"Princess Hongying told me that Luoshui was occupied by a group of ubers. I heard that several princesses wanted to ask the princess for help."

Huang Jing: "This should be looking for Luoshui River God. How did you find our head?"
"Back to Princess Topaz, there is no river god in Luoshui, and we are too humble to be taken by heaven. He can’t help it."
"Well, we know. You go to work first!" Orange coldly say
"Little God excused himself"
The mountain god wobbled and twisted back to the butterfly shadow to signal everyone not to talk, then took an orange and threw it out of the door.
I heard "ouch" and everyone looked out of the door together. Two people came in clutching their heads. It turned out that Xiao Bai and Feng Feng rubbed their heads. "I told you not to keep coming."
"Also said that I, I didn’t know that these aunts were so powerful. I can do it with us."
Who knows, when the two men saw the seven fairies, they knocked on their knees three times, which made them confused.
"Get up! What are you doing?" Ziqin quickly helped them up.
"When we were apprentices, the master said that we must kneel and kowtow three times when we meet the seven fairies in the world one day." Although Xiaobai usually plays around, he really listens to his master.
"Yes, Master, his old man’s house said that teaching us magic is to ask us to do justice, not to bully others, not to mention the invisible uprising, especially for your old man’s house, which he can’t afford to offend the seven fairies in the world." The wind followed suit.
Lan You "sloped" a smile, but the less they are, the better people know, and the better they bite the bullet and say, "You are wrong, we are not."
"impossible!" The two men agreed with each other and then took out a picture from their arms.
A few people have a closer look. It turns out that there are several portraits of them, even butterfly shadows.
"Master said let’s remember, otherwise don’t blame him for disowning our apprentice," Feng continued.
Orange ice is full of loneliness. "Who is your master?"
"Yeah, yeah, what did you take us for?" Qingling heard someone say she was beautiful, but no one said she was fierce.
The novel of "Kunlun Cave Kirin"
"Well, this unicorn makes us look like a dragon. I won’t pull him out completely." Green Bay said that it made a desperate gesture to find someone.
The wind quickly got up and stopped her. "The princess calmed down and the master thought of our seniors."
"Don’t get me wrong, we’re not as fierce as your master said, you’re not afraid, and this is where we don’t put a princess frame, so don’t be so respectful." Red tassel also asked them to defend their reputation
Xianger lifted Xiaobai up. "Brother Xiaobai, don’t listen to your teacher’s nonsense. My sisters are very nice."
☆ ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Ma Jie ☆ Dream Moon Palace
"Meet the Master’s Ghost Messenger" Crescent Moon returned to the Dream Moon Palace to call me back.
"How did things go?" The ghost seems to want to know the result more than Snow Maple.
Crescent silent for a while "crescent damn didn’t catch willow blue and purple piano"
"Your magic didn’t catch these two little girls, but you tried to catch them." The ghost flew into a rage.
"Why?" Snow maple, though blunt, showed no anger.
"Laishu has succeeded because Shen Daizhu stirred it halfway."
"Whatever the reason, you know what to do if the dream moon palace is ineffective," said the ghost.
"I know that I will go to the law enforcement hall to get fifty soul-chasing sticks." Crescent Moon has no fear at all.
☆ The soul-chasing stick is made of iron bars made of dark iron. It is the Dream Moon Palace that punishes those who have not finished.
But the snow maple is a little worried. "The ghost makes the crescent moon read, and it’s also a first offense." Obviously, the snow maple in the Dream Moon Palace has no ghost to make the tube.