door line in the past.
For a moment, the crowd dispersed
There was a cold wind in the courtyard, which blew slowly and dispersed the dying fragrance in the courtyard.
"It’s finally coming!"
An old but not majestic sound suddenly sounded on the top of a mountain somewhere in Yanyun Mountain.
"Hey, hey, if we don’t come again, we old people will be really suffocated!"
That sound rises and falls, and another sound comes at the right time.
"Rest assured that we will be busy!"
After listening to the latter, the previous sound came again.
"Oh, I hope so!"
The latter sighed and seemed to be full of expectations.
At that time, the mountain was calm again.
But if you look closely, it may not be difficult to find that three white-haired old men at the top of the mountain are facing the northern sky and their eyes fall to the northern sky together.
"I don’t know what the old man did!"
The three old men spoke earlier, and the two of them appeared to be cold and inflamed, but now the speaker is Ye Tian.
"He? What else can he do? He must have gone to find his grandson. Now that the Xingyuan Gate has been set up, he is not willing to let his grandson flow outside! "
Leaf days the words sound just fell aside inflammation fire suddenly again busy interest smiled to say with smile.
"Ha ha ha ha know my brother Mo Ruoyan!"
Just then there was a twist in front and an old sound came, followed by a flash of white light and an old man came to the top of the mountain.
"Old man, have you found your grandson?"
Inflammatory fire looked at busy smiled and asked
"Is that what I want to find him is not easy? Don’t forget that he is my grandson! "
The white-haired old man who just came to smell speech said with a smile
"You old man are selfish. Tell me what position Xingyuanmen has arranged for him?"
Aside for a long time didn’t speak cold yuan smell speech also busy coming along.