Luo Qier nodded smilingly after listening to the waves, and said hello to the waves as goodbye and returned to Luo Song’s sitting position to chat with the bodyguard.

The waves paced slowly.
The bodyguard has been watching the waves and Luo Qier saw two people whispering. There must be no good thing. It must be to help Luo Qier advise her to find a way to escape the bodyguard’s sight and peek at what her father is doing.
Bodyguards are determined not to let Luo Qier pick up Luo Song.
I didn’t expect that Luo Qier didn’t ask her father a word, but she was chatting with bodyguards casually.
The more she is like this, the bottom of her heart is the most uncertain. I wonder what the hell this queer young lady is going to do.
Luo Qier suddenly said that she was going to find a health guard to wait for her here, and then she got up in a hurry and jumped quickly to the back of the cabin.
The bodyguard saw that the place where Luo Qier went was right behind the cabin, fearing that she would sneak into the cabin from behind and hurriedly got up and chased Luo Qier.
Luo Qier turned a corner just as the bodyguard at the back of the cabin hurriedly ran over and turned the corner and was about to probe …
-Suddenly reach out with one hand and hit the bodyguard’s neck artery by mistake!
Luo Qier came out from behind with her tongue outstretched and the waves smiling. She looked dizzy in the past and the bodyguard said with a smile, "So you know kung fu! That’s amazing. He won’t die if he knocks someone out, will he? "
The waves laughed. "Of course not. He’s in a temporary shock, but he’ll wake up in ten minutes to hear when he can’t find us again."
The waves took off their coats and said, "Put it on or your father will scold you when he sees it."
Luo Qier put on her surf coat and curled her hair so that she couldn’t recognize it at a glance.
The waves looked at Luo Qier dressed up and smiled cruelly. "Let you see what a real-life performance is today!"
Although his heart smiled insidiously, it was sunny and warm, and he held out his hand to say, "Let’s go!" "
Luo Qier turned red and pulled up the wave hand. Together, they walked to the cabin.
A few bodyguards took the cabin ladder hatch, and the atmosphere was a little tense. The windows in the cabin were covered tightly with curtains.
Luo Qier got a little nervous, held on to the waves and bowed his head to follow them into the cabin.
The lights in the cabin are not very bright, and the lights are shining in one place in the cabin, and the light is very dim.
That platform is about one meter above the plane. The square platform has four meters in length and width.
The light shone from the stage to illuminate a man and a woman.
This man and a woman are both in the posture of "overlord cart" * * The lights are flickering, red and green, and the two of them form a bizarre visual effect and sensory impulse.
This man and a woman are not outstanding in appearance, but the man is a muscle and the man and woman are a big girl, which is something to watch.
There is also a small round table on the big table. The woman is kneeling on the small table. Behind the man and woman, strong hands are stretched out to clamp the woman’s waist and sprint!
There are about 20 to 30 spectators in the cabin, including men and women, old and rare, old men and women, young men and young women. They are stunned and thrilling!
A man and a woman change their posture from time to time. Sometimes the man will take care of an audience’s point of view and flash his body so that the audience can clearly see the wonderful picture of two people having sex.
Although the audience was dumbfounded, there were all kinds of different reactions. Some couples were curious to see if the husband and wife were holding hands tightly together and whether they were married or not. A couple of lovers came to see the reaction, and some put their hands into each other’s clothes. Some single men put their hands into their pants when they came to see it …
Everyone held their breath and didn’t take a breath except a man and a woman gasping and moaning in the cabin.
The waves pulled Luo Qier’s hand and watched a real performance by a man and a woman in the corner.
Next to the waves is a woman dressed in red. She looks like a pampered lady. She is 50 or 60 years old. She is already a grandmother’s woman. She gawks at a live performance, puts her hands in her mouth and looks like a yellow flower girl.
Luo Qier, the eldest daughter of the yellow flower beside the waves, is also shaking all over, clutching the waves tightly, her hands trembling uncontrollably, her palms cold and sweat seeping out.
The waves did Sarah laugh and looked down at Luo Qier’s eyes.
Luo Qier didn’t dare to look at the waves. Her eyes turned red and she turned away.
Her silly and shy expression, white jade face, gives birth to that kind of blush that makes men crazy, which makes the waves have the impulse to put Luo Qier on the spot and perform a real person in front of the audience. That man is so bad. If I were him, I would be much better than him! Come out at that level and make a fool of yourself?
Waves have always been very self-controlled, of course, they will not be so impulsive. If you want to think about something, you should do it step by step, such as picking up girls!
(A gay brother said, What’s the trouble? It’s not more pleasant to just push it down and get out when you’re done! )
(I said that my classmates thought so before, but they were criticized for being incompetent and tasteless. If there are women who can go and finish, they will leave; Some women, hey hey, have to grind slowly to get a slow job! )
(In this excellent palace, a member of the club said that this crazy dragon of mine is black and yellow, and it can’t leave the entity. Why do you write so delicately? Yougong is ashamed to answer that I do delicate work! Alas! I can’t get out of the entity. I just want my brother to like it! After that, it will still be delicate. I hope the brothers will show mercy and not watch it here. After going out, the horse will report that the dragon is yellow and will be seized! Brothers, be merciful! )
(Besides, these words won’t count as brothers’ words! Yougongfa always doesn’t care about the number of words with his brothers. In the previous chapters, each chapter has more than 3200 thanks to the brothers’ patronizing subscription. In the past, Yougongfa will still give the brothers a discount on the number of words! )