We’ll see!

Walking slowly towards the tent, Huang Lao is followed by four dark guards, Yushu’s jade tree and drunken black ink shadow!
A group of five people slowly shuttled around the tent, which caused the people of Lao tribe to look askance in the morning!
"Three yes, it seems that Hector Liantuo is going to start work this time!"
With burn old drunk behind him suddenly said 1!
And this sentence also resonated with the three of him!
Yushu even snorted with disdain, and then said, "Since Sanye doesn’t know how to live or die, he won’t let his family directly send him back to Kyoto for disposal!"
Yushu’s condition has become more and more serious in recent years!
After landing, his remarks attracted people such as Lin Feng to look askance!
At the same time, a few people’s eyes were suspicious and looked at Yushu, so he couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and touch his face and muttered, "What do you think I’m doing? Is there something dirty on my face? "
Seeing this, the breeze sighed and lifted the leg and kicked it into Yushu’s leg nest and said, "Can you have a long snack?" Your head was struck by lightning?
Now we know about Hector’s intention, but it doesn’t mean others know!
If we have no reason to catch him directly, do you want heaven and man to laugh at third master’s right and wrong? "
Yushu looked at the breeze with a rustic face, bent over and rubbed his leg nest while pushing the breeze and shouted, "You can talk if you don’t kick me!"
Seeing Yushu and the jade tree bickering again, I was drunk, and the shadow of ink surrounded my chest with my hands and watched the drama.
A little while, Yushu’s face was wronged and the ink shadow sighed repeatedly. I couldn’t help but look at Yushu’s face and ask, "Yushu, are you a pig?" !”
Yushu "…"
This day can’t pass!
At that time, regardless of Yushu linfeng and others, such as entertaining themselves and walking ahead, Huang Laosan still walked steadily!
Su Ling was still asleep when he left the tribe in the morning. I don’t think he’s up yet!
Look, it’s still early. It seems that he can stay with her for a while!
Well, that’s settled!
So I want to burn my old lip angle and pull out a faint smile and the pace is getting faster and faster!
When Yushu and others came to their senses and wanted to talk to Huang Lao, they found that the figure of their third master had already flashed a hundred meters away.
When they want to chase him, all that’s left in front is his cool clothes across the ripples!
Fast speed to fly back to the tent after burn old slow breath Toshiko, holding the evil spirit smile through the door and push in!
Su Ling will fall asleep on the soft couch, and as a result, she will see Su Ling’s pretty face sitting in a fox and fur chair with some absences!
How long has it been since Jing Huang, the third son, felt so depressed that he hasn’t seen such an expression on Su Ling? !
"What’s the matter?"
Burn old slowly stretched out his hand and touched the Su Ling some cold cheeks!
The gentle touch made Su Ling come back to the world. She looked up at Huang Lao’s eyes with a touch of loss, and her fingertip note also attracted the attention of Huang Lao!
Took the note from Su Ling and read the knife-shaped eyebrows immediately!
A few simple notes, Qingguo was seriously injured and left the palace three days later! Today!
This is the second watch! Today, I finished updating Chapter 4911, a special invitation-only banquet!
Qing Guo was seriously injured and left the palace three days later! Today!
For Su Ling, this news is like being severely beaten in my heart!
You Qing is a man who is distressed and pitied by her!
I am distressed that he must face such cruel facts after dissecting his heart!
And pity him because he is his own brother!
"When did you get the news?"
Burn old pinched note hanging eyes see Su Ling gradually lost color in the face low question.
Su Ling raised her eyes and sighed faintly, "Just got it!"