"Inform Brother Yang to let him come back." Youcher said to Hu Die with pain and urgency.

"I tried his whole body has too strong yuan soul breath, and my communication jade note handed information was interfered by this yuan soul breath, so it was handed to his communication jade note." In fact, when Bai Shao just appeared, Hu Die quietly communicated jade note to Feng Yang, but the yuan soul breath over there was too strong, and the information was handed to Feng Yang communication jade note, and this powerful yuan soul breath was naturally the head of the group of Feng Yang Jufu Technician Association.
"Call Feng Yang back?" Yuan soul force reached the level of soul emperor, and Bai Shao’s hearing was unusually keen. Whispering to each other, Euchel and Hu Die failed to escape his ears. He turned around and looked at Euchel and Hu Die with disdain. "Tell him to come back?" In front of me, he is just a waste operator technician. Compared with my daytime door, he can’t even bark or bite a dog. "
White less line of sight once again returned to the room Haibo Bingling coffin pie mouth revealed a greedy and insidious smile. "It seems that this kind of baby is hidden in a small broken house. It seems that Gong didn’t come in vain today."
He laughed a few times and then stepped into the room to bathe in this aura.
"Live for me," Euchel was frightened to disgrace and rushed towards the room regardless of her injuries.
"Stop her" Bai Shaotou didn’t return to the freshman to drink.
When his voice fell, three masters of Emperor Wudi had already appeared at the same time. The three people in front of you Xueer were like an iron wall that separated you Xueer and Wu Hua in the room into two worlds.
"Roll for me!" You Xueer was angry and angry, but she was worried about Wu Hua, who would die without the coffin of the sea ice spirit.
Her eyes were full of tears and she was furious and shot at the three emperors in front.
The three Emperor Wudi’s strength levels are all different, especially Cher’s fighting capacity may be equal to that of Cher, but at this time, the three of them joined hands with one person and one recruit to easily resolve the attack of Cher, and another attack hit Cher’s shoulder and shook her for two weeks.
Bai Shao didn’t worry about the outside situation at all. He went to the sea ice coffin and stretched out his hand to push the coffin lid of the sea ice coffin. He saw Wu Hua lying quietly in the sea ice coffin.
At this time, Wu Hua’s complexion is no different from that of a normal person. He can’t help but get a fright at Bai Shao. Immediately, after careful observation, Bai Shao found that this person is similar to the dead except for Qi and blood and normal people.
"It seems that you are worried about this cripple." Bai Shao glanced back at Yuchel with a vicious look in his eyes. "Since you are so worried, I’ll see what will happen if you take him out." He leaned his head forward with a playful smile on his mouth. "I’m really curious!"
Said the white less bent down and grabbed Wu Hua lying in the coffin of Haibo Ice Spirit.
"Don’t ask you not to take * out, don’t take it out. I beg you." Youcher was seriously injured at this time, and her fighting capacity was very small. She could kneel down and plead with the smug white little.
"You really are a bitch, so you can say everything. Will it make you feel bad? Do you want people to fuck you all the time?" White little double sneered.
"Ha ha Gong, this bitch wants you to fuck her hard. People beg you not to take it out!" Several masters of Emperor Wudi echoed in succession, their faces were full of mocking expressions, and the words were obscene ~ indecent. It’s not that you can’t leave the door without leaving the second door. You can’t get along with people like Wu Hua and Luo Lin for many years, and you can understand such a language and two words naturally.
"I want to see how uncomfortable it will be for you to take it out." Bai Shaoshuai grinned with a ferocious smile. He did not hesitate to stretch out his hand to give up Wu Hua in the coffin of Haibo Ice Spirit. With a wave of his hand, Wu Hua was thrown from the room to the hall and fell beside Youcher.
As for Wu Hua, a strange scene happened at the moment when she left the coffin of Haibo Ice Spirit and fell next to Eucher.
Everyone in the place can’t help but look away from Wu Huashen. The people who came with him were not surprised and startled, while especially Cher and Hu Die were very horrified.
"Oh, no" Hu Die was frightened.
Wu Hua, who is next to Yu Xueer, is visible to the naked eye. The decay rate shows that the bare feet are slow, but if you continue to go to Wu Hua, the whole person will gradually become a pile of bones.
The original Wu Hua also had a full face of qi and blood, and her face became morbidly pale at this time. Her lips were as white as a blank sheet of paper and her chapped hair gradually peeled off.
"You animals" Euchel sobbed and growled at Wu Hua. She looked rotten. She was equally pale and didn’t dare to touch Wu Hua’s body at will. Therefore, Wu Hua was really disgusting. She was afraid that touching Wu Hua’s body at will or exerting the force of water element would lead to bad conditions.
Although Wu Huati has a soul-restoring and heart-protecting pill to maintain a trace of soul force and body metabolism, he is also in a state of death. He must be protected from decay by the special aura of Haibo Bingling Coffin, and once he leaves Haibo Bingling Coffin, it means that he has been dead for several months, and people will naturally rot bit by bit.
Major-General Bai Hai Bo Bing Ling’s coffin was put into the ring, and he felt a great sense of accomplishment. He also got such a special coffin unexpectedly. He can’t wait to go back and try to lie in the coffin. Compared with the cultivation effect, it will definitely be shocking. With the help of this coffin for two years, he will be able to become a strong man.
His heart is full of joy, thinking about yelling at two men in the hall who he thinks are moaning every night. Little coquettish women can’t afford any sexual interest. He is annoyed that the Daylight Gate doesn’t have a sunset city 100 meters away and set up a direct route to the Daylight Gate headquarters.
"Give me back the pipe" See Bai Shao and others plan to get up from Youcher and run towards Bai Shao.
"Roll for me today, and I’m not interested in playing with you, little Sao bitch. When will I wait for you to suppress my discomfort?" White said less, releasing the’ Yuan Soul Wolf’ and never returning to Yuan Soul Wolf. Like a spiritual wolf, she opened her mouth behind him, and immediately became fierce. A time was fiercer than colliding with You Cher.