"How can you possibly know that this is confidential!"

Xiaoxiao said incredulously, "Then tell me that if you say noon, I’ll consider inviting you to dinner. If you say wrong, don’t ask me again and invite me to dinner. I just arrived here by plane and haven’t eaten yet."
"It’s a deal!"
Zhouyi said confidently
"Then tell me, you won’t guess such a confidential thing. You can’t know that you will lose miserably today. I want to eat in the best restaurant in Hangzhou, and I want you to bleed."
Xiaoxiao proudly said as if to retaliate against Zhouyi.
"It’s really confidential. Sit over here. I can’t talk about it, so as to prevent the walls from hearing."
Zhouyi sat on the big tree bench again and smiled mysteriously. Xiaoxiao’s body is fragrant. It’s good to smell Zhouyi being provoked by this kind of if-if fragrance. I want Xiaoxiao to sit closer, so I feel better.
Xiaoxiao is really confidential, otherwise the head wouldn’t have seconded her from General Su Lao and sent her to Hangzhou for execution.
Xiaoxiao heard Zhouyi say so and sat a little beside Zhouyi.
"Are you coming to Hangzhou to investigate the Rishankou Formation?"
Zhouyi whispered to Xiaoxiao’s ear
Xiaoxiao’s earlobe is very good. Inadvertently, I can’t help but feel an impulse to kiss and touch her ear. But now is not the time to heal Xiaoxiao. He is naturally not good. If Xiaoxiao is angered, this tough woman really wants to pull a gun.
"How do you know?"
Xiaoxiao frightened almost shouted.
"How do I know it’s not your heart?" Zhou Yi laughed. "Xiao Damei is really sorry to ask you to break it today. You said you were going to the most expensive restaurant in Hangzhou, so let’s go now?"
"Zhouyi, you are really not simple. I investigated you. You actually got mixed up in the underworld at an early age. You know that I came to Hangzhou to receive a national security order to investigate the situation of Nishikoku Group in Hangzhou."
Xiaoxiao suddenly became serious and didn’t say anything about who would treat you to dinner, but looked at Zhouyi and said it was like wearing Zhouyi thoroughly.
"I’m still a student, but I’m a law-abiding socialist five-good young man. How can you say that I’m a gangster? Don’t wronged me." Zhou Yi was surprised and the horse returned to normal and smiled.
Zhouyi’s mixed underworld is actually a remote control. The specific matter is that Zhou Chi Jing Ge Qin Feng is in charge of the three people. The layman knows that there is an emerging force in the underworld in Hangzhou, and the Sanjin Gang and the West Lake Gang have been behind this emerging force for three minutes. Not many people know who the boss is.
Zhouyi is a gangster. Xiaoxiao is a national security person. Zhouyi doesn’t want Xiaoxiao to know too much. Although the country is turning a blind eye to gangsters now, if it goes too far, it must be a kill order
Every year, some mafia bosses are found out as negative stereotypes by the government and shot and sentenced, but there are many more mafia bosses who live happily, and sometimes their power can’t be completed by one party.
"Zhouyi, don’t pretend you are a vegetarian with me?"
Xiaoxiao snorted and said, "You and Sanjin Gang can hide things from others, but I can’t hide them from you. However, it’s nothing if you fight with the West Lake Gang. No one will take care of you, but for the Japanese, it’s different. Japanese gangs have always been ambitious for mainland development and seek greater profits. However, whether it’s the white road or gangsters, they will never forget what our country did in those days. The white road gangsters are United as enemies for decades. Japanese gangs have no foothold in the mainland. Even in Hong Kong and Macao, Japanese gangs are pitiful, but now they are aware of it.
"I wish you didn’t come to trouble me."
Zhouyi laughed and said, "Actually, I knew you would come to Hangzhou to make trouble for me, because I didn’t tell you at that time that you had to give me medicine for two or three times to leave no scars, but I didn’t expect you to come so soon."
"Come on, you didn’t tell me on purpose?" Xiaoxiao nu Chapter 13 You have been levied.
"What deliberately I forgot to tell you when you were in a hurry to leave the sea? It’s not my fault." Zhou Yi touched his nose and continued to say with a smile.
"Well, forget it. I won’t dispute with you. I invite you to dinner today. You have to help me get rid of my scars completely without leaving any traces. Besides, I just came to Hangzhou and I don’t know Hangzhou very well. What about you? You are the boss of the three major underworld forces in Hangzhou. I declare that you are now recruited by me. I want you to help me investigate the situation of the Yamaguchi group in Hangzhou."
Xiaoxiao wanted to think, took the sunglasses, looked into Zhouyi’s eyes and said that she had thought of the method of torturing Zhouyi, and she was secretly happy.
"What makes you levy me? You and I are just a car. I’m about to take the final exam. I don’t have time to play with you. Besides, isn’t it just a stronghold of the Nishikoko Group? Have you Xiao beauty horse is not easily done what do you want me to do? "
After listening to Zhouyi, Ma said that he had always been calm, and he almost ran away. Now it’s a legal society. If you want to recruit a car, even if you don’t want to recruit people, isn’t it the same as that before liberation?
"Have you forgotten who I am?"
Xiaoxiao sneers, "I’m a senior national security agent. I said I’d levy you! I have this special feature, even if I want you to follow me 24 hours a day, you have to listen to me. "
Xiaoxiao was a little anxious when he arrived at Zhouyi, and his heart was very cool.
"Twenty-four hours together? Isn’t it necessary to sleep together? Aren’t you afraid of me doing something? I was a doctor when I helped you heal. At that time, I had no gender, but I was a normal man at ordinary times. If I made a mistake, I wouldn’t be responsible because you forced me to go, not I took the initiative. "
Zhouyi deliberately said that he was going to play hooligans so that Xiaoxiao could retreat.
"What are you talking about? I’m giving you an example to tell you that I have this characteristic. You must listen to me honestly."
Xiaoxiao nasty hurriedly said
"Does that mean that I have to help you to investigate the Nishikoko group clearly before you can regain your freedom?"
Zhouyi asked some naively, but he was faking it to let Xiaoxiao have a good time first. He wouldn’t let a woman levy herself.
"You are absolutely right." Xiaoxiao proudly said that she felt that she had finally punished Zhouyi once.
"I agree with you. Since you want to ask me, at least help me solve a compilation problem and get a special national security certificate."
Zhouyi nodded his head. "But you must abide by what you just said. Once I help you find out the situation of Rishankou Group in Hangzhou, I will restore my freedom."
"Ha ha, now you are in my charge, but the national security certificate is not so easy to get. I’ll report it to the level when you make meritorious service."
Xiaoxiao was proud, but a word from Zhouyi made her feel cheated.
"Miss Xiao, now that you have asked me for it, it has officially ended, because I have mastered the situation of the Nishikoku Group." Zhou Yixiao said.
"What are you kidding?"
Xiaoxiao said incredulously, "Guoan specially seconded me from General Su Lao because of the shadowy nature of the Yamaguchi group in Hangzhou. Did you know the situation when I first came? Can you be so powerful? "